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  1. Hi, I'm MrCatKK and I cannot Post

    The M4 Sherman was a bad tank, and the P-38 was a bad plane. These are the facts as I understand them.
  2. General news thread

    I wouldn't figure those things should be able to go that fast at all.
  3. Aerospace and Ordnance discussion/news.

    Wildest Weasel
  4. The Sovereign Citizen Movement

    Ryan Bundy for NV governor gogogo
  5. Ornithology Updates

    A rather complete 99 million-year-old bird in amber found in Myanmar
  6. I can't say I've thought to much about it, but I guess I always assumed a truck or something would pull up along side (outside of combat) and they'd reach over and load it from there. The above makes a lot more sense. I've never seen a reload for the setup on the M901 and LAV-AT. I assume it is similar.
  7. The camo there looks decidedly Chinese. I like the thing and find it funny that after 25-some years and one cancellation it still has a chance of being adopted. I never realized they reloaded it like that.
  8. Inb4 some Ukrainian sees it and gets the idea to make an export vehicle that will never work nor find any buyers.
  9. Seems that way. MTU-20 to be specific. Perspective is just a bit odd in the photo. Another image, not sure if it's the same bridge.
  10. Israeli AFVs

    I'm not exactly convinced
  11. It might be a flatbed trailer that was carrying the tank. The truck could have hit a bump or uneven ground and sent the tank off into the ditch.
  12. I'd seen talk a while back about Iskanders being moved to Crimea at some point, but nothing official either.
  13. General AFV Thread

    Not so much vehicles here. Move if desired.