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  1. The Abu-Dhabi test was with a 7/2 was it not? I remember some images of the supposed test of the Mk.7 in egypt that was alongside an AMX-40 and a Challenger 1, I will try and locate them again. Edit: ah no i'm thinking of the Saudi trials with the Osorio. Do you know what year the Abu-Dhabi trials were? Edit 2: old copy of janes MBT says this and given its the same author im assuming the Christopher Foss vickers book also says this (i can check that tonight),
  2. The Mk.7 was tested in Egypt afaik, there is a UK report about it floating around because they had to release some information about chobham protection levels to Egypt. This was in 1985/86 iirc. See images of the report that someone on the war thunder forums had:
  3. Prototype Warrior ADATS displayed at BAEE 1988,
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