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  1. Bash the F-35 thred.

    NB: that's an F-35A, not an F-35B. The writer screwed up.
  2. General news thread

    The Zimbabwean military is trying very hard to make their military coup not look like a military coup.
  3. Saudi Arabia vs Iran thread.

    Good idea for a thread. The various Iran/Saudi proxy wars that are not covered in other threads will go here as well. I for one, am curious about how much money these proxy wars are costing the Saudis. There have been some noises that they're in fiscal trouble. Likewise, I'm curious how the Iranians are affording all of this fun.
  4. "Pigs" Have A Hard Job

    I read it as "lawyers who specialize in harassing cops realize that body cams could make their job harder, try to come up with explanation for why this is a problem for everyone else."
  5. Russia to renew Tu-160 Production?

    The bird being towed out now is, as I understand it, made from half-completed leftovers. But a complete production restart is planned to follow later on. Perhaps the Syrian conflict convinced the Russian military of the utility of more heavy bombers.
  6. "Pigs" Have A Hard Job

    Things that are racist now: police body cameras.
  7. Here is some interesting work in this field from the University of Tokyo: This is a mach wave stabilized projectile, but instead of having a single wave generator that creates a high-pressure cone that gets caught by a single shoulder, it has multiple shoulders, each of which produce a mach wave that is caught by the next shoulder. In theory this should produce less drag. Additionally, if the shoulders are spring-loaded then the arrangement can in theory be self-adjusting and maintain optimal geometry over a wide range of mach numbers.
  8. Aerospace and Ordnance discussion/news.

    Russia's KTRV plans to export $1 billion worth of arms this year. Buried in the article are two interesting things. The first is that the Grom glide bomb is intended to fit into the SU-57's internal bays, as I guessed (this was not a difficult guess). The second is that live weapons firings from the SU-57 have begun.
  9. Tanks guns and ammunition.

    I did a thread on these some time ago. Extended rods are mentioned in this overview of novel penetrator technologies.
  10. General news thread

    The scenario I am envisioning is that the Chinese have concerns about Grace Mugabe. They're OK with a leader who is corrupt but pliable, provided they can still do business and get all that delicious lithium, vanadium and copper that they need very badly. What they're not OK with is a leader who is so corrupt and avaricious that they might try to upset the existing power structure in Zimbabwe and then try to nationalize or otherwise threaten Chinese interests in Zimbabwe. Grace Mugabe is, by all accounts, a person who fits the latter description. So, in the scenario I am envisioning, the Chinese leadership decided something ought to be done. Ideally something quick, quiet and professional. This was well within their capability, but there was still the question of what the Americans might do about it. Can't have the State Department deciding that a military coup violates the will of the people and throwing a bunch of money at a color revolution or some shit. So, they discreetly sought a guarantee from the US government not to raise a stink about the fact that they were clearly sponsoring a military coup in Africa in exchange for, I dunno, some point of cooperation on North Korea. This doesn't necessarily include agreeing to the removal of the current NK leadership, but maybe something like holding the leash tight and making sure Kim Jong Un behaves for the next several years.
  11. General news thread

    As an Administrator I am privileged to occasionally present my wild-assed guesses: The Zimbabwe coup is Chinese backed, and furthermore it was greenlit by the Trump administration as part of a quid pro quo on a North Korea deal.
  12. I don't think it's completely fair to use Jerry Lee Lewis as a yardstick for what was considered decorous behavior in the American South.
  13. I have a lot of somewhat disjointed thoughts on this matter. The American political and cultural heritage is grounded, in large part, from people who really didn't like the King of England telling them where they could and could not hunt. There was a folk-identity based around common people who did what they needed to do to get by, and if the law said they were doing this on Crown lands, or in technical violation of what common lands could be used for, well, then the law was stupid. Rudyard Kipling's poem Norman and Saxon alludes to this. Everyone wants there to be wide, unfenced public lands where they can do whatever the hell they want. To some extent in the Western United States where population densities are low and there's a lot of public land, this ideal persists. But as more and more people want to use that public land, the accounting of the use of the land needs to become more structured. Right now, the number of people hunting in the United States is declining, and the cultural divide between urban and rural is such that hunters are vilified. There are also larger ecological management problems that run into jurisdictional issues when they cross privately owned lands and lands owned by multiple agencies. Part of the reason the Asian pine beetles have been able to run rampant is that a cohesive plan of action to contain them involves coordinating a lot of state and federal agencies as well as private landowners. The political will to herd that many cats simply does not exist because politicians are all useless cowards. Energy politics plays into it as well. Last estimates I saw were that wind farms kill about the same number of birds as all the waterfowl hunters do on the Atlantic flyway yearly. So, in a sense it's good that hunting pays for most of it, because it's the highest-value activity on public lands, but it also leads to a tragedy of the commons sort of situation where the impact of other activities that draw from the common pool isn't accounted for. And we're culturally indisposed to look at it that way. Public lands belong to everyone! You can't infringe on people's rights! We need green energy! Put up more windmills. As usual, I am at a loss to think of a solution that doesn't involve rounding up all the hippies and putting them in camps so that the adults can fix the problems without their bleating.