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  1. That last intercept is a long rod. Last time IMI (as it was at the time) included that capability in a promo vid for Iron Fist was quite a long time ago, cca 2009 IIRC. Pivot to high intensity conflict, anyone? (It is of course also possible that they only got the thing to actually work reliably in that mode recently, which would explain the absence between the OG dev pitch and the current sales pitch). I also note that the radar showcased there is quite different from the one theyve been using up to now- I wonder what's behind that change.
  2. You see, they have this prince with $10 mil, they just need a little up front deliveries to free him from prison and then they'll pay double, honest.
  3. Coverage does indeed look very good for single layers, but I'm not sure I get how the snd pulse is supposed to help. If all it does is propel the heavy strike face of the array with a delayed pulse that could work, but if the individual flyer plates of the explosive sandwich are also supposed to have an effect, we run back into a coverage problem- very little of the array is covered by both layer at once. The system seems to me to be optimized vs KE, (heavy flyer plate with enough delay to break a rod at the center, not the tip, to maximize effects, but depending on how long the delay is (and how thick the face plate is), this system may also have marginal effects vs tandems, with a fast moving flyer plate already in motion when the main jet arrives, but which hasnt moved too far out of the way yet thanks to the built in delay.
  4. It appears that, approximately one year later, that link no longer works. If anyone happened to have saved the file while it was available, a rehost would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Another option: M900 remanufactured. Considering how the same contract has HEI ammo of similar vintage, its possible that it's the propellant (or in the HE rounds, perhaps also the explosive fill) which is past its use-by date, and that the projos and cases will then be available for re-loading with fresh (perhaps IM or temp-independent?) propellant.
  6. Working prototype to production is a non negligible step. Other than the refit market for vehicles using the AVDS already, yes. The MTU engine is sufficiently different in shape to make integration into AVDS tailored spaces... annoying. Boat-hulled Pattons come to mind. I'm not absolutely sure the thing isnt fully production ready, just smells to me like it. If it is indeed fully ready, then yes L3 has managed to develop one AVDS upgrade since they bought the IP and plant.
  7. https://www.janes.com/article/91385/royal-netherlands-army-selects-iron-fist-aps-for-cv90 Another win for Iron Fist.
  8. https://www.janes.com/article/91385/royal-netherlands-army-selects-iron-fist-aps-for-cv90 CV90 is getting Iron Fist.
  9. So, regarding this- You seem to have hit on a problem which I was mildly aware of while setting up the requirements, and which I didn't want to change by making the KE threat worse. The design space did in fact offer at least 2 core methods for dealing with annoyingly high armor mass requirements: 1. BIIIIIIG tanks. The weight limit of 120 tons allows a lot of fairly silly yet still well armored tanks. Bigger is better thanks to the volume of the engine bay scaling with the cube of a linear scaling whereas the armor weight needed only scales with the square, as thickness remains constant. Making a vehicle at less than half the maximal weight of course you ran into some issues. 2. ERA Against HEAT, the main defeat mechanism is the multiplicative effect of the reactive armors. ERA gives you the same multiplicative effect as NERA at approximately half the weight and 3/4 of the volume. This effectively means that at the same weight of armor you can get double the coverage at the cost of being made of explodium, with no other additional cost. You could of course layer explosive and non explosive armor to get, for example, a front array that will only stop the 60/160 and 125mm KE with the ERA in place, but which will still stop the 2"/4" and 105mm KE bare. The main defeat mechanism of light N/ERA against KE is LOS feeding and not multiplicative, and therefore when using it the KE threat does pop up as a thing to annoy you. From my math, you can get a good frontal NERA array at an equivalent areal density to around 350mm steel including a 30mm backing plate. Using ERA, you can get that down to approx 250mm, While the NERA one does indeed require a careful volume conscious design, the ERA one practically lets you go wild. In effect, the armor requirements could be met by a design similar to the M1 Abrams with TUSK II, at approx 85 tons, or a design similar to the T-72B3 mod 2016 or Oplot-M (depending on how explodey you want to be) at approx 45-55 tons. By deciding to make a truly reasonable weight of tank, with no explosive armor integrated into the main arrays, with a human loader, and with moderately under-rated engines (32L engines should be pushing out north of 900HP each per the spec), you sort of ended up designing yourself into an unintended corner. All in all, the Objects 426 and 138 both used ERA as an afterthought at best, which is a bit strange considering just how good it's given to be. Survivability is much better with double coverage of single-hit armor (per given area), at least for a fairly small number of hits, and I expected this to be exploited quite a bit more than it ended up being.
  10. I think that's post-buyout, but it also appears to be not entirely developed*, and certainly never built in any numbers. *For reference, it smells to me like a semi-finished development program which requires a partner for full development testing and fielding. If it were fully developed I'd expect it to be shilled as a "simple cheap ready" part of upgrade packages.
  11. Upgrading the AVDS in the current year is a bit problematic. The owners of the old Continental Motors IP are currently L3 technologies, who do not seem to have a good handle on R&D for this property. As a point of fact, they offer no growth options that werent available before they bought out Continental.
  12. Does this mean Stryker Dragoons will have *both* CROWS-J and 30mm guns, or just non-30mm variants in the same SBCT will get the -J?
  13. NERA or ERA. a single 3/3/3mm thick ERA plate at that standoff would likely protect against PG-7V, and 30mm is probably enough to cram in 2 NERA layers back to back. The gap to the 70mm RHA plate is standoff. That's one option, anyway.
  14. Guess I'll just have to catch up with the thread in a few months then, lel.
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