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  1. On fourth attempt the Jihadi aliance recaptured the village Nayrab and surrounding hamplets (they captured large ghanima including 1x T-62, 1xT-55, 1-2x BMP-1 and 1x Shilka). In the same time they lost the towns Kafranbel and Hass and several other villages in the SE sector. Kafranbel was one of the symbols of the so called revolutions in its early years. Maps from @suriyakmaps
  2. Bad day for Turkish drones. One Bayraktar T2 shot down in Libya, one Anka-S in Syria.
  3. SAA AD managed to shot down TAI Anka UCAV over Idlib.
  4. In that case I fail to see the meaning of the comparison with 2S35 maximum range (besides that obvious nonsense in the table being the S-350).
  5. In the same time reports of another two attacks on Nayrab (second one still ongoing) and another two airstrikes against TSK. Some media report up to 13 dead Turkish soldiers. Nothing official atm. Meanwhile SAA is rolling over south-eastern front taking around a dozen of villages in the last 24 hours.
  6. A video footage of Russian PMCs in Syria. The footage is clearly several years old mainly from Palmyra, Al Sukhna or Aleppo battles. Many act as members of the so called ISIS hunters there. Some of the footage leaked before but for me a lot of that is new.
  7. Allegedly a VKS air strike on a TSK convoy moving to south Idlib.
  8. Photos from Houthi exhibition. 2K12, R-27 and R-73 are known to be used by them but how did R-77 get there (if they are real and not mock-ups of cource)? R-77 has an active radar seeker so I guess it can be used in improvised anti-air defence role just like they do with the infra-red air-to-air missiles.
  9. It looks like 3 Turkish officers were killed in the shelling.
  10. So he was a tank driver...
  11. Unless SAA advances in the area where they were hit and unless the jihadists are that stupid to post photos all over the internet the armor knocked out behind the frontline can be taken away and never shown.
  12. Transport planes do fly through Turkey but AFAIK that Tu-154M was accompanying combat planes which Turkey didn't alow to cross. Meanwhile TSK announced third dead soldier from yesterday's battle.
  13. There are plenty of RPG-7 warhead types and those are produced by half of the people all over the Globe. I don't think it makes any sense to speak about it in general.
  14. Three M-60 destroyed (mostly by VKS) near Nayrab yesterday.
  15. Clear video of TSK launching MANPADS from their OP yesterday. https://mobile.twitter.com/MathieuMorant/status/1230855940649504769
  16. Check 0:39. Clearly visible launch of MANPDAS from the Turkish base. It's most likely the failed attempt to hit a VKS Su-24M, i.e. a direct attack from TSK on a Russian plane. It looks like that may have the reason why VKS bombed the Turkish OP and killed TSK soldiers. Allegedly another video of the attempt is bellow. It also supports the theory that the two SyAAF Mi-8 were shot down directly by TSK, not by the rebels. A list of websites and twitter accounts which received a request from Turkish court to remove photos of destroyed Turkish armor: And iIn Looser's words (or Orc's)... Kek
  17. I wouldn't call it a miss if it managed to knock out some 7-8 cars by shrapnels (not sure if the one on the far right was hit too or came later). Anyway this Anna video is literally filled with dead bodies and destroyed machinery. At some points it looked like a slaughter.
  18. New Anna video with a lot of destroyed Turkish-supplied armor. Totally worth the time to watch. Meanwhile there was no advance by SAA today but airstrikes didn't stop. Russian-Turkish talks in Moscow allegedly failed.
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