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  1. Scolopax

    Syrian conflict.

    https://g.redditmedia.com/TNO8qiUi15GQEMJP01F-7ZIYjkKM1f0WLzZv-X5kKCM.gif?fm=mp4&mp4-fragmented=false&s=5d078e5201aedf8cc722c5ec5ceaef71 Animated map of Damascus fighting from February 2018 to conclusion
  2. So is she actually a lizard person or a giant space cockroach?
  3. So are newer Stryker dragoons going to be equipped with this turret, or was it only used trial testing? I'm confused. The thing certainly doesn't add looks to the vehicle.
  4. Scolopax

    Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread

  5. Scolopax

    Deceive the Credulous; Become Fabulously Wealthy

    Horse-drawn carts could become a hipster thing without too much effort.
  6. Scolopax

    General AFV Thread

    I'm surprised they've let a decidedly modern piece of military hardware become a jungle gym. What's the vehicle in the top right here?
  7. Scolopax

    Syrian conflict.

    Looks like the first stage booster from an S-125.
  8. Scolopax

    Syrian conflict.

    Photos of present-day Aleppo
  9. Scolopax

    Syrian conflict.

  10. Scolopax

    Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread

    XF-88B.  A proto-Voodoo used to test turboprops at speeds of around Mach 0.95.