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  1. Funny because this exact turret was used as a testbed for the 140mm gun. @SH_MMalso, do you have any additional information (apart from ESuT) on this autoloader on the PT19 turret?
  2. 120mm DM13 APFSDS Munitionsmerkblatt-1315-9213-1 PDF on Google Drive:
  3. And we also have the (more famous) PT14 (mod) Turret autoloader. Tank is on display at WTS Koblenz.
  4. Thanks, i did not know that there was a distinction for this in english
  5. NGP Render 2 Versions: IFV Variant with 50mm Rh503 (300 shots) and 6-8 dismounts, MBT variant with 140mm nPzK (30 rounds) Both variants were proposed to have significant ballistic protection (55-70t) and (as seen on the render) the Diehl AVePs APS. Both operated by 2 man crews with all around camera / thermal vision. Kind of resembles Armata platform if you ask me.
  6. Ok guys, exciting news: New KE rounds announced for L/55A1: DM73(KE2020) qualified and successor KE2020Neo announced.
  7. Haven't seen or heard plans for full equip for GebPzBtl 8, since both active companies go to 363 in Hardheim. And the planned reserves would've been for the phase of upgrades to have more tanks at disposal
  8. Exactly, it's unsure if they will be the same or different configurations. Mainly comes down to the mine protection kit regarding designation. Possibly. Also possible for the concept of "Umlaufreserve" becoming a thing again. But as i already said COVID probably put an end to that - for the near future at least. Original source: https://www.spiegel.de/politik/deutschland/bundeswehr-soll-neue-leopard-panzer-bekommen-a-1295567.html
  9. To put the upgrades into perspective, right now there are two major contracts signed for Leo upgrades: 1. Contract The first contract was signed in 2017. Back then the MoD bought back 104 old tanks from industry stocks (party old swiss and other "export" Leos). 68 of these old Leopards will be converted to the A7V standard (which has been described here in detail already), together with all 20 Leopard 2A7 that Germany owns. The remaining 16 dutch tanks (leased from Germany) will also be upgraded. The first tank of this program have already been delivered. The next 10 tanks wil
  10. Sure, i am pretty certain that FFG will try to expand in terms of expertise though, facing the upcoming vehicle designs the german army needs. Entering the field of protection solutions however would hard though, since they would face very fierce competition from GEKE, RUAG and IBD (Rh Chempro). They would have to take over a certain subdivision of a company or hire a lot of employees which given the current size of FFG and the time needed to build up the expertise is just not realistic. Here you can also see the small Quadcopter the PMMC G5 could control. Nex
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