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  1. Couple years ago iveco and zf showed independent front axle for trucks and bragged about how light it was, it seems centurion 2 and this vehicle use that suspension. It looks very light.
  2. On thing i dont get about this and centauro vechile. Does it has one ore nine differentials?
  3. Smaller road wheels and different tracks?! Now its 7
  4. Harop kamikaze drone felt on georgian territory. Azeris said it lost control. What is on first photo? It was pictured nearby
  5. Finally after ten years of its design georgian army received Didgori 4x4 https://thedeaddistrict.blogspot.com/2020/10/didgori-apc-and-didgori-medevac-for.html
  6. Does anyone know anymore then this video about this system? Google search leads to nothing
  7. I agree with you. 20 years ago most armies did not had body armor. owner of this armor survived suicide bomber about 3 meters away. He lost one eye and one leg. Otherwise he is feeling well. Most fatal injuries in afghanistan for georgian soldiers comes on face, neck and head. Helmet doing its job but not enough.
  8. Many tries to get georgians into this conflict, armenians started flooding facebook with every bad story that happened between truks and georgian, while azeris started sharing armenian bagramian battalion footage. Armenians disrespecting dead Azeri soldiers
  9. Maybe they bought it from iran. Almost 30 billion usd spent since 2007 And troops still are transported with old soviet armor. Cobra 4x4 costs less then 200k but they spent almost half million for each, and they send politican who said that in prison. Huge corruption over there.
  10. Most diverse army in the world, they even have north korean 122mm mlrs. Is not this north korean bm11?!
  11. No no and no, in war that happened last decade about 1000 man were saved with vests and helmets while about 200 died, had not they had vests those 1000 would have died too. Face, neck and sides are big problem.
  12. 3 feet 11 inches, about 120cm is normal interior height for most of the sedans. 70cm is absolutely enough for shoulders. Why ifv are used like a troop transporter?! Why should you ask comfort or more number of dismaunts in a vehicle which is supposed to be on frontline taking hits from every direction. Its disregard of soldiers life in favor or comfort and internal volume. Ifv should protect soldiers from more then just a bullets.
  13. How aps will protect you from artillery?! In mass artillery strike, with hundreds of rounds fired if only 1percent is precision guided how aps gonna help? Or when 50kg high explosive is coming from above is aps gonna help? In mechanized warfare we all talk about armor which protects from tank rounds and missiles which are fired horizontally but no one is worried about artillery and top attack munitions or threat from air (which also includes artillery) ? Is not that true that most armored and non armored vechiles are destroyed by
  14. http://www.dsca.mil/major-arms-sales/egypt-ah-64e-apache-attack-helicopters-and-related-equipment-and-support?fbclid=IwAR3nfSkD4HGke4l04cbYYtKU593FbZ1AYOEcs9-Kp96iToHIVsh7__uAwF8 Egypt buying apaches. Reason claimed on media is that ka52 has technical issues.
  15. Is not that apc based on t80ud?! I got somewhere its drawings, hope i will find it. Bmp64 has internal volume of about 10m3. Marder should have the same no? Bradley got 10m3 too. Still dont understand, is that ukrainians or germans and americans who are lieing?! Or maybe t64 drivetrain is too light which allows them to increase percentage of total weight used on armor. Do you know, Is not steel rha density 8t/m3?
  16. My 1cent thoughts about ifv/apc protection. Protection from the low calibre cannons can be easily achived from the front. Rough calculations. Most western ifvs have hull with height of 1.5m and 2m wide 100mm steel plate 1.5 meters high and 2meters wide will weigh 2.5tons. Take in mind that this 100mm plate will be at some angle and if it is made with more advanced materials then just steel, protection will be higher then 100mm rha. Here is uk bmp64. Size almost same as marder Weight 35t (same as marder) Armor 30
  17. Why? Independent axle with subframe, suspension and everything but the wheels and tires and load capacity with 15 tons weighs 1 ton. Tires and wheels capable of 7.5 ton weighs 200-300 kg. Transmission for trucks with max 3000 nm input weighs about 500kg compared to renk transmission for trucked vechiles which for 60 ton machine weighs more then 2 tons. And wheeled vechiles multiply torque by axles and wheelhubs. So for 4 axles and 8 tires with weight of 6 ton gives you capacity to carry 55-60 tons. Ok there are driveshafts that are not
  18. Thanks for information. What about other automotive components? Do we know anything about them?
  19. Does anyone know about amx 13 engine? Was it boxer or opposed piston (like 5td)? In wiki they say it was opposed piston but engine has crank in the middle.
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