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  1. This is all proof that the time has come for the US to liberate Britain from the tyrannical Queen Elizabeth II and add England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland as the 51st-54th states.
  2. The wildfires, droughts, earthquakes, potential tsunamis, etc., are the universe's way of telling us that man was not meant to live in California.
  3. Yeah there's no way I'll vote for Hillary, I'd rather we run a toaster for President than give her another shot. Every Democratic acquaintance I have under the age of 50 is pretty much the same way. I didn't even vote for her last time, wrote in Bernie instead, though I probably would have if I were in a swing state. Then gone home and taken a hot shower until I felt clean again.
  4. Please, for us Rhode Islanders a 30 minute drive is a long drive.
  5. Nuclear plants are a couple hundred IIRC, where there are individual hydroelectric dam failures that have killed 20,000+, so... a lot more on the dam failure side.
  6. At least it's not the Bay Area, they block any new development so the median price of a single family home is like $1,000,000. You could buy 4 houses in my state's capital, Providence, for that price.
  7. They said that in multiplayer you'll be able to customize a bunch of parts of your gun, so that's probably exactly what it is.
  8. I just wish they'd make new ideas instead of pure nostalgia bait. I'd ask Tarantino to make a Star Wars movie that's just some criminal scumbags doing crime that happens to be in the Star Wars setting.
  9. I'll do it, I guess. $10,000 and I'll make the AI give you a tax break.
  10. I just hope the next one doesn't have high winds, I don't usually lose power from any amount of snowfall but the wind knocks trees down onto power lines every time.
  11. If you can't carry a gun, you don't have the right or ability to defend yourself. Guns make people equal, without them only the strong can defend themselves. How is an elderly person or some little 5'0" 100 lb woman supposed to defend themselves from an attack without a gun?
  12. I think the idea of still having a monarch, just some person who came out of the right uterus, as your head of state when it's been demonstrated that republics work fine is so absurd that it's almost comical. Baffling that the states where the monarchs have been reduced to figureheads won't finish the job. At least catch up with America circa 1776.
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