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  1. Some views through the CITV on an Abrams SEPv2 I got to use today. Incredibly smooth and easy to use, really fun to see which cadets on campus today were a little sweaty.
  2. Branch Week 2020 is starting here at the United States Military Academy and the M1A2 SEPv2 arrived today. And then preceded to smash a light post over with the gun when attempting to rotate the turret.
  3. First live-fires from the M1A2 SEPv3 tanks with 3-8 CAV. https://twitter.com/TreatEmRough/status/1295732476707590148?s=20
  4. Thermal imaging systems of the commanders on the 90s American vehicles.
  5. Exactly, which is why I'm inclined to believe this round is M829A4, as we have seen M829A3 in-flight and it does not look like this: The fatter nose could house the tech/mechanisms necessary for an advanced precursor/tip separation maybe? Just eyeballing it compared to the photos of in-flight M829A3, it does appear longer as well. My really fast and crappy image edit to try and show this. Both projectiles are 12 pixels thick in the image, but due to perspective differences its not perfect.
  6. Screenshots from a video on the Yuma Proving Grounds: Not sure what APFSDS round this is, but it seems to be a generally long rod. M829A3 or A4? Special design used to emulate foreign threats?
  7. "Punisher" Since the Marines are kicking there M1's, I thought I'd post one mean looking M1A1.
  8. It is just with the Merkava's it seems to be a lot more common. Most of the times I've seen damaged M1's, the outer shell remains (unless of course they have been partially dissembled, even when hit by stuff with a massive HE content, like the AGM-65. Maybe it has to do with the thickness of the outer plate or how they are attached to the structure?
  9. Couple questions. Is the perforated view on the start of this thread some kind of end plate and behind are the bare plates, like seen in the damaged Merkavas? Also, is the armor of the Merkava's especially fragile compared to other vehicles? This seems like a lot of damage to the armor for a single hit.
  10. Something interesting I found on M829A4. It weighs a full 3 kilograms more than M829A3. That's a massive difference, considering M829A3 is about 1.3 kg heavier than M829A1. Edit: I also found this quizlet that seems like it was made for Master Gunner School which lists the muzzle velocity for M829A4 as 1650m/s https://quizlet.com/130607617/120mm-tank-ammunition-flash-cards/
  11. So this beauty is just dead on arrival. Sad Also, is there any evidence this new third-gen thermal is being placed on Abrams models?
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