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  1. Scale Models Megathread

    Should be, with the smoke launchers and rubber side skirts
  2. General news thread

    I agree, but the American Association of Poison Control Centers says they've had 40 reported cases thus far, with at least half being intentionally consumed.
  3. General news thread

    Tide Pods
  4. There were these too That last one seems a bit presumptuous.
  5. They are also closing 63 Sam's Clubs, with 10 of those being turned into ecommerce centers.
  6. Saudi Arabia to begin operations in Yemen

    Yugos did it with R-60s and R-73s in Kosovo, so I suppose this isn't entirely surprising.
  7. I like turtles

    Since alligators are more closely related to turtles than snakes and since the name has been mentioned a few times... not looking to make a new thread Another reason why these things are freaking dinosaurs "Alligators use bizarre – and creepy – ancient ritual to survive NC’s arctic blast"
  8. I say the same as a half-hearted Chiefs fan, although I can't say I had to think too deeply on the matter.
  9. To clarify, I posted the thing to show again this continued denial of what actually happened in 2016.
  10. "Joe Biden Would Crush Donald Trump If 2020 Election Happened Now, Polls Show" Oh Poll was by POLITICO/Morning Consult, and Biden seems to be hinting more at a possibly running.
  11. Saudi Arabia to begin operations in Yemen

    Saudis still making sure to keep up with bombing civilians "Yemen war: Saudi-led strikes 'kill 68 civilians in one day'"
  12. Let's Talk Dark Souls

    My roommate has it and got a decent bit through before kind of dropping it (I think he found DS3 more appealing.) Unfortunately, he doesn't have room for it anymore room on his PS4. It's a little disappointing, because now that I've been watching others play, I realize how great and unique the gameplay, designs, and story are. The music is outstanding too. I guess we'll see if this 'Shadows Die Twice' turns out to be Bloodborne 2. Also this, for over-analyzing things for shits and giggles
  13. General news thread

    I saw something earlier saying that part of this is due in part to prolonged military activity in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. Never really thought of the public opinion there on the matter, but I didn't think it would really be that negative.