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  1. Clan_Ghost_Bear

    Britons are in trouble

    Since the ammo storage was moved, it would have to be completely new if they wanted to carry a reasonable amount of rounds.
  2. Clan_Ghost_Bear

    Britons are in trouble

    It's entirely possible they based the design of the new turret on the old one, but the ammunition is now housed in the bustle. That would require enough modification to be a new design.
  3. Clan_Ghost_Bear

    Britons are in trouble

    Looks like BAE will have to offer a bit more than the Black Knight if they want to win.
  4. Clan_Ghost_Bear

    Britons are in trouble

    Less competition for the Challenger 2 refresh?
  5. Any Idea what he's talking about with the XM302? I couldn't find any info about it on the web.
  6. Clan_Ghost_Bear

    Ukrainian armor - Oplot-M, T-64M Bulat and other.

    Sounds like they've got some heavy-duty fighting planned.
  7. Clan_Ghost_Bear

    The Swedish AFV Thread: Not Just Strv 103s

    http://www.tboverse.us/HPCAFORUM/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=24582 Possible or complete BS?
  8. It just seems like they've gone back on that decision, I don't think I've seen a single industry/military source call them that.
  9. What ever happened to the M1A2C thing?
  10. Clan_Ghost_Bear

    DRDO; India's Porsche

    Gonna go with a no on that one, chief.
  11. Clan_Ghost_Bear

    Could Sherman tanks still have some military use?

    Interestingly enough, the last Shermans only left service this year: https://www.janes.com/article/79476/paraguayan-army-retires-last-m4-shermans-from-service But to answer your question, if you were fighting guerillas that had no access to anti-tank weaponry it would be useful. I don't think it would be worthwile to upgrade them any further than maybe replacing the main gun with a low-pressure 90mm, though.
  12. Clan_Ghost_Bear

    The Leopard 2 Thread

    Would this be taking the place of the K-2 procurement?
  13. Clan_Ghost_Bear

    Ukrainian armor - Oplot-M, T-64M Bulat and other.

    Are those a Ukrainian version of the Assault Breacher in the front row?
  14. Clan_Ghost_Bear

    The Leopard 2 Thread

    http://dmilt.com/europe/romania-army-expresses-interest-in-leopard-2-tanks Romania wants to purchase 60 Leo 2A5
  15. Griffin 1= AUSA 2016 demo vehicle, the one painted grey Griffin 3= OMFV Entry shown at AUSA 2018, with hexagonal camouflage