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  1. So these are the measurements I made counting pixels. Feel free to critique. I'm afraid I was unable to get a picture of the bottom as I wasn't allowed to pick the round up. I'm tempted to bring a meter-stick down to measure the thing but I'll probably look waaaaayyy too suspicious. Already got some weird looks for measuring the add-on armor on a Bradley (35-55mm plates, thicker plates on the front turret).
  2. I disagree. Look at the sabot petals. They extend up a good further on the upper part of the projectile. The tip also seems to have a more fluid shape compared to M829A3. I'm going to take a less distorted picture today and then use the width of the round to estimate penetrator length.
  3. I can try to take more pictures today, especially to compare with photos of M829A3. I mentioned the hypothesis stated earlier in this thread that the datalink is used to program some kind of precursor to fly infront of the round to defeat heavy ERA to the Master Sergeant in charge of the display. He asked me if my parents worked for the military and when I said no, shook his head, smiled, and told me I knew too much. I know this is "heresay" but to me, it's pretty good confirmation you guys are on the right track.
  4. Yes thank you! The side skirts on the M1A2 SEPv2 here at USMA intrigued me as the serial number begins with a U, wondering if this means anything. I though if older sideskirts lacked this U it might shown an update in the composite maybe, similar to turret serial number.
  5. Does anyone have a close-up picture of an older Abrams (preferably M1A1-HA or older) sideskirt with the serial number readable?
  6. New here, but I've followed this thread (and Mech Warfare) for a good while. I attend the United States Military Academy and it is branch week here. Armor brought an M1A2 SEPv2 which, while awesome and cool to get inside of, was nothing new. However, they had a cutaway of a M829A4 round, which was on public display so it's not breaking OPSEC. Thought it would interest you guys. Edit: I have no official measurements but I've looked at some photos of M829A3 and the penetrator definitely seems longer based on the sabot petals seeming to be longer at the top.
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