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  1. I just hope the next one doesn't have high winds, I don't usually lose power from any amount of snowfall but the wind knocks trees down onto power lines every time.
  2. United States Gun Control Megathread

    If you can't carry a gun, you don't have the right or ability to defend yourself. Guns make people equal, without them only the strong can defend themselves. How is an elderly person or some little 5'0" 100 lb woman supposed to defend themselves from an attack without a gun?
  3. America's view on Monarchies.

    I think the idea of still having a monarch, just some person who came out of the right uterus, as your head of state when it's been demonstrated that republics work fine is so absurd that it's almost comical. Baffling that the states where the monarchs have been reduced to figureheads won't finish the job. At least catch up with America circa 1776.
  4. Some tweaks are required in that war exhaustion currently ticks too fast, so large scale wars are basically a rush to conquer the territory you want before war exhaustion ends the war even if you have an overwhelming military advantage, but it would be very easy to mod it to slow it down and there's enough complaints about it that I'd expect Paradox to patch it quickly.
  5. The new Stellaris DLC + patch are fantastic. War has been overhauled and is now based around claims and war exhaustion so you can actually wage limited wars for a few systems instead of every war being a 20 year war of annihilation. FTL is now hyperdrive only so there's an actual sense of galactic terrain instead of warp and wormhole empires ignoring everything, static defenses are now actually useful, especially once you unlock FTL inhibitors. Fleets now have size caps that expand with tech so the optimal strategy is not doomstacks, and ships now have a chance of escaping battle when damaged enough so it's not a guaranteed stackwipe when you lose. Oh and you can blow up planets now.
  6. The Worm Thread

    Seconded. If you have not read it, read it.
  7. General news thread

    I've heard the same, the Iranian people are sick of Iran wasting money on foreign adventures.
  8. Can you even imagine if they ran Hillary again.
  9. Saudi Arabia vs Iran thread.

    I'm rooting for the chaos of the war to cause the Saoshyant to emerge, lead a Zoroastrian Revolution, and restore the Sasanian Empire.
  10. Youtube general?

    He had a very successful podcast with Dick Masterson, The Biggest Problem in the Universe, and threw it all away because Dick went home with an ex-girlfriend of his. Now Dick's new podcast is kicking the living shit out of Maddox's shitty new one.
  11. Lets talk about languages

    The worst English is clearly spoken by chavs in Britain.
  12. Isn't that pretty close to the makeup of the general public? http://news.gallup.com/poll/15370/party-affiliation.aspx Gallup has 31% of Americans being Democrats, 24% Republican, 42% Independent. Dems and Dem-leaning independents just don't bother actually, you know, voting.
  13. What are we playing?

    The writing is also atrocious, as expected from a Bethesda game. Some benevolent billionaire needs to buy the rights to Fallout from Bethesda and return them to Obsidian, where they belong.
  14. If anybody is stupid enough to run Hillary again, it's the Democratic Party establishment. It's like they want everyone who isn't a hardcore Clintonite to say fuck it and all vote third party or stay home.