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  1. Do you have source that the turnnion is solid?My friend think it is empty like leopard 1.
  2. I have a question. How did the Rheinmetall improve the armor behind the EMES-15?The turret of the leopard 2 with AMAP looks very thick but the armor at this point seems weak.
  3. 3D MODEL https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5963550108?red_tag=0181601039
  4. Merkava is always a controversial topics due to its unique design .
  5. The instruction of model shows the differences between early turret and the late turret of MK3D,the armor modules changed. http://www.moxing.net/2015/1208/6753.html
  6. I think so.Maybe it is used to destroy tanks with ERA like Indian T-90s. Some documents demonstrate type 10 also have ERA。 Chinese official said nothing about it,only online medias contact it with APS. The version in pics have never adopted by PLA and the regular version also purchased in a small amount because RED ARROW 11 is regarded as the most backward in latest generation of RED ARROW Another question about TROPHY is that whether it can protect tank from ATGM like FGM-148s.Many chinese believe FGM-148 is the most dangerous ATGM because it attacks the top of tank .
  7. I am a chinese fan .The APS "TROPHY" arouse our interest because American tank M1A2 use them. There are many ATGMs developed in china. One of them seems to be designed to defeat TROPHY,some informations show the Russian is doing the same thing. It can launch two ATGM continuously and hit on the one point .We have no ideas whether it works.
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