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  1. They dont say explicitly, but presumably thats performance on the glacis, at an angle of 68 deg.
  2. The system is supposed to be a lower cost and higher stowed kill anti-PGM system AFAIK, and theres a need for both of those in any modern military. The system has not quite lived up to expectations and so until it properly matures its not likely to replace existing systems but even in its limited state it fills a useful function.
  3. https://defense-update.com/20191120_reshef_class.html Apparently the Israeli Navy signed a deal to design and build replacements for the Saar 4.5 class.
  4. IDF Chief of Staff Yitzhak Rabin and Israel Tal, head of the Armored Corps, with an early Chieftain.
  5. I think this is the first non-RUMINT info we've seen on this missile, nice.
  6. Very sad news, he was a great man.
  7. That's surprisingly low, considering how the US PrSM is supposed to exceed 500km in a similar package size (2 to a MLRS pod). Perhaps the Euro missile carries a larger warhead.
  8. That's definitely a Tamir seeker head.
  9. In this vid you can see the mortar in the background, it looks exactly the same as the one in the Merk 3 Ramlaen posted. I'm gonna want some source on it not being loadable from inside, this is the first time I've heard that particular claim.
  10. Ok, what prevents you from muzzle loading the one on the other merks? Unless you mean muzzle loading only, in which case, no, the Merk 2 mortar can also be loaded from inside the tank, it has all the necessary mechanisms.
  11. Thats the tech demonstrator for friction stir welding, IIRC.
  12. Oh? In what way do they differ from each other?
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