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  1. Breaking Defense YT channel posted promotional video about Raytheon Lynx but they deleted it 5 minutes later.
  2. @Mighty_Zuk Enforcer has the range from 100m to 2000m but during tests they were able to reach 2.9km. Launcher with missile weights 9kg and FCS(Dynahawk) is about 2kg.
  3. Valryon

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    @Conner Webb " Rubber Band Tracks are made with grade 5 rubber and reinforced with Kevlar fibre, a lightweight and non-flammable compound that protects against RPGs and high temperatures in harsh environments. Their carbon nanotubes confer twice the durability of steel tracks."
  4. Valryon

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    Some pics of Borsuk/Badger IFV. This time with Soucy tracks instead of DST(iDST 364D). . Rest of the photos. Prototype of Leopard 2PL.
  5. Valryon

    Polish small arms.

    Bullpup version of Grot/MSBS with 10" barrel(Grot B10 FB-M1). .