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  1. That's the second part. Tanks for you (and for the rest of Europe) would be produced in Poland but that would be an up-armored version (similar to Altay). Not the basic one. But still it's around 2030+ year when you can receive these tanks.
  2. They were only because that is the MoD's need. If MoD needed 400 tanks then Hyundai would offer 400 tanks. But the year of 2023 is still fake. The official offer is that Hyundai will send 75 tanks (one battalion + 14 driving school vehicles + 3 prototypes - one for each program phase) up to 2027 (if the contract would be signed in next year) and after 2027 we can talk about the production.
  3. BTW WTF has happened with MTU's new website? It looks like they completely erased the fact of production AFV engines...
  4. Yes. That's radar-absorbing rubber layer type 1K2KS / 1KF2KS (thickness = 4mm) which was created to lower PT-91's RCS in Ku- and X-band.
  5. What type of engine will be placed in Marder? Something from Type 890 family or overhauled MB833? https://www.rheinmetall.com/en/rheinmetall_ag/press/news/latest_news/index_19584.php
  6. Not at all. We know from the tests that is explicitly the performance at an angle of 60 deg. They also checked that at an angle of 30 and 75 deg.
  7. But has problems with material aging instead of 5xxx and 6xxx series.
  8. That's 130mm but according to other Rheinmetall's patent the case of 130mm is only longer than one in 120mm, not wider. So it seems that turret without add-on armor could be quite small. Nexter has shown turret with 140mm and autoloader in own patent. And it looks like this.
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