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  1. I'll do the honor of timing the reloads Strv 122; 1st -> 6.15 seconds 2nd -> 4.86 seconds M1A2 (only the 1st video is usable); -> 6.81 seconds discounting the breech closing error, 7.79 seconds including it. T-72; 1st -> ~6.53 seconds 2nd -> 6.86 seconds (longer because I counted the very first movement of the autoloader) 3rd - ~6.98 seconds T-90; 2nd -> 6.10 seconds And I also like this video; in which I got 6.43 seconds though the firing cycle. Nice post Lost, and happy birthday as well.
  2. Possibly, but.... "polymetallic special protective coating on the bore" "According to some, the use of special protective layer in the barrel has improved the precision produced by firing. " Maybe they are referring to both in this article; a liner, and quick-swapping.
  3. 2A82-1M uses a STRONK™ new barrel (increased stiffness) and "auto-replacing" barrel liner (via Yandex translator). I'll need a Russian speaker to check that last bit; автоскрепления. http://topwar.ru/86503-uvz-u-pushki-t-14-armata-povyshennaya-prochnost-i-vysokaya-stepen-zhivuchesti.html
  4. I thought a few of the Parade vehicles had already been handed over. That does make the most sense though.
  5. UVZ is preparing to deliver 20 T-14's to Putin Russian MOD. http://vsenovostint.ru/2015/11/17/20-tankov-armata-postavit-armii-uvz/
  6. I was referencing armour, so either works.
  7. Think of it kind of like the BMD-4M; the armour is just there to provide basic protection from small arms, and in the case of the M8, RPG's as well.
  8. Don't forget that a lot of NERA composites have the 'stereotypical' layered armour towards the rear. I suspect Burlington was just misindentified until it was shown to be NERA.
  9. Indeed it does. Burlington inspired a lot of armour typs after it arrived. Is there a good diagram of BDD out there? It looks to be like Burlington-esque NERA rather than the bulging NxRA (like on T-72B). EDIT; NVM I forgot that it's just plates surrounded by a resin.
  10. Stillbrew was more crude than that. IIRC it was just a layer of cast steel with 3 or 4 hard rubber layers behind it. That looks closer to Burlington's NERA.
  11. Was the crew placed under the turret basket? In order to be unmanned the crew needs to be out of it. @LoooSeR You have any information on the 50's projects it is it just unknown?
  12. "Before Armata" Not like Leningrad had a T-80 based MBT with an unmanned turret, or anything. PUTIN-STRONK
  13. Yeah that blog is crap, but it seems like the purchase of 300 ZTZ-99's seems to be spreading regardless. A few Pakistani sources are saying the same thing, but then again, the whole "China would never export the ZTZ-99" idea is floating around as well. Pakistan allegedly got one or two for testing a few months ago.
  14. Apparently, China will sell 300 (or more) ZTZ-99's to Pakistan. Very interesting if true... Here is an early article on it; http://defence-blog.com/army/china-may-deliver-to-pakistan-300-type-99-main-battle-tanks.html
  15. I thought I was up there *Plans to watch Interstellar again tomorrow*
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