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  1. Zadlo

    Competition: Tank Design 2239

    My light tank's status I've realized that classic turret had been a waste of time and I've replaced it with low-profile turret. I'm afraid that I'll have no time to end both tanks so I think to use the same turret on the light and also on the medium tank.
  2. Zadlo

    Competition: Tank Design 2239

    Bustle ammo rack in my classic turret (version 1) - can be loaded up to 30 or 36 95mm rounds. The version 2 will have a space for 80mm rounds. My classic turret has two ammo racks in its bustle.
  3. Zadlo

    General AFV Thread

    About the KAPS Hyundai reps told us at MSPO that only soft-kill sensors were operational at the moment. Hard-kill is still under development.
  4. Zadlo

    Competition: Tank Design 2239

    C1. You can send me measurements of the gun via PM.
  5. Zadlo

    General AFV Thread

    Which isn't still ready.
  6. Zadlo

    Competition: Tank Design 2239

    You can always test Norman against that
  7. Zadlo

    Competition: Tank Design 2239

    Show Norman one more time. And what is 'his' weight?
  8. Zadlo

    Competition: Tank Design 2239

    Isn't the APFSDS round the late 50s technology? More, I think it's not possible to load 200 mm round to 120 mm gun or to create 50:1 L/D steel rod
  9. Zadlo

    Competition: Tank Design 2239

    The another thing - quite short (2' of height) welded turret with two isolated ammo racks
  10. Zadlo

    Competition: Tank Design 2239

    My baby slowly starts to live - one of two versions of the light tank Length: 18' 6" Width: 10' Height: 5' 6 1/4" + 1' 6" ground clearance + currently unknown height of the turret Engine: It is going to be 27L 340 - 410 HP (250 - 310 kW) V12 compact engine (Liberty L-12 derivative)
  11. Zadlo

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    The most interesting is that H.Cegielski get to know from me about the problems with K2 powerpack and the fact that it is and will be made in Germany More over Hyundai offered that H.Cegielski can 'polonize' K2 tank in 100% and they didn't tell H.Cegielski about the problems with K2 and German involvement in its production Also H.Cegielski don't know about the unofficial offer from Rheinmetall about the production of new generation tank in Poland. But on the other hand BAE Systems offers M88A2 Hercules for Polish Army as a Bergepanzer 2 replacement.
  12. Zadlo

    Competition: Tank Design 2239

    What about aluminium, Doron and enamel? And what about using bolts to make spaced armor?
  13. Probably not only Mi-24. LEONARDO believes that PZL W-3 can be also Spike ER's carrier. And afterwards these ATGMs would be used on future helicopters of Polish Army and (maybe) future tank destroyers.
  14. Zadlo

    General AFV Thread

    The most interesting thing. Two main rivals in the Maluku Islands using the same soft-kill APS on their tanks.