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  1. Tanks(planes too) do have the tendencies to be near the end or reaching half of it service life when a big war starts, you kind need that long service life not interrupting activities before the big war starts.
  2. A hydromechanical trasmission increases by 1.5-2.0 times, the reliability and durability/service life of powerpacks and that's for the '60.
  4. DEMOCRATS FREAK! Shifty Schiff and Nadler Blast DOJ Following News of Durham’s Deep State Criminal Probe Sean Hannity opened his show on Thursday tonight with breaking news — Attorney General Bill Barr says Prosecutor John Durham’s investigation is now a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION!
  5. HMWHS actually helps save space by having less crew, from some 160 people to 16 people with HMWHS. The deck is also big because of the role these carriers will have, carrier strike + helicopter carrier. It has a lot minor details for helicopter operations like that of two towers, five to ten helicopters at once ready for operation on deck, hangars for Chinooks without folding blades, lifts that can accommodate two Chinooks simultaneously with unfolded blades, space for the troops which will be transported by helicopter. It also has four PTBs. A beefed-up helicopter carrier with a taste for Sea Control+.
  6. I think that's because of the Highly Mechanised Weapon Handling System (HMWHS) on it, supposed to increase the number of sorties with lesser aircraft. Plus probably there will be an increase in the number of aircraft. I am just happy that they got like double the number of aircraft over their older carriers. Too bad HMS Ocean was sold, a dedicated helicopter carrier is a must.
  7. Towed artillery is the stuff for real kind of war. Replacing trucks with cannons for Archer, G6 and Dana is like replacing the AT4 with SMAW.
  8. Nice video, there's also a comment from the man itself, The Chieftain: "It may be worth noting that some modern tanks do still use a compressed air bore exacuation system... look at Leclerc."
  9. Iran has world’s ‘fastest-growing church,’ despite no buildings - and it's mostly led by women.
  10. Ouch, someone dropped that model on the floor.
  11. Metallurgical and Ballistic Investigation of Fifty Captured German Helmets Fifty is a good number for testing.
  12. That's one interesting way to cosplay.
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