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  1. Downed Harop wreckage. Interestingly all the latest wreckage shown by Armenian side in the last few days suggests that the UAVs were brought down by EW-means and not by missiles (none of them show any shrapnel damage, including the TB2).
  2. Armenians claim to have destroyed Azeri TOS-1.
  3. Aftermath of the alleged Russian strike near Jarabulus. Plenty of destroyed oil tankers and a massive crater, although too small for Iskander singular warhead I think. Could it be Onyx/Bastion-P instead? It has roughly half-sized warhead.
  4. According to this Osa-AKM can not successfully engage Bayraktar TB2. AFAIK the normal flight altitude with weapons is +/- 6000 meters.
  5. Iran tested Bavar-373 long range SAM. Not sure if what was shown in the video is real or intentionally missleading leak. Anyway ...
  6. This has likely something to do with Nagorno-Karabakh war or with possible Turkish offensive in Syria... Allegedly several missiles flying from Hmeimym hit fuel storage depots near Jarabulus in Turkish-occupied zone of Aleppo countryside.
  7. Next batch from my hiking trips. View roughly from the grave of Jaroslav Hašek (the author of the famous book The Good Soldier Švejk) towards the medieval castle of Lipnice nad Sázavou, Czech-Moravian highland area. View from the ruins of Ralsko castle sitting on a volcanic peak, northern Bohemia. This area used to be a Soviet military zone till 1990 and cyrilic writings can still be found on the castle walls. Lužice mountains, Northern Bohemia at the German border. Very speciffic countyside around Louny, some 50 km to the north
  8. Czech army will replace the older infantry machineguns entirely with Minimi (which is in limited use already). The new order is for 950 MGs (of that a dozen in 5,56 and the rest in 7,62). https://www.czdefence.cz/clanek/armada-nakupuje-proverene-kulomety-minimi
  9. Czech army took first eight RBS-70NG of sixteen ordered, the rest will be delivered in November. They shall replace Strela-10M. The army uses another sixteen older RBS-70 too. https://www.czdefence.cz/clanek/strakonicti-vojaci-prevzali-prvni-cast-modernich-protiletadlovych-kompletu-rbs-70ng
  10. 15x Dana M1 SpH in action. This is funny. Some small successes of NKR troops (if it's not an old footage). BMP-2 and BTR-82A captured.
  11. Iranian AD shot down another Harop.
  12. Russian soldiers taking positions on the Armenia - NKR border. Bayraktar TB2 wreckage. Could be the one from which the gimball is.
  13. I can't help myself but especially the driveshafts look very thin to me. They probably know what they are doing but it doesn't bring much confidence by the simple look of it.
  14. I can't see much chances for Armenia to keep the NKR territory. They are clearly on the loosing side and it's not getting any better for them. These are totally devastating numbers. Azeri convoy hit by Armenian artillery. Looks like some trucks probably carried ammo. In other news another An-2 decoy wreck.
  15. The driver must feel really happy to have both exhaust tubes on his side. Just saying.
  16. Sure a lot of UAVs were shot down but that didn't stop them to change the situation on the ground in all Syria, Libya and Nagorno Karabakh. They are usually far cheaper than manned aircraft and expandable. If they are shot down it doesn't hurt the operator a lot, especially in terms of own population approval rate. I think that the main problem of detection is likely a work of EW units (Koral system possibly). Bayraktar TB2 has 12 meters wingspan. There is IMHO no reason why it shouldn't be normally detectable by the AD radars at a distance reasonably greater than its weapon range
  17. It's more complex IMHO. For example the most common Turkish UCAV, the Bayraktar TB2 can strike such system from outside of its envelope (it flies at roughly 7000 meters and its bombs have 8 km range). I don't think that any single system is an answer but a differently built layered defence than what is used today is necessary.
  18. A bit back to the UAV topic. I have a feeling that what we see now in NKR (and to some extent what we saw in Syria and Lybia) is something no air defence in the world is actually prepared for. The combination of heavy EW and oversaturation of the AD network with plenty of suicide drones and UCAV looks to me like a real game changer. Even the strongest air force is not an answer to this threat because it simply can not track and hunt every loitering munition. In this regard I think that way too many western countries are prepared even much worse than the eastern ones wh
  19. The impact of the Elbrus ballistic missile in Ganja on aerial photos.
  20. Posted just because it's a rather uncommon vehicle.
  21. EDIT: Now I see it's indeed Elbrus TEL even with remains of the missile loaded. The angle of the vehicle confused me.
  22. So far all SAA T-34-85 I saw were wreck from the Six day war but this one looks like it's in working condition... and the tactical number
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