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  1. Argentine deputy targeted in 'premeditated shooting' An Argentine deputy has been seriously injured and another man killed in a shooting outside parliament in Buenos Aires, officials say. Hector Olivares, of Argentina's Radical Civic Union (UCR), was shot three times by armed suspects while walking with a colleague on Thursday morning. Mr Olivares, 61, was taken to hospital. His colleague Miguel Marcelo Yadón died from his injuries, police said. Mr Olivares had been working on a law to limit football-related violence. Police have not said if there is any link between the initiative and Thursday's attack. The two men were targeted by suspects in a vehicle near the National Congress building at about 07:00 local time (10:00 GMT). BBC shitversion That is the version of the media, approved by the government, it is actually the third attack against a legislator in the last 10 days. One block from the place of attack is the central police station, with more than 1600 officers working 24 hours, 20 meters from the place where one of the victims fell dead is the building where the head of intelligence (AFI) has his office 200 meters is the congress building, it is the place with the most police from all over the country, but coincidentally that morning the first police arrive more than 3 minutes and the only thing it does is ask for backups while the attackers' vehicles It goes away from the place very, very slowly. The shooter used their own car and registered weapon..... coincidentally the dead man controls a fund for a few billions ...
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