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  1. Born and lived in Belarus, moved to Georgia and then back, some stuff to do in Moldova, pretty good internet here, home is better of course, hope to never come here again though.
  2. So he looked at the tables an said that i looked at the 15 deviation, while clearly on the table at the right shows production optics on mosins getting a 14,6 at 100.' While also not mentioning that the mauser wasn't even zeroed.
  3. Nice that you don't mention that the mauser in that test wasn't even zeroed in, especially the scope.Always showing documents am i right? "выверку не обеспечивает" "После заводской подгонки немецкого прицела на винтовке никаких поправок в прицел в горизонтальной плоскости вводить нельзя". No i am not looking at the wrong column, actually you somehow missed the stuff on the right considering the tables on the left are for prototype optics. The tables at the right are for production optics for mosins and as you can see it's 14,6 (sorry that i rounded that to 15 like you rounded it up for the mauser "sniper" from 9,5 to 10) all right. Considering this latest post was about Ensign looking at the wrong column, the left table is for prototype optics not ones in production and even not realizing it, said that i was looking at the deviation group not at the radius, but he somehow didn't see the 14,6 (which i rounded to 15) on the tables at the right which represent the production scope on mosins.Plus no mention that the mauser in the test he posted wasn't zeroed.I will reserve the "retarded" for someone else. When the Garand,G41(w),SVT-40 was tested it was from a sitting position on a shooting bench, we can guess that these ones were too.
  4. If Mausers are shitty what are those Mosins: A whooping 15 for 100 meters.
  5. Soviet tanks? Seem to work fine and will keep chugging. Planes, ships and the myriad of other vehicles too are doing fine.Did i miss some context?
  6. Might be a little harsh, but a lot of stuff wouldn't have worked without the Americans as a whole, not only planes.
  7. I know where to find all related to the tests, i just wanted to hear/read something i didn't see before.
  8. Who wrote this? Radford? Considering quality got worse in war for practically every rifle that's a strange statement as whole.Was there any WW2 Soviet tests of rifles even looked at? Got more of the same on Mosins?
  9. PTRD-41 or an PTRS-41 is waaayy more overrated.A Mosin is a rifle like the rest, never heard of it being overrated.
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