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  1. Can you even imagine if they ran Hillary again.
  2. Saudi Arabia vs Iran thread.

    I'm rooting for the chaos of the war to cause the Saoshyant to emerge, lead a Zoroastrian Revolution, and restore the Sasanian Empire.
  3. Youtube general?

    He had a very successful podcast with Dick Masterson, The Biggest Problem in the Universe, and threw it all away because Dick went home with an ex-girlfriend of his. Now Dick's new podcast is kicking the living shit out of Maddox's shitty new one.
  4. Lets talk about languages

    The worst English is clearly spoken by chavs in Britain.
  5. Isn't that pretty close to the makeup of the general public? http://news.gallup.com/poll/15370/party-affiliation.aspx Gallup has 31% of Americans being Democrats, 24% Republican, 42% Independent. Dems and Dem-leaning independents just don't bother actually, you know, voting.
  6. What are we playing?

    The writing is also atrocious, as expected from a Bethesda game. Some benevolent billionaire needs to buy the rights to Fallout from Bethesda and return them to Obsidian, where they belong.
  7. If anybody is stupid enough to run Hillary again, it's the Democratic Party establishment. It's like they want everyone who isn't a hardcore Clintonite to say fuck it and all vote third party or stay home.
  8. Yep, the left wing also got completely purged from the rules committee that will be setting rules for the next primary. Meanwhile Donna Brazile, who abused her position to give Hillary the debate questions ahead of one of the primary debates, has a seat on that committee. Needless to say the left base is in an uproar.
  9. Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

    Reports up to 50+ dead, 200+ injured in Vegas.
  10. tbh I'm surprised Rhode Island is that low, pretty good share of the people I know have a few guns in their homes, and mine certainly does. I do live in the more rural western half though.
  11. Picked this up two days ago. That final 1v1 had my heart pounding, last circle was basically on the side of a low hill with like two trees for cover.
  12. Diehard Clintonista, MSNBC correspondent. Us Berniebros have been dealing with her shit since the primaries began.
  13. The Democratic Party is basically screwed on a national level until the entire stunningly incompetent leadership gets purged (since they're not going to give up their grip on power willingly) and replaced with new blood.