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  1. Judges' remarks: Unfinished Designs: Object 138: Object 426: Bonus panel of the judges politely discussing the finer points of armored fighting vehicle powertrain design:
  2. Restricted: for Operating Thetan Eyes Only By order of Her Gracious and Serene Majesty Queen Diane Feinstein the VIII The Dianetic People’s Republic of California Anno Domini 2256 SUBJ: New tank contract awards OK, praise be to Hubbard the last prophet and Tom Cruise, his true successor and all that shit that the upper party members will want to see in an official document. You want to know Hubbard's honest truth? This entire heavy tank development program has been one big conga line of fuckups since day one. There's a reason that we're still out there tanking with DF-1s, and that reason is the current government of the DPRC. Their insane commitment to Scientology has made a mockery of every attempt to maintain a stable and sensible war economy. Until the ruling regime is liquidated and replaced with a government based on the scientific principles of Euphoric Atheism, the disasters will only compound. The military tribunal for tank procurement has selected Hakika si Kundi la Dudes Nyeupe (HKDN) design bureau's Object 426 "Stumpy" as the basis for the DPRC's next main battle tank. In order to facilitate crew competence and speed the de-bugging phase on the way to IOC, the first several dozen vehicles will be sent to a special test unit. This test unit will be kept separated from the rest of the DPRC military's logistical system and chain of command. In order to prevent sabotage of the program by the circulation of false reports, the entire test unit and its activities will be kept secret, even from the members of the civilian government. In order to prevent any theft of the technical secrets of the vehicles, the test unit will be given the authority to shut down all communications and transport networks in the DPRC at its sole discretion. Congratulations, @Toxn
  3. OK, terribly sorry this has taken so long. I have some follow-up questions I would like to ask the competitors: 1) @A. T. Mahan / @Whatismoo / @ckfinite What is the angle from the horizontal between the top of the lens of the rangefinder to the top of the roof armor package (i.e. what is the maximum depression the rangefinder works at?) 1a) Same as above, but with the front-facing periscope of the commander's cupola 2) @Xoon Did you ever work out your armor scheme? 3) @Toxn What is the height between the top of the hull fuel tank and the ceiling inside the turret?
  4. What happens when Google Fiber gives up and fucks off?
  5. I saw a bunch of posts in this thread and I was worried that US politics might have gone back to being sane. But nope. Still crazy. We're good.
  6. One of the most frustrating things with the debate of Trump's wall is actually finding any information on how much of the thing has been constructed. According to this report, about 340 miles have been funded as of May of this year. As for how much has actually been built, I saw a number of a bit over one hundred miles, but that was a while ago.
  7. The Democrats saw the hilarious, over-the-top shitshow that was the 2016 Republican primary and said "hold my beer."
  8. If we (over)simplify the question, then it turns out that making the missile faster doesn't reduce it ability to successfully intercept. For a given G capability, the turn radius of a missile will decrease as its closing speed increases. However, as the closing speed of the missile increases, the amount of time in which the target can deviate its flight course in order to try and dodge the missile also decreases. You can essentially describe the sum of possible trajectories of the missile as a trumpet-shaped cone, and for the target as well. As long as the target's cone sits inside the missile's cone, the missile is kinematically capable of hitting the target. If you make the missile faster, for a given G limit its cone becomes narrower. However, the target's cone becomes shorter. You can simplify this further by assuming that the missile's current velocity vector is pointed along an intercept lead course that will intersect with the target if the target does not change course. If the target cannot produce more lateral acceleration than the missile can, it cannot force a miss. At least in theory. The problem becomes one of very arcane technical questions. Just how precisely does the missile system know the target's location and velocity? What are the resolution and accuracy limits of this targeting? How many times per second are these numbers checked and re-checked? How often does the missile alter its course?
  9. Judges have been found and impaled impaneled. @T___A is reprising xir role as Her Gracious and Serene Majesty Queen Diane Feinstein the VIII @LoooSeR is the armored forces commissar @Sturgeon is the Minister of Propaganda and I will be the Minister of Armaments
  10. The G3 and MP5 have definitely proven to have staying power. What's your experience with the HK 33?
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