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  1. Might be exhaust air of the heater.
  2. This wouldn't have been something I'd complain about but the positive thing is that good looking in military means nothing as long as the vehicle does its job.
  3. Is that standard Leopard 2 testing?
  4. That should mean some work for Ritek in the next years. Is Hägglunds Moelv still alive for NM189 and NM217 ?
  5. Well, Leguan and Wisent 2 are both based on Norwegian Leo 2A4 and are reworked. Same could be done for the MBT. Leo 2A7 are old hulls with new stuff inside as well (for DK and GER at least). So I don't see why an upgrade should be deemed. The prices that I have seen for Wisent 2 in Norway (documents from NDMA) are ~6.5 mio €/vehicle which is much less compared to a brand new MBT (I think a new 2A7 is ~11 mio. €). That seems quite a good reason for an upgrade.
  6. Yes, FFG is doing a lot in Norway: Wisent 2 ACSV Pasi XA-203N But do you think they could/would do a Leo 2 upgrade?
  7. Norway has clearly stated to go for 2% NATO goal which means there will be more money available (currently 1,7%). The Leo 2A4NOR is much too old to cancel that program. I don't think that EMBT is an option since this is has no launching customer yet (and smaller NATO countries always try to avoid that risk) which is true for CV90 with 105mm as well. It will be K2 or Leo2 for sure.
  8. Well they bought Leguan, Wisent 2 ARV and Wisent 2 AEV. It seems a bit stupid to complain about "being too focused on the German alternative" If all support vehicles are based on Leopard 2. One main point I see why 2A7V could not be an option is weight. Driving in heavy snow with ~70t could be tricky (not mentioning transport on roads). Besides that I do pretty much agree Mogens Mogenssens article.
  9. German Leo2A7 are part of the DLBO (Digital Landbased Operations). For that the vehicles will get new displays (to show the BMS) I assume that it will be this display (but this project is still in progress so the first 2A7 might not have it yet): https://www.atm-computer.de/19758-ZG9tPWRvbTEmbD1lbiZzdGFydD0x-/products/VistaMaster.html Further the Leo2A7 has the Spectus thermal imager in front and rear https://www.hensoldt.net/products/optronics/spectus-drivers-sight-system/ This requires a new display as well.
  10. university for defence technology lol... as if such thing would exist in Germany...
  11. I don't see a real interest for that. So far most customers that had Leo2 in service are going for Upgrade to 2A7 or some parts of the upgrade package. Others that want to get rid of their cold war equipment aim for K2. France and Britons upgrade their own MBT. Nobody seems even a bit interested in the EMBT.
  12. Leo2 was sold to QAT by KMW. Why should Rheinmetall cause trouble in that case?
  13. Well, there is a strong claim from Chief of the Army to have more MBTs. I think the aim is to have 5 MBT Batallions but there is not much ressources available right now since KMW is pretty overbooked with Leo2 DK, HUN, GER. Leguan production is on max load as well. Regarding Rheinmetall - hard to say. Based on what can be read the Leo2 PL project is running quite bad so I don't know if other Leo2A4 nations are looking for this option to upgrade their fleets. But this seems to be the only valid option if NOR, AUT whats to improve something in the next 5 years. If its just about maintaining the current systems for NOR, AUT - I don't know if FFG is an option as well. The Wisent Platform is on Leo2A7 level (drive line) and they are doing maintenance for the Leo2 of GER.
  14. I agree with SH_MM. Leo2 is in competition against other western MBT. So the industry has a will to improve which is not only forced by the current customers (that have an influence due to changed operational use of the leo2 as well). Further the Leo2 has competitors within Leo2A7 VS Leo2 Revolution Wisent 2 VS Kodiac Wisent 2 VS Buffalo This gives constant improvements in a faster way than others do. So bringing MGCS to a similar situation should be the best for the end product.
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