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  1. General news thread

    The journalist responsible for the Panama Papers expose was killed in a car bombing in Malta.
  2. Israeli AFVs

    IFVs and APCs are almost universally taller than tanks:
  3. General news thread

    How does Turkey manage to lose to these people again?
  4. Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

    There has been a scathing report from the inquiry into last Christmas' truck attack in Germany.
  5. Syrian conflict.

    It tells you a lot about these rebels that whenever the SAA starts winning, they all turn on each other.
  6. Forum Improvements and Changelog

    I thought I would put this where everyone could see it, since we've finally started doing meaningful changes to the forum, it would be good to document them.
  7. Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

    Apparently this isn't the first time this has happened. https://globalnews.ca/news/3789800/fake-bomb-threats-moscow-evacuation/
  8. "Special armor?" It's all fucking NERA. Some models of T-72 had it. Merk IV's have it. Abramses have it.
  9. Fucking NERA everywhere

    I am curious too. Perhaps it's even happened. There are enough old T-55s and old APCBC ammo for them out there. Could you elaborate on why?
  10. The "Today in Military History." Thread.

    Seventy years ago today a bronco-busting, hell-raising country boy with some busted ribs thought maybe his mach-meter was malfunctioning:
  11. Explosive reactive armor is that brick-looking stuff that the Soviets loved covering their tanks in during the last days of the Cold War: Kharkov Stronk! I admit not knowing much about ERA, but a quick check around various sources has impressed the following things on me: -ERA is, pound for pound, the most effective armor technology that exists. Nothing else even comes remotely close. First-generation Israeli Blazer ERA was estimated to have a mass efficiency (vs RHA) of 20-24 vs HEAT threats. That's insane. The very best modern steel laminates using ultra-high hardness alloys magically welded to high toughness alloys achieve a mass efficiency of 1.5. MEs of 3 are spoken of in hushed whispers for exotic material composite arrays. ERA must be mounted on something fairly stout, on account of the whole "explosive" thing, but even mounted to RHA, the ME of the entire array is on the order of 2.5-3.8, and better still for ERA mounted on top of something more sophisticated. ERA is stupidly cheap and stupidly light for how effective it is. -The most commonly available descriptions of how the Kontakt-5 "heavy" ERA works are probably wrong. Surprise surprise; commonly available articles about a technical subject are completely wrong. Robb Mcleod's article gives a more likely explanation on the basis of areal density vs. installation mass and coverage. Instead of an extremely heavy one-piece flyer plate that snaps the APFSDS penetrators, Kontakt-5 works by having two flyer plates that move in different directions; one slightly up and one slightly down, guillotining off the front portion of long-rod APFSDS penetrators.
  12. He turned the potato starch into a different sugar than would be the case for vodka production. The quick 'n dirty version of the chemistry is that a starch (or carbohydrate) is the main energy storage chemical in a potato (and lots of other vegetables). Starches are made of long chains of sugars. Yeast can eat sugar, turning it into alcohol, but yeast cannot process the larger starch molecules, so to get vodka (or syrup) the starch molecules need to be broken down. For industrial vodka production the potato starch would be broken down into the sugar maltose using the enzyme amylase. An enzyme is a biologically-produced molecule (usually a protein) that helps a particular chemical reaction to occur with less energy consumption than that particular reaction normally requires. Amylase occurs in decent quantities in wheat and other grains, and it's available in large amounts commercially, so it's pretty easy to get some and go to town busting down all sorts of starches into maltose. Thing is, as Cody notes, maltose isn't very sweet, so it doesn't make very good syrup. To get a sweet syrup, he needs to break down the starches even further into the glucose. Cody doesn't have any fancy enzymes that speeds up the breakdown of starch into glucose. He does have acid, which sort of helps, but isn't as effective as an enzyme would be. So he ends up having to brute-force the reaction and uses lots of heat and time to get the starch to break down. Nobody in their right mind would use the process Cody used for making vodka. It's far less efficient than using (cheap, readily available) amylase to turn the starches into maltose, and it leaves behind salt as a side-effect of using the acid. Cody's process only makes sense if you want syrup.
  13. Syrian conflict.

    I guess they finally realized that their FSA allies were useless, and they needed the regular military to do the job.
  14. Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread

    This is the Sukhoi T-12, a proposed SU-25 replacement. Yes, it really was supposed to have two side-by-side cockpits like that. The chaos of the collapse of the USSR, and attendant shortages of LSD, prevented this project from ever being completed.
  15. In fairness, the Pakistanis also managed to produce nukes.
  16. General news thread

    According to CNN, so is Pokemon Go.
  17. How far away can APS smack a threat? Top-attack EFPs can fuse quite some distance away from the target.
  18. So, I'm snowbound in a little motel in Rawlins, WY. It's a dinky, creaky old place with no internet, no running water, and it's built on an old Indian burial ground. Anyway, I was thinking about music. I listened to The Pierce's Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge on the way down here, end to end. Holy crap, this is a superb album. Allison and Catherine Pierce are both excellent singers with some really excellent harmonies (but not so often it gets dull). Instrumentation and melodies are varied too, but not so much it feels thrown together. And wow, the lyrics. The probity of the album's concept is immaculate. It oozes jealousy, loss, lust and toxic sexuality worthy of an opera. A taste:
  19. General news thread

    I saw something about that back in summer, but nothing since. Nothing shows up for a search of "F-35" on the congressman's website.
  20. Random Space Exploration Dump Thread

    Ocean moons besides Europa: Dione, Ganymede, and Triton?
  21. The Enema Thread (Moderator: Tied)

    In Japan, animea removes you!
  22. Picatinny Arsenal diagram of the Dash-Dot device APS concept from the early 1960s.
  23. For a swingfire-style ATGM mounted to the back of the turret, I was thinking have it mounted diagonally and sideways. Swingfire could apparently make a turn that abrupt, so why not?
  24. Not sure if a conventional ATGM would fit vertically inside a sponson. They're rather lengthy. I am not opposed to turning vehicle-fired ATGMs into guided mortar rounds. It might make them a bit more compact. With the exception of Swingfire, the motor burning for a few seconds after launch doesn't really do anything.