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  1. indonesian Leopard 2RI , Leo 2a4 and marder IVF after training exercise
  2. the way of hows naval fought has change so much since those time , modern naval ship fought each other in much longer distance than what Battleship used to fought (ex.cruise missile out range 16" gun ) modern ship prefer to defense it self by using active counter measure rather than passive armor , thats why old warship are sooo heavy dont forget too include their main armament thats one of the reason today ship survivability is really suck IMO , its a give and take ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. ouh im not aware that u were looking for a WW2 DD design in that case modeling a whole block off hull would be nicer
  4. ever heard SIGMA Class frigate ?? just model it per block , like a plug and play model . i think its better to design 2d version of the ship then translate it to a block design
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