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  1. C2/Mk2 I think was always just an "internet" name, the usual feature of this supposed variant are the turret addons, but those were supposed to be on all production Ariete since almost the start (it was discussed in a specialized magazine already in 1996), which is why all have the mounting points, those bolt looking things on the turret front. 200 of the turret front addons, named WAR, were bought but due to them not being up to specs (Protection? Weight?) the installation was cancelled and the contract was changed to reduce the price, same for the 30 side turret and hull addons, named PSO, t
  2. Some of the indended updates to the Ariete, not all though, there are 7 slides that "leaked" -unchanged performance -replacement of Halon 1301 with FM200 -removal of ITAR/EAR/Dual use components -solving of obsolescence problems [duh] -maximum logistical compatibility with the new armored car Centauro II -all components are made in Italy with MIL-STD-1275D, MIL-STD-461F qualifications -programmable digital electronics -obscurable light warnings [I think?] -battery power with timer to preserve battery charge The general gist of it is mo
  3. It's from Leonardo HITFACT MK2 (essentially the Centauro II turret) brochure, I suppose it is an exaple of use for the product https://www.leonardocompany.com/documents/20142/8863233/BROCHURE_2018_HITFACT+MkII.PDF While it is true the Ariete turret already has a 120mm and more armor, this wouldn't be too bad in terms of optics, the Ariete still has no thermal mode on the commander periscope and merely a 240p resolution gunner thermal, all managed by an Intel 8086 derived processor (+ 8087 coprocessor, gotta give it that). The HITFACT II turret also has a 12 round autoloader,
  4. Singular is Freccia, plural would be Frecce going by regular grammar, but I don't know if a vehicle name gets changed like that or it it remains Freccia Have some Ariete - Centauro II mix in the meantime
  5. Yeah not like Italy was in need of it first That said even if they tested it I'm not sure they'd appreciated it as much as the others
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