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  1. UK Award Heckler & Koch $95 million Contract For SA80 Rifle Upgrade To put that into perspective, the retail price of a 15.7" Colt Canada Gen3 IUR is 2379.95CAD or £1385.10
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    Documents Repository: Small Arms

    Thank you for the links, I've read some of those articles in the past, but I want to re-read them more carefully IMO, Infantry mobility >> more powerful rifle cartridge @Sturgeon This NATO STO paper might be of interest to you, it deals with soldier's load RTO-TR-HFM-080, "Optimizing Operational Physical Fitness"
  3. 2012-vintage GPC and AR15 replacement herpderp, courtesy of the Military Review, the US Army's Professional Journal "AN ARMY OUTGUNNED: Physics Demands A New Basic Combat Weapon" by Joseph P. Avery, Ph.D Two observations: 1)Title mentions a new "BCW", but not why. 2)Yes he has a PhD, but it's not a STEM degree Homeslice needs to "stay in his lane" I've skimmed through the first 4 paragraphs so far, and each is built a a derp-diamond: (bolding courtesy of your CDNcommissar, the helpful politest commissar) The bulk of the first paragraph: lol no Second paragraph - MP.44 and AK-47 derp: lolwut Jesus, no #triggered Third paragraph - Blathers on about Marshall's nonsense, before mentioning that Marshall was spewing nonsense But wait! There's more, Peak Derp (of this paragraph) is achieved in the last sentence: u wot m8? "The Cult of the Rifleman" Forth paragraph's Peak Derp, again in the last sentence: wrong.gif FIND (from FIND, FIX, FIGHT, FINISH) (the more contemporary version F2T2EA is FIND, FIX, TRACK, TARGET, ENGAGE, ASSESS...IMHO a worse acronym, but I digress) is still extremely difficult. The enemy still gets a vote. He is equivocating long LOS with higher visibility. A handful of counterexamples to his point that today's combat environment is different: the steppes of the Eastern Front had quite long LOS, the desert combat of Desert Storm had quite long LOS etc etc It's not really any different. Conflict occurs in environments where humans are, just as it always has. This is a important aspect of the disadvantages with 5.56 replacements, they neglect the difficulties with FIND (while and/or assuming perfect conditions for a more powerful cartridge) His reasoning: combat environment is different, longer LOS -> MOAR VISIBLE -> 223 POODLE VARMINT SHOOTER LACKS RANGE Fifth paragraph: MUH THURDY CAL WOOD AND STEEL(?) ugh TO BE CONTINUED?
  4. I neglected to check the ATGM thread and didn't see you'd already posted those images. (Was I just LoooSer'd????) Ah
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    Documents Repository: Small Arms

    Army University Press - Military Review (US Army's Professional Journal) Pretty meh, a lot of "HR" type articles with derpy titles... and also some older GPC derp! AN ARMY OUTGUNNED: Physics Demands A New Basic Weapon (author has a PhD...in Political Science) Doesn't seem to require authors to provide citations, references, a bibliography etc.
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    Documents Repository: Small Arms

    NATO Science and Technology Organization Technical Reports Sorta like a NATO DTIC Found this the other day while googling around for soldier-load related information (IIRC, I was trying to find the mean bodyweight of infantrymen infantrypersons)
  7. A lot of "conservatives" (especially socons) don't accept that anti-pot, let alone anti-WOD (as well as anti-gay marriage and anti-abortion), conservative politicians face an uphill battle.
  8. That bullpup (and especially the belt-fed bullpup with a UGL). Those mag pouches. Milley is shaking in his boots!
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    Documents Repository: Small Arms

    http:// http://smallarmssolutions.com/uploads/3/5/3/1/35313045/5966660_orig.png
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    Documents Repository: Small Arms

    AR15 gas port sizes https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tXunBDX5Gaz87BqxwNxDUlWNK9nEv-cZEQoLq2JXXrk/edit#gid=766121382 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tXunBDX5Gaz87BqxwNxDUlWNK9nEv-cZEQoLq2JXXrk/htmlview
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    just ruski things

    Why doesn't ZentiCo use 6061 aluminum for their rails/mounts etc? They seem to primarily use D16T (equivalent to 2024). Why does ZenitCo use D16T where many other manufacturers would use 6061?
  12. https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/qn-202-mini-missile-the-new-chinese-individual-soldier-weapon.697357/ @Khand-e
  13. The UK ought to have phased it out instead of upgrading to the A2. IIRC, the A2 is merely so-so according to the documents Weapons Man (RIP) posted. Ian's series on the SA80 prototypes and L85 family was fascinating. Have you watched BotR's two videos on the civilian SA80? That might also help explain his love of bullpups. There seems to be a correlation (perhaps even a causation) between those who aren't 'shooters' and bullpup-fanboyism..."MOAR BARREL LENGTH FOR GIVEN OVERALL LENGTH IS GUDDER" Does Williams have a STEM background or a background in the firearms industry?
  14. Yup IIRC, there's supposed to be a 7.62x51 variant of the HK433, but they haven't shown a prototype yet.
  15. How many dB of sound suppression is it capable of (I didn't see anything on Delta-Tech's site)?