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  1. On 8/12/2019 at 12:11 PM, SH_MM said:


    Given that it was known in February 1977 how much weight could be saved by replacing the fuel tanks with "continous spaced armor", it is possible that this array did not incorporate a fuel tank anymore. The Leopard 2AV was trialed in Fall of 1976 by the United States.



    Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank - 1998 to present: Owner's Manual by Dick Taylor (ISBN: 9781785211904).

    Thanks a Million!!  :-)

  2. On 7/22/2019 at 10:55 AM, SH_MM said:


    The Leopard 2AV has full turret protection over a 50° arc, just like the Abrams according to British documents. The Leopard 2/3 has protection over a 60° arc. The series production Leopard 2 also has full turret protection over a 60° arc according to the Swedish leaks (or KMW was at least providing protection values for the 1979 model Leopard 2 from -30° to +30° from the turret centerline).



    Rolf Hilmes wrote that the base turrets of Leopard 2 tanks upgraded to the 2A5 configuration were modified with "D" technology armor. There was a German armor package capable to resist the 120 mm LKE1 (DM43) APFSDS without wedges offered as upgrade option to Leopard 2A4 users during the 1990s. There is more evidence that base armor in "D" technology was created than otherwise.



    Based on the following image, the "Type D" armor is refering to the follow-up armor package to the "Type C" armor tested in 1987:


      Reveal hidden contents






    Type B: 350 mm vs KE along the frontal arc,

    Type C: 410-420 mm vs KE along the frontal arc,

    Type D: not revealed, still in development at the time



    Btw. the report on the 1977 meeting regarding weight of the Leopard 2AV mentions a weight of 735 kg for the proposed heavy ballistic side skirts (Kampfschürzen) of the Leopard 2AV. This seems a bit too much for the Leopard 2 series skirts based on my knowledge. Did one of the 2AV versions you've seen look like this (from a German patent):




    Hi, would you be so kind as to tell me to which publication corresponds the "page 35" that you attach? it has very interesting info regarding the British MBT selection program

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