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  1. x4 RBS-70s and a 12.7mm? Gun looks a little small in the render.
  2. I'm curious, what is the public opinion in Russia on their involvement in Syria at this point?
  3. Export market? Or perhaps someone would want a smaller vehicle as opposed to the bigger 8x8. I suppose it might be related to this:
  4. So will this mid-life upgrade package produce a new variant name? I would ask about the C2/Mk 2, but in looking this up I had come across some of you posting on the War Thunder forum regarding the matter.
  5. My initial reaction to the above was that it's a photoshopped image. However, the lighting on it seems consistent across the vehicle. Image searching doesn't bring up anything for it. Assuming then that it's real, I don't really see what the point of it would be unless it was for some reason done just to test if it was even possible. I suspect the Centauro 2's turret armor isn't anywhere close to the Ariete's, and the tank already has a 120mm. I guess this would mean that the two vehicles have the same turret ring diameter. Please share if you know more.
  6. Mi-2 strongest helicopter of all time. Fearlessly carry 15-man Komandosi squad into combat.
  7. I don't think there are any stains, it's just residual exhaust smoke hanging about.
  8. "Italy deploys F-35 on first NATO Mission"
  9. A bit late, but the HMS Prince of Wales went to sea on the 19th. That makes two floating flattops for Britain now.
  10. Looks like they got a hold of one of the vehicles that was used in Red Dawn.
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