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  1. @SH_MM Do you know what changes can we expect in next Leopard 2 upgrade? AMAP ADS, new engine, new ammo?
  2. Valryon

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    There has been some changes in the L2PL deal so I'm still dreaming about getting "D" armor package.
  3. Valryon

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    @Militarysta Do you know if L2PLs are going to have armor inserts replaced? Is this limited due to weight restriction(and money)?
  4. Valryon

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    @Gun Ready 2PL should weigh around 59 tons. Can't go beyond 60t because you need to reinforce the suspension. And this is where it gets expensive. Also armor inserts probably won't be replaced(because of the weight limitation) so sadly overall protection is not going to be that great.
  5. Valryon

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    First 3 Leopards 2PL delivered to Bumar Łabędy. Another pic from Tomasz Dmitruk.
  6. Spike LR is much better. Fire & observe mode makes all the difference. Basically when firing Javelin you have to see the target to lock on(that also endangers operator of enemy fire, where in case of Spike you can hide safely behind a hill and engage targets BLoS) which limits the effective range to about 800-1500m(typical LoS in eastern Europe) and after you fire you can't deliberately miss the target so there is a high chance of destroying own vehicles. Can you tell a difference between T-72B3 and PT-91 at a distance of 1-1.5km? Include bad weather conditions which would radically decrease visibility. On the other hand you can fire Spike manually and make sure you will hit enemy vehicle, not yours or redirect missile into more important target you have just detected. You don't have to see the target before you fire and you can make use of the full range of Spike. That's my short take on this. I'm sure that @Militarysta can elaborate more on this.
  7. @Willy Brandt https://ir.rheinmetall.com/download/companies/rheinmetall/Presentations/181126_Rheinmetall_Defence_online_3.pdf
  8. Breaking Defense YT channel posted promotional video about Raytheon Lynx but they deleted it 5 minutes later.
  9. @Mighty_Zuk Enforcer has the range from 100m to 2000m but during tests they were able to reach 2.9km. Launcher with missile weights 9kg and FCS(Dynahawk) is about 2kg.
  10. Valryon

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    @Conner Webb " Rubber Band Tracks are made with grade 5 rubber and reinforced with Kevlar fibre, a lightweight and non-flammable compound that protects against RPGs and high temperatures in harsh environments. Their carbon nanotubes confer twice the durability of steel tracks."
  11. Valryon

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    Some pics of Borsuk/Badger IFV. This time with Soucy tracks instead of DST(iDST 364D). . Rest of the photos. Prototype of Leopard 2PL.
  12. Valryon

    Polish small arms.

    Bullpup version of Grot/MSBS with 10" barrel(Grot B10 FB-M1). .