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  1. Looks like Azeri troops fell into an ambush 50+KIA
  2. The most interesting part is they float and tyres provide much of the flotation and all of the propulsion.
  3. Wonder when someone finaly decides to equip at least VDV and likes with red dots or other optics , seriously these days with irons ............. RAID veper + holy moly dose of steroids
  4. Considering it was near point blank hit , BTR surprisingly survived as well as it did , its thin skinned but at least armor is sloped .
  5. its not just for night but for high altitude jumps as you can see the oxygen mask and the parachute for delayed oppening
  6. and on superflat terrain
  7. T72 'Budget cut' is really an embarrassing upgrade that should be sent to die abroad , ERA coverage is laugable. UVZ should realy take a peek at Serbian M-84 AS1 MBT upgrade for some tips on how to upgrade a T72
  8. I am quite surprised they use a BTR for these patrols when they have Typhoons
  9. When you are limited by power pack like the Russians best stick to sub 50 ton tank that can use the existing drivetrains , and time will come when 2 man crew is just as effective as 3 man crew
  10. BMP1AM upgrade is a joke . BMP1 biggest issue is thin armor , all western APC let alone IFVs have these days allround 14.5mm protection with add on armor, and 20+mm over frontal arc .while you can still destroy the BMP-1 with modern 12.7mm AP rounds at angles outside frontal 60°. And any opponent will likely have ither 23 or 25mm cannon Also lacking night fighting capabilty , western armor greatly outclasses Russian armor in terms of optics and thermal vision Unmanned turret could save weight and space inside
  11. Hope that was just one of many configurations proposed, as mounting any type of jet engine on a helo doesn't make much sense beyond it being a test bed for new rotors and control systems.
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