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  1. Double tap is quite standard SAM tactic,doesn't mean any of them missed , its just a way to make the 87% hit probability a 100%
  2. Most of these seem to be Yemenis , but still its a huge win for the Huthis. They are mentioning cca 2000 captured , but tha seems unlikely high number
  3. Interesting how they mounted the optics so it can recoil and survive what looks like a brutal kick.
  4. Iranian weapons dont equal iran launched the attack ,Huthis take any help the can get but they don't take orders from Tehran., US likes to atrubute proxies as under direct control , but that is simply not the case. Saudi exhibit , note quite small drones and 2 yemeni Quds1 cruise missiles that differ from Iranian clones of Soviet kh-55 bought in Ukraine . Will be interesting to see radar plots as an Awacs type plane was on orbit bordering Iraq so if drones came from Iran shoudl be on radar , altough anyone can draw their radar plots they way they want. But small size of the flying wing type drones supprts idea that they were launched inside KSA ,like it was the case with drone atack on UAE airport. Saudi claims Saudi spokesman says attack was “unquestionably sponsored" by Iran sort of like the Saudis sponsored 9/11? or bombs the Saudis Dropped on a school bus full of children are sponsored by the US.? Sponsored just doesnt sound like Iranians didi it. Chris Hayes added, 18 delta winged UAV + 7 cruise missiles fired direction of flight + range indicate attacks did not originate from Yemen, but from the north; (impacts on the gas tanks were from the west) sophistication of weapons included GPS guidance giving high accuracy.(nothing out of Huthi domain)
  5. Last time we have seen > “a very compelling forensic case” that Iran did it We had this and world laughed at the show. Standing in front of the remnants of the projectile, permanent representative to the UN Nikki Haley said it bore a close resemblance to an Iranian-made Qiam ballistic missile.
  6. Point is If the drones like Quasr were used range i obviously way too short ,so were launched from KSA soil , Huthis have proven to be able to stage attacks outside Yemen ,so launch point inside KSA would not be unimaginable.
  7. We do not know how old that pic is ,but who said cruise missile could not be used as well , but on one of the Vids you can hear propeler noise and some gunfire. Quasir 1 or 2 was used in UAE airport attacks so was obviously launched outside of yemen, I imagine KSA borders to be quite porous and do not see problems geting the gear in. Couple of videos i cant realy find now had distinct propeler buzz then bang and no more propeler noise. But this one also records the buzz prior bang. https://videos.files.wordpress.com/RDRcl9Mc/vid_20190914_074704_544_hd.mp4 Huthis use many different drones. I dont quite get it why people doubt drone accuracy ,Quasir done was used to assinate military brass on a UAE parade , that requires drone to strike with couple meter accuracy made even more difficoult as it used airburst warhead so also had to explode at the right spot Even tough this drone did not kill a lot of people it killed the highest ranking brass ,note it exploded right on top of them very precise. Considerng the latency of radio control.
  8. Damage looks like it was made with fairly small munitions , Quasir 1 or 2 would fit the bill , but would also need to be launched from inside Saudi Arabia.
  9. Of course this might be just mockup with thin sheet mtal clading , but its Interesting that only commanders hatch has all round observation pericopes also loots of exposed roof in this design .
  10. All is well as long as EU subsidies comprise some 2.8% of Poland GDP , we can only imagine when they start slashing development aid with Brexit , many of these projects will come to a halt.
  11. Definetly not good for MIGs already poor standing , but not unique to it . 11 Days After Incident at RIAT When Horizontal Stabilizer Delaminated, Another F-16 flown by the Viper Demo Team Loses Panel. “It does happen occasionally. It’s just normal operating for an F-16, or any aircraft really. Sometimes latches fail,” USAF F-16 Viper Demo Team Commander Major Garrett Schmitz, callsign “Toro”, told TheAviationist.com in an interview on Saturday at Thunder Over Michigan. “Essentially what happened yesterday was, a latch failed, and the panel came off. While it’s not common, I would say it’s not un-common. It’s nothing that we’re concerned about. It’s something that happens, it’s part of flying, we fix the jet and move on.” Just ran into the Viper Demo guys — looks like it was a spontaneous delamination of the composite. Freak occurrence apparently, as the jet did not appear to have hit anything that could have caused it
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