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  1. Mk 3D with new TC sight? Artillery observation vehicle?
  2. M829A3 uses stick propellant. M829A4 is said to use SCDB propellant (and KET, as an option), which AFAIK come in granular form. And for sure it is mockup, a good one. It could be seen propellant containment bag, used in US 120 mm ammunition to prevent spillage. And new type of skive joint, near the bottom of combustible part of case. Nice pictures, tank u!
  3. Scav, Hülsendeckel of DM 33 looks precisely like that on scheme, not like on pictures of mocked up JM33s. Look closely at 105 mm DM 53 fins - those do not fit into those from scheme. .
  4. Scav, Hülsendeckel, or consumable cone adaptor, must be and is a part of production rounds. You cannot assembly a round without it. It is a part that is being glued to cylidrical part of case after filling propellant. Yes, there are some novel ideas of partition of 120 mm cartridge, but DM 33 is not an example of that. There are few patents that could be connected with 120 mm DM 33 project because of timeline and general similarity. That coloured diagram is from one of those - and it is just on, AFAIR, steel case around projo's tip. But there are few more, on making predetermined breaking points (present on DM 33 - check here), on changing tip properties via heat treatment, on fin section design etc. IMHO there is stron possibility that diagram posted by BkktMkkt's shows a projectile close or identical to DM 33. As for your last notice, this could be an answer: A surprising increase in the effectiveness when firing on multiply armored targets, especially on spring mounted armor plate, has been achieved by means of the proposed increase in the diameter in only one tip area, which has been proven through testing. Conservative estimates lead to the conclusion of an increase in effectiveness of more than 10% in connection with this improved kinetic energy projectile, compared with customary kinetic energy projectiles.
  5. Yep, me bad, definitely not 3BM-22. Probably it is 3BM-26. 3BM-29 is said to use DU core. And at those graphics DU is coloured red-violet, not red
  6. Left to right: 125 mm 3BM-15, 120 mm DM 13, 125 mm 3BM-22, 120 mm DM 23, 125 mm 3BM-32, 125 mm 3BM-42, 120 mm DM 33, 120 mm DM 53, 125 mm 3BM-59.
  7. Re your question about supershot round: it is a part that gets discarded during shot, just like sabot. AFAIK it is there to prevent automatic guns from jamming, which could occur if pointy projectile nose is exposed.
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