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  1. Collimatrix

    Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    Perhaps it's a sheathed penetrator, and one number is the diameter of the inner tungsten penetrator, while the other number is the tungsten penetrator plus outer steel cladding?
  2. I am saying that. If the Democrats want to remain competitive, they need to dig out decades worth of Chicago machine apparatchiks and Clinton lackeys and send them to the salt mines. If the Republicans wish to continue riding this populist high, they need to give in to their bases' desire for blood, and drag out hundreds of Bush-era neocons and give them life sentences for being counterrevolutionaries. That would be a good start. One thing that Shattered makes very clear is that, while Hillary Clinton was an absolute dud on the campaign trail, she was extremely methodical about building up her support in order to cinch the nomination. The lesson she learned from the 2008 primary rodeo was that the only real threat to her inevitable ascendancy were other Democrats. Therefore, she worked hard on developing a network of operators within the party who could guarantee her nomination. By all indications, her team put way more thought into how to win the primary than how to win the actual election. So, in a very real sense, if Hillary decides to run again in 2020 (which would obviously be disastrous), job number one for any enterprising, up-and-coming Democrats will absolutely be to purge the party of her malign influence. The party is filled with Clinton agents programmed to steal votes and money, and the party will not function correctly until they are all rounded up, given show trials, and shipped off to somewhere cold and miserable. As soon as the rest of the Democrats realize that these people are parasites, and not comrades, their days are numbered. Right now they're too spooked to clean their own house. But perhaps, after a few more painful humiliations, some of the young, bright ones will come to see what must be done. The Republicans have a similar problem, but the solution is somewhat different. Simply put, Republican voters have despised Republican politicians for years. They (barely) tolerated them because they saw them as the lesser of two evils (but only very slightly). But now that they have the new Trump movement, what need do they have for the old, legacy Republicans? The answer is that they have no need for them whatsoever. But that salt ain't gonna mine itself! Summary: Gulags. Gulags for all.
  3. The Democrats should consider purging all party members over the age of 65. I'm not saying that all problems in US politics can be solved by throwing the unworthy into gulags... oh wait, yes I am.
  4. Collimatrix

    Documents for the Documents God

    A price comparison of arming the M1 tank with the M68, L30 or Rheinmetall 120mm
  5. Collimatrix

    General Naval Warfare News/Technology thread.

    So, what I learned in 2018 is that everyone's navy is incompetent. Norway and US keep crashing into things. China's new carrier doesn't work. Russia's old carrier doesn't work, and the one drydock that can repair it is at the bottom of the ocean. The UK Navy site that stores Trident warheads can't keep electricians safe.
  6. I agree that this stance on Trump's part seems internally inconsistent. Maybe he just wants to antagonize NATO for the hell of it?
  7. Collimatrix

    Turkish touch

    What size is Turkey's tank fleet currently? Is that enough to, say, completely replace all their M60s?
  8. This the third Trump/US politics thread. The first iteration is here, and volume 2 is here.
  9. Is there any word on which countries are interested in buying?
  10. I don't think this is quite correct. Trump did drive up voter turnout for the Democrats, who saw the 2018 mid-terms, among other things, as a referendum on Trump and an opportunity to end his destructive madness. (little do the puny fools know that Trump's madness is completely unstoppable. The stars are right, and no mortal forces can hinder him) The problem for the Republicans was that their base didn't see the mid-terms as a referendum on Trump. Trump wasn't on the ballot, Republicans were. Republican voters are lukewarm about Republican politicians, and much, much more enthusiastic about Trump. Trump isn't a Republican. He's a rich eccentric who hijacked the Republican Party because he thought it would be funny (and boy, howdy has it been). Republican politicians and the Republican base are at odds on a number of issues. Once you get past his flamboyant personality, Trump is basically what would happen if you had someone who told the Republican base exactly what they wanted to hear. When Trump went to bat for the Republicans, he and his base both knew that it was a political marriage of convenience. Trump needed the Republicans to win, or at least hold ground, because he figured they would be somewhat less obstructionist and treacherous to him than the Democrats. He needed to sell his base on the necessity of such a maneuver, and they were not entirely enthusiastic about it. Fortunately, Trump knows all about loveless marriages, so he campaigned for the Republicans with gusto, and attempted to drag their useless asses across the finish line. The Republicans, for their part, did not actively resist his assistance. At the end of the day, however, the only thing that could truly threaten the Democrat's ambitions of sweeping Congress wasn't Trump, it was themselves. Their handling of the Kavanaugh hearings energized the Republicans more than Trump could ever have dreamed to. That was an absolutely catastrophic own-goal. While it's true that the Democrats faced an uphill battle in the Senate, the Republicans actually picked up seats. I think this is consistent with the idea that voters were punishing the Senate Democrats for their shenanigans during the Kavanaugh hearings. This is a notion that some Democrats have themselves tacitly admitted. Republican politicians are, by and large, parasites and Trotskyite wreckers who belong in gulags. There are two reasons that they didn't drive home the message that the booming economy is a vindication of their vision. The first is that it's Trump's vision, not theirs, and they still resent him a bit for it. The second reason is that they're just shiftless losers who are already tired of winning. Trump fucking delivered this time around, he campaigned on behalf of the Republicans and really drove home the "Jobs not Mobs" message. What the hell did they do? Just lay back and think of glowing praise in National Review? Very true. The Democrats are looking around for a hero on a white horse to deliver them in 2020. What they really need are level-headed, young leaders who can clean their own party's house without too much external drama, and a team of crack forensic accountants to figure out where the hell Clinton and Obama squirreled away all the money.
  11. I had disagreed, but it looks like you were right. The Onion was surprisingly on point.
  12. Collimatrix

    Designing A Rifle From Scratch(ish)

    I assume you're handwaving the spring weight, but just so you know, when it comes to coil springs, a long coil spring is weaker. Making a coil spring long is the same thing as putting a bunch of short coil springs in series, which reduces spring constant. If you want a coil spring that's both long and generates a lot of force, then the coil material needs to be thicker, which results in an outrageous and gigantic magazine spring. Which I think you already knew, from looking at AK magazine springs. Just pointing out that there's a further weight penalty for this design choice.
  13. Collimatrix

    Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

    There's been a shooting in an Oakland bar. Multiple injuries, no deaths so far.
  14. Collimatrix

    Turkish touch

    The video is quite grainy, but it really does look like an Altay. Look at how far back the turret is on the hull, and how it has the large object on top of the turret. Turkish Leo 2s are older models with the GPS built into the front of the turret, no?