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  1. Collimatrix

    Syrian conflict.

    Iraqi PM claims that the border with Syria is secure: I'm not sure what he means by this. Much of the Iraqi border areas of Syria are still held by rebels. Latest rumor is that the Tiger Forces are being re-deployed from Homs to the fight in the south along the Israeli/Jordanian border.
  2. Collimatrix

    Syrian conflict.

    Indeed. So, I get that someone disobeyed someone's honor or something. Blood must be drawn. I don't care, really, but please take it to PMs.
  3. Collimatrix

    Syrian conflict.

    I've got to say, an American and an Israeli both trying to claim the moral high ground in a thread about Syria...
  4. Collimatrix

    Tech Industry Fails

    Well done, Twitter.
  5. Also, what is that automatic grenade launcher sitting to the side of the three-ammo-in-one belt? It isn't an AGS-30. Ammo looks different too.
  6. If it is semi-rimmed but the others are not, how does it fit into the common link? I'm pretty sure that the dummy cartridge on the left of the picture is 14.5x114mm. The proportions look about right, and all Russian ammunition of larger caliber is extensively crimped at the neck. Ironing out a 14.5mm cartridge would get you about 25mm. The brass AGL cartridge is also clearly a dummy. And it wouldn't have been too hard to make that necked-down 12.7-14.5mm wildcat either. This entire thing strikes me as the sort of thing that could be made easily and cheaply as a way to impress officials. Then the company could begin actually working on the concept once they secure funding.
  7. Collimatrix

    Bash the F-35 thred.

    You're on drugs, but here's some what-if for you.
  8. Presumably the ammo doesn't need to be re-qualified, surely that saves some time?
  9. Collimatrix

    Syrian conflict.

    In the ANNA News reels you can see that a small number of tanks, or in a few cases a tank and a shilka, are used with an infantry platoon as support. They're not sending in tanks alone in the cities like they were four years ago.
  10. Collimatrix

    Art Appreciation Thread

    Yep, the White forces defeated the communists in a decisive game of chess. Still better than most of the shit on AH.com.
  11. I am probably re-stating the obvious here, but this looks like an attempt to make an all-in-one heavy machine gun/light autocannon/grenade launcher. The round on the left looks like a dummy 14.5x114mm, the round in the middle looks like the same case, but necked down to 12.7mm, and the case on the right is a mock-up of a grenade cartridge. All three cases have the same rim and body dimensions, so they can all use the same links. I don't recognize the links, they don't look like links for a 23mm cannon or for a 14.5mm HMG.
  12. Collimatrix

    General news thread

    Thank you @Mighty_Zuk for the detailed response.
  13. Collimatrix

    Syrian conflict.

    These seem in line with the quoted losses you posted earlier, unless I am missing something.