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  1. Zadlo

    DRDO; India's Porsche

    It is but IMHO Kanchan may have thinner RHA layers instead of those used in T-72M1. But where Kanchan armor's compositions with 315mm and 350mm thickness really comes from? Because I may know exact thickness of all layers coming from these compositions of Kanchan and with their RHAe protection estimations vs KE.
  2. Zadlo

    Competition Suggestions

    For the new year I have an idea of my own competition Let's go back to 1923. In this fictional scenario Bolivia has decided to arm their army much earlier in purpose of regaining Antofagasta and Tarapaca from Chilean ascendancy. Due to that Bolivia wants to create their armored corps, in which the main vehicle will be the brand new armored car. Criteria of the new AC: - maximum weight: 3,5 metric tons - crew: 2 or 3 people (driver, gunner and commander) - armament: existing HMG using 7,65x53mm or heavier (at least 10mm) round or short-barrel cannon (with less than 200 lbs of own weight) in fully 360° enclosed turret; 20mm and 25mm autocannons are classified there as HMGs - protection: against 7x57mm rounds (possible armor-piercing too), close concussion grenades' explosions and shrapnel bullets from 105mm rounds - mobility: at least 20hp engine, at least 150km range on wheels, easy modification to armored rail car version (using 762mm gauge) - construction: based on rolling chassis that could be easily converted for civilian purposes - dimensions: maximum track width - 1920mm (recommended no more than 1700mm), maximum vehicle width - 2100mm, maximum vehicle height - 2100mm (on track wheels), minimum ground clearance - 200mm (recommended at least 300mm) minimum clearance between rail wheels and track wheels - 100mm (but this clearance + vehicle height = maximum 2200mm)
  3. Zadlo

    Future of AFVs

    If Russians went the same way as the Western Europe, we would see 37mm or 45mm autocannon at Russian IFVs. Around 1995 Poles analyzed the most cost-effective autocannon's NATO caliber for BMP-1 replacement and they realized that the best solution is 35mm autocannon (30mm was unknown at that time) and it hasn't changed since that time. But they saw also that Oto Melara 60/70's ammunition had significantly better performance against armor than 35mm and 40mm AP rounds at that time. And the conclusion was that armament of new IFVs should be a mix of smaller (30mm or 35mm) autocannon and bigger (~60mm) (auto)cannon. And this mix should have appeared at the platoon level.
  4. Zadlo


    I've seen three more materials: Mica reinforced rubber Some mix with asphalt PTFE with magnesium / aluminium dust and acetone
  5. Zadlo

    The Leopard 2 Thread

    That sounds like the special armor in the turret is a simple multi-layered ceramic armor without heavy armor (f.e. tungsten) package.
  6. Zadlo

    The Leopard 2 Thread

    AFAIK using simple, not sloped steel-plastic-steel sandwich improves efectiveness of steel layers of armor
  7. Zadlo

    Future of AFVs

    Whole 57mm idea
  8. Zadlo

    Future of AFVs

    But do you know that Russians didn't invent this idea? They have stolen it from Polish concepts made in the mid-90s
  9. Zadlo

    Future of AFVs

    You know that EFA APS failed against 3BM15 round? APS was able to intercept the penetrator but it couldn't destroy. Because 3BM15 is thick and has more steel which has better durability against these threats than tungsten. Maybe telescopic penetrators would be more effective against APS countermeasures than homogenous or even segmented ones.
  10. Zadlo

    The Leopard 2 Thread

    40 mm HHS plate in PT-91M in place of standard 16 mm in T-72M1 is a Polish invention.
  11. Zadlo

    Future of AFVs

    So... in this case it must be a coaxial autocannon. And it means that this autocannon should have a large ammo magazine, KETF rounds and be easy to install in unmanned turret. And it leads to autocannon / chain gun using 30 mm rounds (large amount of ammo and KETF) and which lacks dual feeding.