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  1. That looks to me to be a 120mm gun on that as opposed to a 105mm.
  2. USS Detroit (CL-8), present at both the attack at Pearl Harbor and the surrender at Tokyo Bay Left most ship
  3. How does the 2S43 that's in development fit into the scheme of things? I'd figure two 152mm-armed wheeled SPGs could be redundant, but the Msta and Koalitsiya are different guns with different mountings here. I see they're using a Kamaz for the Koalitsiya, so I guess we need to get our jokes ready again. That turret and gun seem like it should weigh more than the Pantsir AA arrangement.
  4. I was kind of expecting that to turn out way worse, but that's still a big yikes. Someone's going to be sitting behind a desk for a while if they're lucky.
  5. Nope, they're tiny little things, which makes them all that more amazing to me with all the detail put into them. All scratch built too.
  6. Not mine obviously. Direct link to his website.
  7. This one is a little interesting for the fact that it's an X1A. They've basically taken it back along the line of Stuart evolution, but not all the way since they stopped at the M5 and not the M3 like what the X1A was based on. Build here is I kind of enjoy the look of that hodgepodge Japanese tank in the first post
  8. Not too bad for it apparently being a mostly scratch build.
  9. CUCV used to test the ability of the Hellfire missile being fired from a ground-based vehicle as opposed to the AH-64 Apache.
  10. I recall this getting posted in here a while back. So it's an APC and not a dedicated breacher vehicle, or perhaps it is somewhere in the middle and carries engineers?
  11. There must have been a hefty sum of Saudi money the Sudanese were receiving to send that many troops over.
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