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  1. Thats quite the bold assumption to make regarding ease of retrofit of armor package upgrades, should they even be the case. Considering how that turret has Trophy electronics boxes on it, as well as the cheeks, but for example still only has the older CROWS- I consider it more reasonable to assume its the counterweight for a few reasons- 1. If that isn't the counterweight, what is? Considering how the Trophy installation is biased aft, youd need a counterweight fore. 2. A frontal turret armor upgrade, alone, of all the M1A2C upgrades, doesn't make much sense. 3. While trophy counterweights are known to exist, retrofit armor improvements to older Abrams aren't. 4. This turret add-on looks substantially different from M1A2C turrets seen. For a start, on those the actual armor cavity was extended forwards, whereas this lump is clearly welded on to the existing turret face, which would mean very poor actual volume for armor inside it. 5. These cheek expansions only appeared after initial Trophy testing which showed turret imbalance issues.
  2. That's not an M1A2C hull Nor does it appear that an upgrade to the turret would be deployed minus the hull upgrades.
  3. @LoooSeR lel a M-60T did indeed get whacked, but not like we expected
  4. Late 2021 IOC seems a lot more reasonable than earlier claims we've heard, great news. I can only hope they get them in large numbers, to get rid of the huge quantities of M113s the IDF still operates.
  5. @Sturgeon Behold: the electric wheeliebob! Now still 100% incapable of climbing a flight of stairs!
  6. Seems like theyre actually looking for industry feedback on the requirements. IMO biggest deal would be relaxing the protection-transportability requirements as we've discussed previously.
  7. Footage from the IDF 'women in tanks' trial. Low energy and sad.
  8. True true Where are we going to test all the cool toys when the civil war ends?
  9. Agreed. At least the areas which are uparmored (turret frontal arc and UFP) might be able to shrug off bigger hits. But seeing just how many RPGs and ATGMs fly around Syria, its likely to be very explodey.
  10. Every Magach with Blazer got pretty much the same turret ring modules. I can only hope the fill is newer. In general the Magach and Sabra armor kits seem to be optimized for a high end threat at the cost of coverage, all under rather serious weight restrictions leading to really poor coverage, especially hull side.
  11. Huh, never noticed this before but it looks like sideskirts 3 and 4 are noticably thinner than sideskirts 1 and 2- looks like only enough thickness for 1 reactive element. On early Sabra prototypes there were no reactive sideskirts aft of 1 and 2.
  12. Very nice, note the cutouts in both glacis and LFP arnor modules for Soviet-style breaching equipment attachment points.
  13. Gotta love the commanders periscopic sight stolen off a M901 ITV
  14. Amazing, DDR&D has developed the technology to make DARPA style tech concept vids from the 1990s. Absolutely astounding.
  15. I wonder how much of that is the actual system and how much is the 'canoe' needed to hold it all on each side of the turret.
  16. Considering how we don't know what those actually are, that's a very strong statement to make but ok. Apart from yknow 52 being a larger number than 50, and 55 being even larger, as well as leaving no growth margin. Fair enough, I suppose. Good luck building any vehicle, let alone one with any semblance of mine protection, without a substantial weight invested in the hull body, which cannot be detached for obvious reasons. Which would do terrible things to its growth margins, which is something the US Army has put emphasis on. Also Rheinmetall didnt really use timing as an excuse to bow out, as others have pointed out.
  17. Where are you inferring that from? Theyre basically saying a fully armored one can be shipped in a C-17 and if you remove some armor then its 2. Hoe much armor could you possibly remove? Even if we assume that armor is 25% of the GVW (ToT says 50% for armor and structure, lets say half is removable), to pack 2 per C-17 youd need the bare vehicle to not exceed 39 tons (max payload being 78 (metric) tons)- and therefore, the loaded one cannot under said assumptions exceed 52 tons. In order for an 80 ton vehicle to get 2-packed into a C-17, you'd need to dtrip over 50% of its weight, which is unreasonable to assume; much more likely that its in the 50-55 ton range.
  18. If so, that would imply that tandem or not, the jet flew in the gap between the tiles, without setting any off.
  19. A bit of news we all missed Apparently the IDF 188th Brigade is going to start transitioning to Merkava 4s this year. The 188th is the last active brigade (other than the training school) to operate the Merk 3, which means that in a few years they'll only be in reserve service. I wonder what this means for the Merk 3 Trophy retrofit project. There was the one vehicle photographed in 2017, and since then its been awfully quiet. If the Merk 3s are all going into the reserves, it may no longer be worthwhile to pursue, as the systems are most likely better spent on active service vehicles.
  20. Thats some absolutely atrocious track tension on the second tank.
  21. Oh lawdy, thats like pre-HE burster effects. Thats fragmentation consistent with 1890s compressed black powder bursters. At a guess I'd say theres either something terribly wrong with the HE chemistry, mix, or with the pressing. The shell imbalance lends credence to the latter 2 options. This is the kind of shit the civilized world worked past in 1915, lel.
  22. They dont say explicitly, but presumably thats performance on the glacis, at an angle of 68 deg.
  23. The system is supposed to be a lower cost and higher stowed kill anti-PGM system AFAIK, and theres a need for both of those in any modern military. The system has not quite lived up to expectations and so until it properly matures its not likely to replace existing systems but even in its limited state it fills a useful function.
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