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  1. It seems that the fuel is compartmentalized. Very cool.
  2. Problem with other vehicles is that thin buttered armor around everything makes the crew capsule and their suspension comparable vulnerable while capsules like on Jaguar not. And something tells me it's easier to maintain also.
  3. I can feel the sadness of the US delegation when they visited that site.
  4. God damn, they nerfed NATO 120MM HEAT shells, who the hell did that, i remember some discussions here about someone on some website was too, very inclined to consider 120MM not having ~600MM penetration and K1 impotent.
  5. 350 M2A2 Bradley's and 1200 M1117 for Greece.
  6. Thank you very much for the information. Shame German Leopards 2 gunner's went so much time without second generation thermals. Couldn't gunners use the commanders second generation thermal for firing?
  7. So the German leopards 2 jumped over the second generation thermal imager's for the gunner's sight right to third generation?
  8. Statistics, well there is something: Reliability of soviet tanks, including post ww2 tanks. http://btvt.info/5library/vbtt_1979_03_garantija.htm Some statistics regarding crew loss, T-34, 4 crew versions and Sherman, of course the latter has 5 crew members but even with that it has fewer crew losses. https://rostislavddd.livejournal.com/365699.html https://rostislavddd.livejournal.com/360075.html https://rostislavddd.livejournal.com/359840.html
  9. From the looks of it they are using reserve vehicles. They should move to Enlisted.
  10. It refers to M1 Abrams, but it's interesting nonetheless.
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