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  1. Another Kipri and Otokar ZPT lost Some massive bomb dropped by VKS on a building near Taftanaz supposedly hosting some HTS meeting. Thermobaric version of KAB-1500?
  2. Funny incident with Ukrainean Su-27. Watch the organizers in the yellow vests :-D
  3. Turkish MEDEVAC Blackhawk hellicopter crash-landed in Syria and was later destroyed by Turkish airforce. Photos of the wreckage I don't know what the description says but the video seems to show some TSK gear captured by YPG
  4. The most hopeless Syrian ceasefire proposal of all hopeless Syrian ceasefire proposals for a change comes from US. Complete text of the statement. It basically asks SDF to surender. Meanwhile in the real world SDF/SAA retook several villages north of Ayn Issa (seven according to SOHR).
  5. Kirpi destroyed in Tell Abyad
  6. This is just... bizarre...
  7. CV90? I don't think so. In my opinion ASCOD has the highest chances.
  8. Guys, I didn't find better thread so my apology for putting the question in this long-time dead topic. A friend of mine showed me today this device which looks and works exactly same as any common dial indicator. The only issue is that the inner range is in kilometers and since there is a Reichsadler at the back of the gauge I post it here. Any idea for what it was used? The wire at the top clearly isn't original part of the device and was most likely used only to hang it somewhere.
  9. There are reports about SDF+SAA counter atack along the M4 highway with several villages already retaken from TFSA. Also YPG captured one Kirpi MRAP. Two Turkish soldiers confirmed to be killed by SAA artillery on Manbij frontline. Several others were wounded.
  10. Puma is out of Czech tender. PSM decided that the redesign is not realistic in given timeframe and left the competition.
  11. Commander of the Senegal Air Force was the first foreign customer to fly the L-39NG.
  12. This is maybe the most important day of Syrian war since 30th September 2015 (Russian intervention). All sort of things is happening right now. I wonder if one day it turns out it was all according to a master plan...
  13. Seems that with USA out of the game the SDF finally recognized that they have to do a deal with Assad to survive. There are various reports about SAA and Russian MP deployement to number of locations in the following 48 hours such as Manbij, Kobani, Raqqa, Tabqa, the rest of Qamishli and oil fields. Meanwhile SDF is on a retreat from the border due to TFSA advance along the M4 highway. We'll see how it evolves further.
  14. Reports that Trump (again) ordered a complete withdraval from North-Eastern Syria (possibly the order doesn't count the sand of Al Tanf). Another reports that hundreds of IS detainees managed to escape from Ayn Issa camp few hours after US troops left. Also Oleg Blokhin from Anna News has been in Manbij since yesterday. Does it mean SAA is going to take over the city?
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