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  1. Leopard 1 with welded turret used as hard range target. Photos might be taken in Oksbøl firing range. Interesting would be to know what type of KE ammo they used. Was APDS ammo anyhow as no fin markings are seen at the impact holes.
  2. Nice photo, showing KMW products supplied to Qatar: PzH 2000, Leopard 2 QAT, DINGO 3 and Fennek.
  3. I'm looking again for confirmed data on Svinets-2 like flight projectile weight (8.4 kg) and length (735 mm), tungsten penetrator mass, diameter and length. The muzzle velocity is stated to be 1660 m/s, is this correct? @Militarysta and @BkktMkkt
  4. Great Main Battle Tank! Nothing to add.
  5. Great photos! Do you have from top?
  6. The development of the E -technology started 2002 as a private initiative of KMW to cover the expected threat of PG's fired from RPG-7. The design covered turret and chassis with add-on armour modules adapted to Leopard 2. This technology was proved by German Army and sold by KMW to the Canadian Army for their Leopard 2 A4M CAN. A few vehicles were sent in 2010 to Afghanistan and performed pretty well. This technology can also be attached to Leopard 2 A7V as the attachment points have been foreseen at this MBT.
  7. @SH_MM could you please tell where this photo has been coming from? The third from left is showing the DM13 APDS 105 mm x 617, am I right?
  8. Now industry as an ARGE (KMW, Nexter, Rheinmetall) signed the contract with BAAINBw today, see https://www.bmvg.de/en/news/contract-concluded-future-decisive-ground-combat-system-258470
  9. ... and why are both hatches closed? This photo is definitely a fake and may be a good promotion for Russian internal purposes. Why should this prototype be sent to Syria in urban terrain? IMO the risk to fail or be knocked out would be pretty to high and a huge disgrace.
  10. Do you think that this is reality or a fake in best photoshop quality? BTW pretty nice front girl! Can't believe she would have been in Syria more that she is posing in a Moscow film studio.5
  11. Maybe you are right but at some time he will betray himself...
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