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  1. No of course not, I was just curious. If you can translate something from Russian to English for me I would be very grateful.
  2. Logistics makes sense, but so does the fact that he was an older guy (over 50 at the time) wanting more powa just like our older guys who want 7.62x51 back. I know 7.62x39 with its taper, low thermal load, and diameter help the AK’s reliability. Perhaps he thought the 5.45 would negatively impact the rifle’s mechanical performance (does it?).
  3. Naw, he’s probably just happy they tore that STG44 off his sculpture and replaced it with an AK a while back. But have you read “Kalashnikov: The Arms and the Man”? Why was he opposed to 5.45? I know he was all for just using an improved 7.62x39.
  4. Hey, If you’re not first, you’re last. Also fortune favors the bold, and often the stupid.
  5. Heck no! The man couldnt even put out a good vodka, and hes from the land of vodka! I actually keep a bottle around for kicks. It has him smiling on the label and then his army photo in the bottle which is cool. But I will do the Galil next to contrast it with the RK62, then the 100 series rifle. Id also like to showcase the FNC and Sig 550 in this thread to show the similarities and differences to the AK. So coming up: Galil, Galil Ace, RK76, AK103, AK74M, SIG 550, FNC, and then maybe anything post-war people compare to the AK (vz58 and stuff).
  6. I dont care if the subframe turns itself into a pretzel the first time I hit the gas. LS swap now, worry about ancillary bullshit later. Brakes, rear end mods, and chassis stiffening is for suckers when you have all that sweet, sweet power straight from Jimmy’s wrecked WS6.
  7. True. Ive got 7.62 on the brain. 5.45 is still a few steps away.
  8. RK62 Rifle. From Finland and based on a Polish rifle. The Finns added some pretty nifty stuff to the old AK, much of which the Israelis later copied. 200 were imported in the US starting in 1965. These were the first commercially available AK rifles and they flopped... hard. 7.62x39 was not available and Valmet realized this pretty quickly and brought out 223 and 308 guns. But this is a converted military rifle essentially from a military factory. Not a single US part on her. Stock coated in some kind of plastic that keeps your face from both burning and freezing: Non-slip "cheese grater" handguard: Note top cover reinforcement: Good grip. AKM-like size and texture: Excellent mag release: Wire cutter flash hider + bayo lug: Front sight base and vented gas tube: Fine, non adjustable front sight: Night sight up: Rear sight: Safety like a type 3: Mag release is nice. Notice double-rivet trigger guard: Bullet guide rivet: Stock cleaning kit: Gas block and front sight adjustment: Rear sight adjustment: RK62 Magazines have a loop on the floorplate and a "T" marking: Recoil assembly is RPK style with telescoping pieces: Originally they are all double hook guns but as part of the semi conversion process, Valmet ground off the sear engaging side: Galil style gas tube (yes I know this came first): Barrel thick under handguard but I don't know how to remove the handguard: Bolt is "T" marked: Carrier still has sear engagement surface: Gas tube "fingers" are there: BCG weight: Heavy guns! Barrel thickness at end: So the RK62 is heavy but has some great features. I love the mag release, sights (damn they are awesome), length of pull, trigger, furniture, and low recoil (mostly due to weight of course). That said if I'm going to march across some country fighting a war, give me the lightweight AKM. If I'm defending my country from invasion and will be in a static position, yeah I'll take the RK62. So from this perspective it made sense for Finland to go a little heavier (plus I doubt the USSR would have given them info on the AKM since it was pretty damn new at the time).
  9. I honestly don't know why they removed so much material on the 100 series guns (weight?). The stems are thinner too and people on the AKFiles are breaking bolts pretty frequently. Same shit happens to 7.62x39 AR15s and Daewoo DR300s.
  10. Very interesting. And yes the Polish guns are amazing. Larry Vickers after finishing his AK book said they had the best fit and finish of all the traditional AK variants. I do not own a Polish made AK but I certainly wish I did. So next I can do either the AK 100 series 7.62x39 rifle (AK103) or the RK62. Chronologically the RK62 would be next but the 103 is Russian and features a number of improvements over the old 1959 and on AKMs. The AK103 though has one serious problem: Bolt breakages. They may have solved this lately but Jesus, look how much material they removed from the bolt face (AK103 left, AKM right):
  11. I forgot this. Type 3 BCG: AKM BCG: Closer in weight that I would have thought, but later the AKM got a relief cut near the rear of the right side of the carrier to save weight. So now the Chinese Type 56-1. The "-1" designates it as a folder. The reasons the 56 isn't a direct AKM copy is because of the Sino-Soviet split. The Chinese milled guns are damn near perfect Type 3 copies (the Soviets helped them out there) but the stamped guns were reverse engineered with their own stamping process. This was mostly for production simplification and reducing cost and time to make a gun. Very little (if any) weight is saved over a milled rifle. The receiver is 1.6mm thick whereas the AKM is 1.0mm Trigger curvature different. Also notice single rivet trigger guard instead of Soviet double rivet: RPK rivet pattern: Folder makes these piggy: Chinese flatback mags are between AG4 polymer and slabsides in weight: Type 56 uses Type 3 handguards and grip. Please notice worst grip ever as there is no texture at all. These guns are slippery: Type 56 mag release is larger and round. I like this feature: Folding mechanism: Identify a Chinese AK by the hooded front sight post: Type 3 style vent holes: AKM style dimples: Still the old 800m sights: Note the double hook trigger and cross receiver reinforcing pin. Type 56 rifles also never had a rate reducer: Standard bullet guide and ramp to kick the bolt out of the pre-engagement recess: Smooth and thick top cover like the type 3: Barrel still type 3 thickness: BCG weight: So the stamped Type 56 is more AK47 than AKM. Yes its stamped but the furniture, trigger mechanism, rear sight, top cover, sling on gas block, lack of a rate reducer, barrel profile, vent holes, and so on are AK47 and not AKM. IMO, the Type 56 (stamped) is neither AK47 nor AKM. It is uniquely its own monster: the Type 56. Any input here appreciated. What do you think? Is the 56 unique or would you comfortably say "AKM" as a blanket term because of the stamped receiver?
  12. That is a good reference photo. You can see the absence of any kind of barrel pin. Pinning barrels instead of screwing them in was a major improvement from a production standpoint.
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