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  1. Yeah, depends on the City or County rules, San Francisco just recently started using them, the Bart PD has been using them for years, lefty groups don't like them over here for some reason.
  2. WoT v WT effort-thread

    Well, the new Corsair models look cool, but the cockpits in the early ones still have floors and there is no belly window, and all the loadouts are still wrong.
  3. The M4 Sherman Tank Epic Information Thread.. (work in progress)

    These are the latest Sherman drawings I've cleaned up. I'm working on the rest of the fuel system drawings, and will add a page dedicated to the M4s fuel system, starting with the M4A3. The Cupola drawing is the start of the drawings for the new upcoming turret page. I also have a ton of Corsair photos here. http://www.theshermantank.com/downloads-page-the-place-for-things-to-big-to-post-like-manuals/airplane-stuff/f4u-corsair-page-the-bent-wing-bird/ and a bunch of ship photos here, http://www.theshermantank.com/downloads-page-the-place-for-things-to-big-to-post-like-manuals/airplane-stuff/f4u-corsair-page-the-bent-wing-bird/ Simply because I like ships and planes...
  4. The M4 Sherman Tank Epic Information Thread.. (work in progress)

    Interesting, a GAA is of course the best motor to swap in if you can get you mits on one. Based only on picture evidence, I would say yes, but that was the prefered, or demanded track type for the Soviets too. You see it on some US tanks, but it seems pretty rare. The Brits also had some steel chevron type only they used commonly. I think the T62.
  5. That's not really in her book right?
  6. WoT v WT effort-thread

    Bah, and I missed it, sorry guys!
  7. The M4 Sherman Tank Epic Information Thread.. (work in progress)

    The A57 is really hard to find parts for on the USA. I only know of two that run with the right motor. Plus it looks like it has part of an m4a1 or m4 engine deck.
  8. The M4 Sherman Tank Epic Information Thread.. (work in progress)

    It's an M4A4, but it looks like it's been converted to an R975 I think.
  9. Scale Models Megathread

    I wouldn't recomend the M26 kit to someone new to building tank models, but I got more pleasure building it, than frustration from the fit issues. If I recall right, and of course, photobucket ate these, but I may have the originals... the gun fit was loose enough it always pointed down, there were some easy fixes for this, all pretty minor. The was, the hull had inserts, that acted as a hull reinforcement and engine compartment detail, and one was warped, so getting the suspension was a bit of a pain. The detail was very good, and it came with complete powerpack and a bit of photoetch to spruce the engine compartment up. You can see how I solved it, if i had to do it again I would heat it up and just bend it back true before gluing... This has the Shell on the right is the Hobbyboss, the left is the terrible old dragon kit, and the middle is the very nice, but low detail Tamiya M26. That was probably the best looking tank kit I ever built.
  10. Scale Models Megathread

    The only HobbyBoss kit I built was their first M26 pershing in 1/35, and it was a nice but several parts were warped, making it a pain. It was a cool kit though, I'd buy another one, in fact I wanted to get the M26 with the long gun they put out.
  11. Scale Models Megathread

    You know, I always assumed, if you didn't build models as a kid you wouldn't as a teen or adult, you would never start it, but that's probably not true. For me it always went with reading about history, what better way to get a good idea what something looked like, than to build a scale model of it. My problem now is my hands are not as steady, so doing fiddly bits, like the crazy small P/E clamps and shit common on today's higher end models. The biggest problem is not having a dedicated room for it, the paint smells give me wife migraines. I do plan on building again, I kept all my tools and paints, when I purged my kits by sending them to the snowy north so some dirty commie could build them. I think I'm an oddball in model preference too, cause I really like big scales, like I love Airfix's 1/24 airplanes, I got one for christmas one year and an airbrush, it was the Hurricane with all the removable panels so you could see the guns and motor. I thought it was so trick the gauges were clear plastic in a detailed cockpits. I also loved building the big scale Tiger from tamiya, like 1/24 on that too, not as big as 1/16, but the turret roof came off, and the hull roof and it was detailed on the inside, and had individual link tracks and working torsion bar suspension. I still have an un built 1/32 Tamiya zero on the shelf behind me with an RC M26 Pershing from Tamiya on next to it, and a cheapy Chinese RC Sherman.
  12. The M4 Sherman Tank Epic Information Thread.. (work in progress)

    E9 They did cover it over on Sherman Minutia. http://the.shadock.free.fr/sherman_minutia/e9suspension/e9suspension.html I'm not sure if they saw any combat in WWII.
  13. Scale Models Megathread

    Don't get me wrong, I love the hobby, I just don't have the space or money for it. I just don't know a single kid or young adult even remotely interested. That's kind of sad considering how amazing the models are now.
  14. Scale Models Megathread

    Isn't a dying hobby supposed to get cheaper?
  15. WoT v WT effort-thread

    I'm stoked, the current Corsair models are all smelly shit, they -1 models have cockpit floors for fucks sake! The prop hubs look like a 60s monogram model they are so ugly and wrong. They don't say they are upgrading the old ones, but it would be a travesty not to.