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  1. Proyas

    What would a robot tank look like?

    Assume the robot tank is a clean sheet design not intended for human crewmen.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm very impressed by the technical expertise on this forum, and so I'd like your feedback on my theories about what a crew-less, robot tank would be like. I wrote about it here, on my blog: https://www.militantfuturist.com/what-would-a-robot-tank-look-like/ I might edit the blog entry based on any feedback I get from you guys. Thanks.
  3. Are there any newer tank engines that could be easily installed in a Sherman?
  4. Might be a dumb question, but what is the difference between a normal 90mm main gun and a low-pressure 90mm main gun? Why couldn't a Sherman have a 105mm cannon? The Styker is smaller but has it.
  5. Let's say you just got the 1,000 Shermans for free, and you want to make use of them.
  6. Is there any way Sherman tanks could be upgraded at reasonable cost to still have a role on the battlefield? Assume that your military will never fight with a world-class army (U.S., Russia, China, etc.) and instead will only fight with second-rate armies using 1990s technology at best, or with terrorists, or go on peacekeeping missions. I'm thinking that the Shermans could have their turrets removed and modern autoloading turrets from other armored vehicles--like the 105mm Stryker gun, or the 40mm autocannon from the CV10, or the 30mm from the BMP-2 (would any of these fit in the Sherman's turret ring?)--could be dropped in, along with their sensors and computers. ATGM launchers could be installed as well. Explosive reactive armor bricks could be attached to the outside, as is common among modern Russian tanks. Assume that your Sherman fleet is 1,000 tanks, in various states of (dis)repair, so you have enough spare parts to last for many years. What do you guys think? Thanks.