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  1. But has problems with material aging instead of 5xxx and 6xxx series.
  2. That's 130mm but according to other Rheinmetall's patent the case of 130mm is only longer than one in 120mm, not wider. So it seems that turret without add-on armor could be quite small. Nexter has shown turret with 140mm and autoloader in own patent. And it looks like this.
  3. How DU works as an armor https://docdro.id/gFliFU4
  4. New Korean 40mm APFSDS Declared penetration: 200 mm RHA from 2000 m
  5. Yes, Hyundai has realized that K2 is currently too cramped for Korean tankers. The last generation of Korean conscripts has grown a lot (circa 3 inches in 10 years) and now they need an interior space similar to one in European and American vehicles. AFAIK from people who were in K2 said the tank was similar in these terms to T-72. And now they start working on XK3 Oh, and the proof of Korean 130mm.
  6. A tiny bit about Leonardo working together with Poles on new generation MBT.
  7. I've found some interesting issue People from Polish Institute of Organic Industry (IPO) have shown how important is front plate in protection against shaped charges. The liner loses the most of its energy in first 30% to 35% of its route in the armor. And because of that the best is when the front plate is made of material which has the best protection against shaped charges and is as thick as it's possible. In this case there were two arrays of metal (Ti-Al) composite tested. Both of them had the same weight but one version (V1) had thick (10mm) titanium layer on the face. The second one (V2) had this layer on the rear. The research has shown that V1 has better mass (Em = 2.04) and thickness efficiency (Ev = 1.55) than V2 (Em = 1.4; Ev = 1.15) against shaped charges. Composites alone had: - V1 - Em = 4.26, Ev = 2.14 - V2 - Em = 2.84, Ev = 1.43 Source: https://www.docdroid.net/YBkruhn/6wilk-badania-skutecznosci-obronnej.pdf
  8. New tests of ERAWA https://www.docdroid.net/NYv1y1M/976082.pdf PG-7V, PG-7VM (330 mm RHA) - 96,7% of reduction (ERAWA-1), 98,6% of reduction (ERAWA-2) BK-14M (540 mm RHA) - 44,4% (ERAWA-1), 68,5% (ERAWA-2) BM-15 (300 mm RHA / 2 km) - 43,3% (ERAWA-2)
  9. But there's one problem. Elbit's UT30MK2 hasn't passed climatic tests for Romanian army. Its FCS is going crazy in low temperature so this problem concerns also a MT30MK2 offered for Czechia.
  10. Question: Do you have anything about Razor ERA presented recently by Plasan?
  11. With glass-filled polypropylene or polycarbonate? Are you sure? These are not elastomers.
  12. You're misleading two designs. Poles created NERA modules for BRDM-2 which consists of only two sandwiches. Add-on armor mounted on Rosomak uses composite similar to one used in soft inserts in ballistic vests.
  13. It's quite possible that so thin version of MEXAS is quite effective at Leopard 1 against shaped charges with up to 310mm penetration. Without any ERA or NERA. But I think the main purpose of that add-on could be protection against 40 x 365mm APFSDS which lacks in case of standard Leo 1.
  14. And option No. 3 - Anders with Brimstone And BMP-1 with Protector LW 30
  15. And option No. 2 - twelvefold Brimstone launcher on BMP-1 chassis.
  16. 80s are coming back. K9 armed with two double Hellfire launchers.
  17. If M1A2C would weight 66 t then it will probably receive sign with No. 73 or 75 because 66 t = 73 short tons.
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