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  1. Encountered slight issues with using free internet 3d surface-based models in solid-based CAD, will require more work before I have something showable.
  2. Alrighty I have a fairly clear battle plan, I'll probably knock it out this weekend. I have... Several silly ideas and a few moderately sensible ones.
  3. Done some basic "what do" thinking. The problem, as posed, is extremely difficult to solve in a satisfactory manner, largely thanks to the (excellently picked) very poor selection of cast-off vehicles upon which to base designs. And when the reference point is a Sherman, even just a 75mm one, that's quite the tough nut to crack and quite a lot of gun to stop.
  4. https://www.opgal.com/products/lsa-kit/ Google image search is your friend. Please learn to post.
  5. In the Challenger 2, much like the Chieftain and Challenger 1, the ammo in the hull is stowed all over the place, but the 3 main bins of vertical propellant charges, if removed, provide adequate space for storing unitary ammo horizontally. Likewise, the frontal hull propellant racks, when removed, provide some more space there, though that likely requires rejiggering of the rest of the internal components there, as the unitary 120 is much longer. Perhaps that area wasn't touched, and the 15 are stowed horizontally where the 3 main bins were, nose to nose from 2 sides. Such an arrangement wou
  6. You appear to be using Google Translate very, very poorly. That combined with the subject matter of this thread is enough to make one very suspicious.
  7. You still have the dismount squad to help you out, and if you have the commander but count him as a dismount, well he's also available for maintenance and operating the vehicle when on board.
  8. Well, it's worth noting that a Stryker has a 2 man crew. Pretty sure the Dragoon likewise. Counting the commander as one of the dismounts is a thing you can do fairly easily with a remote turret, if you're willing to have the gunner step in as commander as well when the commander dismounts for an assault. Most tank operators' doctrine provide for fighting a tank undermanned in case of casualties, this wouldn't be too different. For maintenance of an IFV, you have the whole dismount squad to call on for help. Big question then is where is the commander more useful- staying inside
  9. From: Mahapya Smith, Chief Engineer, SCHV department To: Caliber Selection Committee, Rapid City Union Ammunition Plant Enclosed is the final TDP for the new proposed round, 0.22 Rapier. Following the Committee's advice, certain dimensions have been altered, to allow good growth margins, ease of manufacture, and low weight and cost, thus ensuring that this small but deadly bullet may best serve the needs of the scouts. Case head thicknesses have been reduced, as has case length, and the shoulder angle has increased to 25 degrees. Following extensive field trials (see enclosed re
  10. The SCHV shill department of Black Hills is proud to present the .22 Rapier! Featuring a .224, 83 grain copper-washed steel jacketed bullet, a steel case, and enough powder to sent said bullet downrange at above 2900 fps, this cartridge is the ideal choice for scouts. by the wisdom instilled from the studying of the works of the ancients, our chief Shaman was blessed with a revelation - once a bullet is in flight, it may not gain energy, only lose it. Therefore, it makes no sense to choose any bullet shape but that which experiences the least drag, and as such a boat tailed Von Ka
  11. Considering the base armor of the AMX-30, AP ammo could be side hits of 14.5 or 23mm. Against which any extra spaced steel, whether sandwiched with explosives or not, would be helpful.
  12. Considering how they were busy displacing Centurions and Pattons in service, where would they get all those hull parts from? It's not like they had several hundred merkava hull noses just lying around, or several hundred merk 2s to chop up. And that's if we assume the nose is 100% compatible, which it probably isn't. Why would one assume they're identical? The first roadwheel arm hub on the Merk 3 and 4 is right below the final drive base, which appears to be part of the hull nose, and therefore must come as part of the nose. Namer nose, but the point stands. On the Merk
  13. Simply not possible, the whole rear section of the hull is different, as are the hull sides. By the look of things, at some point in Merk 3 production they switched from the rounded, presumably cast hull nose to the sharp, presumably welded one. I don't recall seeing any pictures of Ramaqh Mk3 with a sharp hull but there are Baz Mk3s with either.
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