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  1. There is a serious chance that under outer sheets there is something more reminiscent of Merkava. It'll explain weird layout nicely. Gun barell is far too thin. Muzzle brake may be oversized to protect relatively weak chassis. Known 122mm 8x8 howitzers(say, chinese one) had their chassis seriously reinforced, doesn't seem to be the case here.
  2. We don't know what they have under this thin sheet cover, though.
  3. 1, elefant in the room. This new tank apparently again spots 115mm smoothbore gun(long time no see, 2a20), instead of 125mm one on Song'un-915. New, large ATGMs(152mm?) are probably intended to compensate for the obvious weakness of this gun in AT role. 2, there are old smoke mortars on the turret bustle. New ones are much larger, and the way they're installed literally cries hard kill aps. 3, as far as I can tell - yes, gunner in front of the commander. Forward sight is gunner's(this is supported by periscope next to it), rear one is apparently for commander. 4, somewhat unusua
  4. At least the intention seems to be real(possibly mock-up). 4 Radar panels are readily apparent, and there is something what can be interpreted as UV optics on the rear set of antennas. But... are there 3 or 4 crew members? Optics just don't match 3(strange periscope to the right of the forward sight)
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