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  1. Picked this up two days ago. That final 1v1 had my heart pounding, last circle was basically on the side of a low hill with like two trees for cover.
  2. Diehard Clintonista, MSNBC correspondent. Us Berniebros have been dealing with her shit since the primaries began.
  3. The Democratic Party is basically screwed on a national level until the entire stunningly incompetent leadership gets purged (since they're not going to give up their grip on power willingly) and replaced with new blood.
  4. General news thread

  5. Vox, I know, but the numbers are the important bit. Yet more confirmation of how utterly incompetent Hillary's campaign was. If the Democratic Party wants to win, they need to purge the party of everybody involved. http://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/3/8/14848636/hillary-clinton-tv-ads
  6. tl;dr, does not appear to be great for gaming. http://www.gamersnexus.net/hwreviews/2822-amd-ryzen-r7-1800x-review-premiere-blender-fps-benchmarks Removing GPU bottlenecking by running at low resolutions, the 1800X gets beaten by the 7700K in most games, which is half the price.
  7. Fine, but the New Testament is very clear too:
  8. Eh... Not a big fan of anchovies but they're, at most, heterodox. Pineapple is outright heresy.
  9. That's the correct way, right there.
  10. The real question is whether Trump puts pineapple on pizza. If yes, impeach immediately.
  11. We need to restore the Roman Empire, whoever can win over the army and seize power gets to rule. If they do a shitty job, palace coup.
  12. FO3 and 4 are why I think, for the good of the world, the Fallout license needs to be confiscated from Bethesda and given to Obsidian.
  13. The shooter mechanics are solid, but it's a terrible RPG. A Fallout 4 with writing and plot on the level of Fallout New Vegas would be fantastic, but that's no surprise, Bethesda have always been shitty writers, especially compared to Obsidian.
  14. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/perez-doesnt-rule-out-a-hillary-clinton-run-for-the-presidency-in-2020/article/2615807?custom_click=rss If I were DNC Chair, any party member who mentioned Hillary running again and didn't immediately start laughing would be publicly broken on the rack, as an example to the others. Only comparably bad candidates in the party would be Reid, Pelosi, or *shudder* Dianne Feinstein.