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  1. Prototype of Borsuk IFV. https://twitter.com/Militarium/status/1166431775490547717/photo/1
  2. Picture is from czech military magazine(ATM), so it's possible that BAE could offer CV90 in that configuration for Czech Army.
  3. Yes. This is the turret that Qatar has chosen for their VBCIs.
  4. Forgot to post this earlier. Mk4 with MCT-30(v2).
  5. New turret from EOS and Elbit Systems. Brochure
  6. @SH_MM Do you know what changes can we expect in next Leopard 2 upgrade? AMAP ADS, new engine, new ammo?
  7. There has been some changes in the L2PL deal so I'm still dreaming about getting "D" armor package.
  8. @Militarysta Do you know if L2PLs are going to have armor inserts replaced? Is this limited due to weight restriction(and money)?
  9. @Gun Ready 2PL should weigh around 59 tons. Can't go beyond 60t because you need to reinforce the suspension. And this is where it gets expensive. Also armor inserts probably won't be replaced(because of the weight limitation) so sadly overall protection is not going to be that great.
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