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  1. Leo2 was sold to QAT by KMW. Why should Rheinmetall cause trouble in that case?
  2. Well, there is a strong claim from Chief of the Army to have more MBTs. I think the aim is to have 5 MBT Batallions but there is not much ressources available right now since KMW is pretty overbooked with Leo2 DK, HUN, GER. Leguan production is on max load as well. Regarding Rheinmetall - hard to say. Based on what can be read the Leo2 PL project is running quite bad so I don't know if other Leo2A4 nations are looking for this option to upgrade their fleets. But this seems to be the only valid option if NOR, AUT whats to improve something in the next 5 years. If its just about maintaining the current systems for NOR, AUT - I don't know if FFG is an option as well. The Wisent Platform is on Leo2A7 level (drive line) and they are doing maintenance for the Leo2 of GER.
  3. I agree with SH_MM. Leo2 is in competition against other western MBT. So the industry has a will to improve which is not only forced by the current customers (that have an influence due to changed operational use of the leo2 as well). Further the Leo2 has competitors within Leo2A7 VS Leo2 Revolution Wisent 2 VS Kodiac Wisent 2 VS Buffalo This gives constant improvements in a faster way than others do. So bringing MGCS to a similar situation should be the best for the end product.
  4. As far as I know the version 2A7V has the new German C4I and can fire a new ammunition type but it is intended to replace the naming 2A7V by 2A7 once all German vehicles have the same configuration. Right now they have 20 2A7 and a total of 104 (some A4, A6, A7) will be brought to 2A7V. After that all will be named 2A7.
  5. Very nice report for reading. That gives quite some input. Besides that shows that the examinors from Sweden think that the Leo2A6 seems bit better than M1A2 (regarding the discussion above).
  6. Just to get a feeling how much fuel does the M1A2 consume? I know this is difficult to answer since this based on terrain but the Leo2 consumes around 10-12l Diesel when the Engine is running but the vehicle is not moving (this should be comparable independent of the terrain).
  7. This sign indicates the Military Load Classification. Leopard 2A7 is ranked with 70. This doesn't have mean that they weight that much (real weight might be around ~66t) but a bridge that such a vehicle needs to cross needs to be built up for the number of tons that is written on the sign.
  8. I think the turret can be turned 180° around to get out. In addition through the floor (if they don't have mine protection).
  9. Well the ABV is not really an optimized engineer vehicle. But you are right D9 looks very nice if it comes to earth moving. Sadly I haven't found any data regarding the earth moving capacity of the D9. I think a large blade gives a good hint but volume /weight per hour would be nice to compare it. Terrier CEV has 300t/h https://www.themanufacturer.com/articles/the-bae-systems-terrier-tank-is-the-swiss-army-knife-of-combat-vehicles/ Wisent 2 AEV has 600t/h (~1m3 = 1,5t) http://www.military-today.com/engineering/wisent_2.htm Nevertheless, the D9 has less speed, protection and no mine plow or excavator. So it has lots of missing engineer functions if you want to use it in combination with other military vehicles.
  10. I don't think that wheeled AEV with a functions like Mine Breaching will work. The Plow requires much more traction on the ground than a wheel vehicle can generate. Dozer in heavy terrain (mud, clay/rocks mix, ice/rocks mix etc.) has the same issue. UAE uses Leclerc MBT+ARV but Wisent 2 AEV due to the mentioned reasons.
  11. https://www.janes.com/article/90049/france-to-seek-new-engineer-vehicle I have seen Leclerc ARVs but no AEVs so far. Is the idea of the request to put that dozer on Leclerc chassis?
  12. Besides there is a guy on youtube telling some news about is but I won't call it a source worth to trust. https://youtu.be/EEmpesmFegM
  13. Well, there is some news that RLS wants to go ahead with the Lynx platform and create the MBT based on that. So 1 platform for IFV, MBT, support vehicles etc. From my perspective this makes pretty much sense since it is the same idea for the boxer (everything modular but based on one platform). But since KNDS wants to have some piece of the cake as well this is slowing down the whole project.
  14. Looks quite like a flag of Russia on it... (exchange green by blue). Great military tactics. Hiding under the cloak of the enemy so this is how the EU tries to improve its defence skills.
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