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  1. Zadlo

    Turkish touch

    The most possible one is Perkins CV-12-1500 - upgraded Challenger 2's engine.
  2. Zadlo

    Tank Myths

    My (so far) favourite tank myths 1. T-34's maximum production rate during WW2 was higher than Sherman's one. 2. Leopard 1 (but without add-on armor) has higher chances of survival on the battlefield than T-72 3. Anders tank is based on CV90 chassis 4. You can't replace / exchange glass laminate plates in T-72A/M chassis And extending to anti-tank things: 5. AT-3 Sagger exists only in MCLOS version 6. Javelin launcher doesn't have a tripod 7. Spike missile uses only a man-in-the-loop guidance
  3. Zadlo

    Tanks guns and ammunition.

    "Old" Polish Pz. 541 APFSDS-T-TP round vs "new" one
  4. Zadlo

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    22 BRM-1K and 16 BPsV. And all of them are currently modernized by WZM from Poznan - at least 5 vehicles are after that. The modernized version received: - new optoelectronic head ZIG-T-2R - SR HAWK (V)RE battlefield surveillance radar - IR binoculars JIM LR - Radmor RRC-9311 AP, AN/PRC-150(C), AN/PRC-117G and AN/PRC-152A radios - Honeywell TALIN 5000 - MIMIC mine detector - AP4C and DPO NBC detectors - SSP-1 OBRA-3 LWR - Berberys-C multispectral camouflage - new passive night-vision vehicle devices
  5. Zadlo

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    And additionally photos from MSPO 2012
  6. Zadlo

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    According to Bumar the aluminium part of HITFIST-30p is welded in Gliwice since 2006 - 2008. And maybe even they have welded the one for unmanned HITFIST-OWS prototype.
  7. 5000 m LOS in Eastern Europe? They want to fight in Eastern Ukraine or in Kazakhstan?
  8. Zadlo

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    Gepard was the 35-tonnes ubertank which was going to have the same protection level as Leopard 2A5 But the requirements was made by a some man who suffers PTSD after that his T-55 was hit by training round during drills. I wish ASAP but OBRUM can't allow.
  9. Zadlo

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    Not any important constructions in AFVs are made in Poland use aluminium. But ERAWA-1 version for Malaysian PT-91M uses casettes made of aluminium. In our case we're going more to use technology of non-iron metal alloys casting than to weld constructions made of aluminium or titanium. For example, new composite armor from LUBAWA uses titanium casettes which are casted. D├╝nnblechbiegetechnologie could be troublesome for Poles because it is unknown - but it can find fertile ground. In case of current Borsuk IFV the concept of its armor in non-amphibious version is that only add-on HHS or composites panels provides the protection of IFV. According to requirements it is maximum level 4 STANAG 4569 (but I think level 5 is possible to make) but this requirement must be provided only by add-on panels. The base is made of RHA plates of thickness between 6 and 13 mm (in Borsuk it is 10 mm) but it's not counting to the protection level. It's possible the same concept could have been used in Anders / UMPG but in that case the base was thicker (up to 20 mm).
  10. Zadlo

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    Not at all. Jenoptik will be only the "technology donor" for ZMT which will produce the electric drives for Leopard 2PL and probably the Polish modernization of Leopard 2A5. The issue with Bumar-Labedy is a bit complicated. ZMBL has argued with WZM about the engines overhaul and this has caused the delay. Additionally they have problems with upgrade of their facility because they will receive money only when they will end the modernization of Leopard 2... Welcome to Polish bureaucratic hell And what is special with LANCE turret construction in comparison to other unmanned and optionally manned turrets?
  11. Zadlo

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    In case of Wilk there are IIRC three options from Rheinmetall-OBRUM duo - the one coming from Rheinmetall, which name I'm not allowed to write and other two which are only thicker versions of (dead) Gepard. Additionally, Hyundai Rotem with HCP offers polonized version of K2 Black Panther and KMW with WZM offers the reboot of Leopard 2 production with a version which I would call "Leopard 2A7 Polnische Verbessert".
  12. Zadlo

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    The "message" from Rheinmetall is unfortunately unclear and sophisticated. We wanted to correct anything we know about the offer but we haven't had a chance from them. And as I know it can be two options of the same "message": 1. Rheinmetall wants to create one tank in one version (and the information is fresher than the interview from 2017) 2. Rheinmetall wants to create two versions of one tank - one for Poland with major part of PGZ involvement in the production and the second one for Germany IMHO option 2 is more possible. Also, to compare - the "Wilk" (Wolf) program currently suggests (additionally to what I've written 11 days ago) that: - the program (probably without R&D) would cost 2 billion euros between 2023 and 2032 - 232 tanks (4 battalions) would be produced to 2032 in Bumar-Labedy - vehicles will have decent weight (50+ tonnes, probably between 55 and 63 tonnes), armament (at least Rh 120) and armor (1000 - 1300 mm RHAe vs KE in front)
  13. Zadlo

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    Unfortunately, no. From Rheinmetall and OBRUM the most we've got to know during MSPO 2017. In this year's MSPO we didn't have a chance to receive more fresh informations about the tank. In case of MoD we've talked with the Arms Department's deputy director in June. And by now we know that the Rheinmetall's and PGZ (not only OBRUM or Bumar-Labedy) offer is waiting for consideration by MoD since the beginning of this year. But our politicians are well known of being afraid to decide anything because they have to take a responbility for that in the future. And the brilliant example is that PT-91s are waiting for the better gun stabilizer for 26 years as Bumar (producer of PT-91) demands that. And probably they'll never receive.
  14. Zadlo

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    You think that thermal cameras or electric drives in the future tank will be more modern than the current ones? The main problem will be with the more complicated components. But the industry is a system of interconnected vessels so the experience from the other programs (IFV, artillery) can sometimes be useful.
  15. Zadlo

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    Better check your sources. 'cause according to other sources from both of the sides (RLS and Polish MoD) Rheinmetall offers development of their tank as a part of MGCS at least since late 2016. Here, in Poland, we thought to this June that MGCS is Rheinmetall's only program. So Rheinmetall is lying or you don't even know what MGCS is. More, a few months ago some fan-arts have been shown. But they are very, very, very accurate to the proposed Rheinmetall's tank. Even with the tank's compartment but with some small exceptions (like battery compartment size and location).