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  1. Oh ok, I should have been paying more attention. Thanks for the correction.
  2. Lahat is a shitshow, low caliber and requires laser designation, ie someone with a line of sight to the target illuminating it for the duration of the engagement, which against modern tanks is suicide. This illum LOS requirement means that in practical effect it's a LOS only weapon, same as APFSDS, excluding niche cases in which someone else designates for the launcher- which begs the questions of a. Why isn't the designator engaging with their own weapons and b. If the designator is calling in other weapons anyway why not call in something more effective like a Spike, which also has the benefit of not attracting the enemy's attention via lasing. Lahat is fundamentally not a good idea for engaging modern tanks, and the 105mm dia isn't doing it any favors either. AGM 65 is a big fucking ASM. Theres very little you can do against a 300lb SAP warhead (though the single shaped charge variant is low energy and sad). Mav is not however an efficient weapon, as it's fucking huge. For reference, it's slated to be replaced by triple JAGM racks. Hell at this point why not talk about 500lb AP bombs, if you want to full retard on tank busting? Bottom line is that it's not a good idea. Also your SNR is terrible, please learn to post:
  3. Could be both, foamed metal is a more weight-efficient backing material relative to RHA for ceramic armor systems.
  4. Size, weight, power, cost, and integration (including arcs of fire and masking of other systems) are all important considerations, and often conflict. If it were a simple matter they'd be done by now.
  5. Laser homing, low energy and sad 105mm caliber, and inferior in every way to the Spike family. Literally why would you use that missile, and more to the point why would you saddle a tank with one and what round would you replace in the rack to make room for it?
  6. 1. Take a closer look at hit tanks. When ERA goes off the entire tile goes and usually its neighbors too, leaving a large exposed zone. with NERA the damage is far more localized. 2. The Russian ones were retired and the Ukrainian one isn't in service. The Peace dividend hit the West hard, because it isn't easy to do and even with money it takes time. Only one country has seen AT weaponry as a major threat in the past decade. 3. ATGMs do not fly further, unless you're talking about ATGMs like Spike NLOS, which don't fit in tank guns. Also read what I wrote the first time about effective engagement range. If you take a look at ATGM footage from Syria you'll see that SACLOS or beam riding ATGMs bounce a lot in flight so you cant aim them at weak spots. Most tanks since 1982 or so have been destroyed by missiles, because all battles were curbstomps, and missiles are common as dirt. Tank on tank engagement has been rare, but where it has happened, since the dawn of time, KE ammo has been the primary choice and the most effective one. None of that makes it a good idea to shoot a missile out of a tank gun. 4. I too have seen the Field Artillery Journal. A more critical look at the damage shows damage no worse than would be caused by an AT mine on side hits, and damage no worse than is caused by a full size ATGM on frontal hits. 152/155 HE isn't all you seem to think it is. 5. Non initiating precursor, a precursor thats good enough to set off both laters before the main charge, sacrificial tips... There are a lot of options.
  7. The skirt destabilizes the AP round, which then tumbles and is stopped by base armor plates it would otherwise go through. Regarding the meme wedges, from the Swedish tank trials (the source is currently AWOL but theres a lot of snippets around and it appears to be 100% legit).
  8. You might want to cut down on all the new threads and search the forum for the answers to your questions, cause theyre really pretty straightforward. But for the short answers: 1. Multihit ability 2. APS is hard to do and the peace dividend hit harder. 3. ATGMs are expensive, ineffective from tank guns, slow, and KE reaches and kills far more reliably as far as you can actually see targets so why bother. 4. Many tanks can survive a 152mm hit on the hull front or the turret cheeks, weak points excluded. PD hits on the skirts are also not going to do nuch more than break the track. 5. Leo. For a start it isn't a Kharkovite creation; secondly- Duplet isn't the be all and end all of armor, and it really isn't immune to advanced weaponry trickery.
  9. KE. Specifically the skirts on Nazi tanks were there to counter the Soviet 14.5mm, and the meme wedges on the Leo are NERA reportedly mostly optimized for breaking LRPs.
  10. Nope. The cage neutralizes the piezo fuze of RPGs by shorting the inner cone and the outer cone (vua crushing the outer inwards). Missiles with full width fuzes will detonate, and while the jet may suffer a bit from the increased standoff it's still gonna function. For example, the OG TOW warhead, which as you can see has a full width crush fuze. And has terrible built in standoff, so a cage would likely improve its performance.
  11. Well, now's as good a time as any for the great announcement: ATTENTION COMPETITORS: @Toxn @Collimatrix @LostCosmonaut @Lord_James @DIADES @Datengineerwill @Whatismoo @Kal @Zadlo @Xoon And any others I may have missed: The time of submission is approaching, and the DPRC is getting ready to evaluate your designs! Detailed submission guidelines will be posted soon in a dedicated thread. The date of submission is in 3 weeks from the time of posting, Tuesday the 11th of June at 23:59 GMT. Incomplete designs may be submitted as they are and will be judged as seen fit.
  12. @Pascal, you're strongly advised to tone it down a bit. Or indeed a lot. People are allowed to disagree with the Trumpen One for reasons other than being bought out by the PRC, which is quite a strong (read: dumb) claim to make with no supporting evidence. Your SNR is terrible and you should feel bad.
  13. Band tracks and pneumatic tires in this weight class is asking for trouble.
  14. The concept of ATGMs is indeed well known, and basic conscan trackers can be fairly reliably produced. Extra advanced trickery is up to you.
  15. 2 possible reasons IMO: 1. Feeding FCS rount type data (to prevent APFSDS being fired with HEAT fcs solution) 2. In-round propellant thermometer for accurate measurement. I don't have solid info either way though.
  16. Pretty sure you can't electro-plate it, and that also looks a bit too shiny for real gold. So my vote is spray paint.
  17. Any idea about the rate at which they'll be produced? That number can convincingly be argued to be anywhere from 1 year (150 at very high rate, excluding prototypes), to 10 years (250 at low rate plus a year or two for production prototype testing) of production line time. On that note, how many tanks is the Turkish military looking to replace with the Altay when all is said and done?
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