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  1. I lurked the forum for quite some time by now, but quite honestly i've read some things here about the current modernization of the T-72s in Poland, that i need to write something. This "modernization" or maybe more accurately modification and restoration to usable standard isn't slightly comparable to T-72B3, the B3 is a cheap modernization of an already much better tank than than Polish T-72Ms or M1s that are at best comparable to the T-72A and that's only in case of M1s. It isn't clear if a thermal imager will be installed, rumors going around this farce of a modernization say they will only perform passivization of the NVG so it doesn't need to use IR lamp and even if some of those tanks will get a thermal imager, there are clear informations saying there will be no digital FCS installed due to tight budget. Not to mention that there is only about 1500 pieces of semi-modern ammunition (that is probably used up, or thrown out by now, as those rounds had problems with cracking at the base) for those tanks and the vast majority if not all are just using steel core BM15s so their tactical usefullness is close to 0 and the MoD said no 125 mm ammo will be bought. I can't even understand how can someone even remotely compare this farce to a cheap but semi-effective actual modernization that made T-72Bs usable. Also, the radio equipment those tanks will be getting is ridculous, tanks like Leo 2s and Pt-91s in Polish service still often don't have proper radio equipment but those steel coffins will get one. Priorities first.
  2. Did not saw this around and maybe someone would want to see it. M1 CATTB test report https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZpFPmZdsAjyoZRwfR84VcEaosyMCK5SW/view?usp=sharing
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