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  1. Borsuk during the qualification tests in Drawsko. This prototype received additional armour modules on external buoyancy modules and has removed trim vane.
  2. Unfortunately GDELS asked for remove those photos.
  3. Only Rosomak-M1. 10mm steel plates in spaced array were the applique armour from Rafael. Meanwhile indigenous solution which was in Rosomak-M1M uses ceramic and polymer layers inside the array.
  4. I'll put two things into perspective 1) K2PL will be 4 tons heavier than basic K2 but it has longer chassis due to additional pair of wheels. Where does the whole additional weight go? To armour? Or maybe to longer chassis and modified shape of turret? 2) We don't know from which distance K279 was shot (and if it even was K279), if it had full charge and what was the hardness of steel plate.
  5. Always has been. Level 6 requires protection against 30mm NM225 APFSDS-T or Slovakian copy of 3UBR6.
  6. AMV XP during tests in Poland in the previous year. Polish APCs - just like Rosomak - will be amphibious.
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