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  1. Scale Models Megathread

    My big meat fingers can't deal with small stuff like that, kudos, and very nice!
  2. I think the push on identity politics, and the new revolution, BS is that point.
  3. Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread

    Did they paint them up as Enola Gay and Bockscar? It's great to see both flying again!
  4. Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread

    Is that the one were the dumb Nazi pilot got lost and landed in England?
  5. Some fuckers defaced the Lincoln Memorial, I think they spray painted "Fuck Law" on it...
  6. Books About Tanks

    Of course not, I think it just lets us be a little snarky about him when dealing with boos, and those types.
  7. Books About Tanks

    I have the Jentz book on the same subject, but not that one, I think it's pathetic Jentz has no notes or sourcing.
  8. WoT v WT effort-thread

    So doing it lol
  9. WoT v WT effort-thread

    Lol nice how'd you do it?
  10. WoT v WT effort-thread

    You know, I hate to admit it, but I'm really enjoying WT now. What have I become?
  11. The M4 Sherman Tank Epic Information Thread.. (work in progress)

    I just put this together too The Chrysler Engine that could have been: The A-65 V12, if the war had gone on, there could have been some hotrod Shermans. Chrysler Corporation had a big impact on the war, and US Tank production. They produced the first, and the model for the others, Tank Arsenal CDA. They also came up with the A-57 multibank tank motor, that powered a significant number of Sherman tanks. They produced this fantastically complicated, but also reliable motor in a very quickly, and even though the US Army and Marine Corps thumbed their noses at it, it was well liked by the British. Chrysler on their own dime came up with a water cooled, V12, tank motor, and offered it to the Army. It took them about a year to come up with three trial motors. These 1568 cubic motors started out at 650 horsepower at 2600 RPM and 1485 pounds of torque at 1600 RPM on the test stand. They came in around 3840 pounds, but there was a proposed all aluminum version that have dropped nearly 1000 pounds. Designing and producing the prototypes, cost a grand total of 358,000 bucks, that’s over 5 million in today’s dollars. During the dyno testing period, they had a few problems with the fan drives, but these were solved with improved oiling and rolling bearings, and these seemed to have solved the problems. They used an M4A4 as a test vehicle, and had to stretch it another 9 and 1/2 inches to fit the new motor. Installed and ready to roll the thing came in at 69,170 ponds, and a stock M4A4 came in at 69,640 pounds! Installed, the early versions had 549 horsepower, but they upped the compression ratio and got it to 580, and it was improved even more with some carburetion changes. They made the compression change by swapping and a cam change during the in vehicle testing phase. Further testing led to the intake and carb changes. All the while the motor was being swapped in and out, and driving tests done. The automotive tests were very successful, and that was using the stock powertrain of the Sherman, though with so much power, they decided a gear change would help. By swapping the original 3:53:1 gears for 3:05:1 gears, they A65 was still able to beat an M4A43 in a drag race! The engine was so promising, it’s an interesting mystery why the Army never developed it further. Much like the GAA, there was much more performance potential in this motor, and the Army never took it any further. I suspect what ultimately killed this motor, was the same thing that killed the GAA, the Army was looking at air cooled motors for the future, because you can save a lot of weight, if there is not liquid cooling system needed. Special thanks goes out to Chris R, one of our readers and a source contributor, sent me a nice little history on the motor. Thanks again Chris, sorry it took so long!! Sources: Sherman, by Hunnicutt, and 1943 A-65 Tank Engine History
  12. The M4 Sherman Tank Epic Information Thread.. (work in progress)

    Nice, I just added that to my Sherman tank site new post, for a little extra content.
  13. The interesting ship photos/art thread.

    would look better burning and sinking.
  14. The M4 Sherman Tank Epic Information Thread.. (work in progress)

    Coool, I'll download them abd stick them up on the site tonight.
  15. The M4 Sherman Tank Epic Information Thread.. (work in progress)

    Not out of hand. I'll see if I can find something at home, at work on phone.