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  1. Metallurgical and Ballistic Investigation of Fifty Captured German Helmets Fifty is a good number for testing.
  2. That's one interesting way to cosplay.
  3. Not a historian by trade, but still no curiosity here. One name. Obama.
  4. So i lagged a bit behind on the full version of what happened, but one thing is for sure. Poor Alexandra Chalupa.
  5. World War 2 B-17 bomber plane crashes Sad.
  6. US Businesses Welcome International Postal Rate Reform Одним – подарки, другим – обещания. Странные приоритеты германских политиков (The translator does a good job, mostly.)
  7. There's also a continuation of sorts. Карабин «Тигр» в Швейцарии: Встреча одноклассников Plus a test of someone owning other SVD. https://forum.guns.ru/forummessage/2/2487758.html
  8. China: Paper Tiger "Red China turns 70 this year. It's time."
  9. There was like a doc about the Pak/Kwk 40 against the T-34 and it had a T-34 A and a T-34 B, does anyone have that doc? Thanks in advance, sure that someone has it.
  10. Yeah i know about the british tanks, i just noted that the bumpy ride was on the fault of missing shock absorbers in a t-34 not the suspension.
  11. That "i felt almost every bump on the road" doesn't look like a Christie suspension problem, more like "not having any shock absorbers" problem.
  12. The other shooter. FBI Insider: El Paso Shooter Told Officials It was the Democrat Debate on Free Healthcare to Illegals
  13. Forgot to add to the list, universal healthcare. Well if ethnic cleansing doesn't sound 'progressive', lets change ethnic with social class, as in social class cleansing, sounds even more 'progressive'. If that doesn't sound 'progressive' lets add ecologist,environmentalist,animal welfare tendencies to the pot, pretty 'progressive'. Deportation and incarceration by ethnicity, pretty 'progressive'. More on 'progressiveness'. The Secret History of a Mutual Admiration Society Charles Murray's Law though, as in welfare programs cannot be successful and should be removed.
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