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  1. I can say that I played the original Battlefront II a decent amount and enjoyed it, but I feel too many people look back on it with prescription-level rose-tinted glasses.
  2. So, I've got something of an informal survey I'm working on at the moment that concerns people's perception of funding for conservation and wildlife management. Most of this funding comes from licenses, fees, tags, and stamps for hunters, as well as excise taxes and fees on public land use. My question on the matter is this: Should the means of funding for wildlife management be expanded, reduced, or kept the same (continue to rely primarily on hunters)? If it should be expanded, by what means or new methods would you suggest? Do you find this topic to be of any importance or interest to yourself? If anyone is interested in sharing their thoughts (or even lack of) on the matter, I would appreciate it. I'm not really needing an elaborate response, but I'll take it if you give it. Here's a picture of a ruddy duck for added flair
  3. I figured it must have had something to do with the use of oysters as aphrodisiac. Not that it makes anything less weird... Relevant:
  4. This photo seems to be of the same scene, and the source caption states that they're Sherman V's. Some good general armor photos in with that link.
  5. There weren't any Tiger Is, so I guess that's something accurate they did...
  6. Trade-offs in WWII Fighter Design

    I can think of a several aircraft (F7F, Westland Whirlwind, and more) too, but I suppose I'll ask first if there's much or any distinction between a twin-engine fighter and a heavy fighter. I feel armament plays a role here.
  7. I guess this is a mount for just a single 300mm rocket? Doesn't seem as fun.
  8. Trade-offs in WWII Fighter Design

    I'm curious about the Hurricane here. I realize the battle of Britain probably inflates its fame a bit more than its worth, but what was so wrong with the plane? The only thing I'm aware of is that it was somewhat outdated by the time it was seeing action and that its armament of .30 cals was lackluster. I imagine the construction has something to do with it since it was pointed out. Also, the Spitfire's landing gear seems pretty narrow like the 109, if not a little shorter in length. It did not have any such issues with landing safety, correct?
  9. Not that there were any expectations, but the M4 model in COD:WW2 is poop. Also, the front armor of a Panzer IV is apparently impenetrable at close range.
  10. The Enema Thread (Moderator: Tied)

    Jokes on you she's a model not a pilot.
  11. On the opposite side of things, I definitely know and saw a few people on Facebook like this: