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  1. Yet LYNX can indeed Support 6 or more 95% males, to state otherwise is not correct.
  2. I do, which is why I come here DIADES, in fact many People here are overly informed, and sometimes there is alot of opinion, and sometimes the Information is so specific that it is scary. please note that the PUMA turret is not a LANCE turret, the of course share similarities and the same main cannon, despite what you read on the Internet, please accept I am indeed informed on this Point. As previously stated they share the common Mauser Mk30-2 ABM and Family of ammunition, if you saw the modern LANCE you would immediately be able to identify significant variations from the Puma turret.
  3. It is the same weapon System a Mauser MK30/2 ABM... the turret is different, as is the loading mechanism... and Lance for the most part is a 2 manned turret... of course before you bitch about it... yes there is an unmanned Version... irregardless the PUMA loading and feeding mechanism is not the same as the LANCE
  4. I will give you a tip.... it is very rare that a vehicle ever meets all the requirements.... most of your Information is correct though, the unmanned turret isnt the controversy that PSM is making it out to be... the 2 Major acquisition Projects other then Czech are Australia and US... guess what Puma isnt in either because both requested manned turrets that can be converted to unmanned at a later time. All responsed to the Initial requirements have been made, KF31 FYI was a prototype and that only, stop quoting that it is an Option... at best it was Proof of concept, as for the Kongsberg CEO whinging and whining... yeah of course it is in his interest, not the interest of the CR... and General Opata made it clear... CZ will get a manned turret. As for the Turkish and Korean offers.... I feel you cant be serious on this matter... do you want another PANDUR Situation? "the rather short time between the changes of requirements...." No one cares... the companies will reply in time, or choose No bid. As for seating... stick your head in a CV90 filled with 8 People... then a Puma with 6 and then a LYNX... I think you will understand what 95% seating is.... just saying....
  5. Did I miss some description of KF-41 which stated what soldiers it can and can not fit, which says that it can not fit 8 95th percentile male soldiers? ... upd: DTR 2019-04 p.27 claimed it can fit 6 90th percentile (australian?) male dismounts, and 8 "at same seat spacing" (=90th percentile too, I guess) if required. No... Skylancer you are right.... he is making up his own figures to Support his own argument
  6. Comparing the LYNX and Marder is like comparing a 1980's Porsche 911 to the Current Model 911.... the Marder and the KF41 are vastly different, as is the KF41 to the KF31, this is obvious if you put them all lined up, do they look similar... somewhat, but it is coming from the same design house... are they the same... no.... also note that the LYNX has modular armor packages.... the above is STANAG 5 and above, well exceeding MARDER, PUMA is over engineered in typical german Fashion, it is good.... for the bundewehr.... and the Bundeswehr only.
  7. LYNX can indeed fit 8 x 95% Adult males in full battle rattle, and they will not have to squeeze in like sardines like in the CV90 of course if you Mount 6 seats in the LYNX, you can cram an awful lot of gear in with your lads as well. Trust me, even in my Army days I was a big lad, and I fit in the seats quite comfortably.
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