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  1. Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    143mm LOS for the M60A3 hull? Something doesn't add up - look like they're using the maximum thickness of the LFP per hunnicutt, and ignoring angle completely
  2. Maniacs want to sink charge into lithium batteries 5 times faster than current safe limits: https://warwick.ac.uk/newsandevents/pressreleases/new_sensor_tech/ 1) It'll be hilarious if after all the money that's been spent on faster charging batteries, it turns out that all you need to get similar charging rates to gasoline is just a better sensor 2) This has the potential to sink an ungodly amount of power into the new tesla lorry. ~5 MW in a charger is absurd
  3. Random Space Exploration Dump Thread

    1) Banned by The Outer Space Treaty 2) NASA would have to go into public detail on how they miniaturised and optimised a nuclear bomb, which is sure to have a hilarious effect on international relations
  4. General Naval Warfare News/Technology thread.

    There's a dutch submarine in portsmouth:
  5. When even military surplus is too upmarket for you
  6. Aerospace and Ordnance discussion/news.

    Akshually, 6 lb. 2.7 kg!!!!!!! This is probably light enough to replace air-dropped cluster bombs
  7. General AFV Thread

    I haven't looked into it, sorry
  8. Only carrying part of the gun crew in the vehicle isn't a huge issue - it's a lot easier to have an APC with the extra hands follow artillery than follow tanks. Brit practice is to have about half the gun crew ride in AS-90, and the rest follow along in another vehicle. A proper self-propelled gun-howitzer in A400M is a pretty useful capability
  9. Comparison of Rocket Payload Fractions

    Black arrow was launched from australia, which is going to hurt it getting into orbit
  10. New system build

    Just buy seasonic PSUs, at least you know for certain which of the chinese factories is spitting them out. You could have an 8-core ryzen system for the same price as that i5 system https://pcpartpicker.com/list/drjKHh Also, AIO liquid coolers are pretty cheap these days
  11. Aerospace and Ordnance discussion/news.

    Could this mean the B-52 gets to outlast the B-2? That's unexpected, but makes some sense
  12. The Leopard 2 Thread

    The propellant would get very exciting long before the temp had any metallurgical effect on the gun steel, maybe the ammunition is not using similar propellant to DM-63?
  13. Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread

    I'm starting to see why everyone liked the harrier so much, despite its shortcomings
  14. Trade-offs in WWII Fighter Design

    A minor benefit, but a sleeve valve engine with the timing wrong is probably not going to start. A poppet valve engine, OTOH, will make expensive jangling noises when you turn it over.