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  1. I thought the Russian Military hated the T-80 because of its gas guzzling turbines? Didn't some high level official say something along the lines of "we'll never make/use turbine powered tanks ever again!" after the whole Grozney Fiasco (not that, that was the tanks fault....)
  2. Any update on those missing individuals? Hope they're alright....
  3. Got any links to the HMWHS? Is that what's taking up all the space?
  4. Why do the Queen Elizabeth class carriers carry so few aircraft relative to their size?
  5. If Putin is Dark Lord of the Sith (what happened to Chaney/Bush?) then who is his apprentice?
  6. So are they there just as a publicity stunt? Or did they legit train to compete in the competition? Also wouldn't Russia want to put forth its best tanks for this thing?
  7. 105MM APFSDS-Smoothbore gun.... wut?
  8. Hopefully the damage isn't too severe. Glad no one got hurt.
  9. How long does it take to build one of these things?
  10. Yeah I understand replacing the HMMWV due to age. It just seems like the JLTV is overkill for what should just be a simple lightweight utility vehicle IMHO.
  11. I'll elaborate a little, I guess the premise just seemed odd to me because the HMMWV was never designed to eat IED's and take the fight to folks in heavy urban street fighting. As a basic utility vehicle there's nothing wrong with it besides being old at this point.
  12. You guys should see how much Active Duty soldiers freak out and revert to "if it ain't broke don't fix it" every time something new from a vehicle to a internet website gets introduced lol.
  13. Yeah, I not saying this is the worst thing ever and it's a complete failure. I am genuinely curious though how much development/R&D cost have gone into this thing regardless. Issues are bound to come up when procuring any new piece of equipment. Plus I'm sure everyone here already knows about the mess that generally is U.S. Military procurement so no need to beat that dead horse. Armchair general pants on: I don't really understand the point of this vehicle......
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