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  1. People like Ulric, myself, and quite a few friends would easily be seen as stockpiling weapons in literally any European country. That's not how this stuff works in America. You can own as many guns as you could possibly want to own here, with no legal consequences provided you are not doing anything illegal with them. There are collections in the US that could easily arm a small army.
  2. One of my favorite memories when it comes to working on and driving my Daimler Ferret was the time I took it to an off-road park. It was very entertaining to watch the ATV and jeep guys look completely shocked when an armored car was going through mud that they were afraid to drive into. I very much have a love hate relationship with British wheeled armor. At this point in time I have one running Ferret, one that is awaiting restoration, and a Saracen that is also awaiting further restoration. The reason for my love hate relationship with them is that while they are a ton of fun to drive, maintaining them can be difficult at times, especially if you have to deal with an electrical issue. Despite the many, many, ups and downs I've had with working on British armor, it's always rewarding when you fire up the engine and take them for a drive, be it off-road or on a run into town.
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