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  1. rob89

    General AFV Thread

    Thank you very much for your very detailed and informed answer. Don't you think that such levels of protections are too low, considering a possible contemporary simmetric battlefield, the "cost" of personnel and vehicles and the low numbers of present armies ? Why no IFV (apart from the 2 cited HIFV) has the protection at least against 35/40 autocannons APFSDS, unlike the MBT, whose front armour is generally designed to stop the main guns (120/125mm) KE rounds and the ATGMs ? Is it a wise choice ? thank you
  2. rob89

    General AFV Thread

    Thank you all for welcome and for your answer STANAG 6 is for 30mm AP(FS)DS @ 500m. As far as I know, modern 30mm AP(FS)DS have a estimated penetration of 100-120mm RHA equivalent, LOS. Do it mean that the last generation IFVs (not considering HIFV like Namer and T-14) have "only" about 120mm equivalent (vs KE) on the frontal arc ? and so they could be easily penetrate by 35/40/57mm autocannon AP(FS)DS ? Thank you in advance
  3. rob89

    General AFV Thread

    Hello everyone I have a question for the armour experts of this forum Is it possible to have an estimate of the RHA equivalent of frontal arc and side protection (vs KE & vs CE) of modern IFV/AFV like Spz Puma, Kf-41, Ascod/Ajax, CV90 MkIII/IV etc. Thank you in advance best regards