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  1. The M4 Sherman Tank Epic Information Thread.. (work in progress)

    Yeah night vision, with these lights. That's a wonky looking toy tank!
  2. It wouldn't be the first time the left made shit up to ruin a rightwinger.
  3. Trade-offs in WWII Fighter Design

    Don't forget the wonderful for making the plane handle poorly so it was drained before the drop tanks behind the pilot fuel tank in the P-51D.
  4. The M4 Sherman Tank Epic Information Thread.. (work in progress)

    I wonder how common it was for Canucks to wear helmets, maybe it helped keep the floppy upper head in place?
  5. The M4 Sherman Tank Epic Information Thread.. (work in progress)

    Hmmm yeah, but note the guys in berets in the background as well, and the funky wire sight in front of the main commander. Maybe UK crews used helmets in Italy? Maybe they are something odd like South Africans.
  6. WoT v WT effort-thread

    I have to say I'm enjoying the War Thunder 100 "Team Air Battle Or Tank battle" mode. Tanks is interesting, you can use the whole map and be sneaky with fast tanks and you get good cash and RP. Air is harder but still interesting.
  7. WoT v WT effort-thread

    Nice. I suck at tanks with no turrets.
  8. Trade-offs in WWII Fighter Design

    The V1710s power growth and the turbo system in the P-38 made it very cutting edge for when it first flew. One of it's main flaws, the mess that was the cockpit was never address, unlike in the Corsair and P-47.
  9. Trade-offs in WWII Fighter Design

    It was very pricey, but the late model J and L birds were reliable and very long legged. The 475th Fighter group was flying into Indo-China, (vietnam) from the Philippines late in the war looking for kills. The J and L birds had extra internal wing fuel tanks, and could lug a pair of 300 gallon drop tanks. Plus Lindberg had come though and shown them had to really stretch the P-38s range out, by running high manifold pressure with very lean mixtures. Things the guys in Europe never figured out.
  10. Trade-offs in WWII Fighter Design

    Is the P-38 the exception to to the heavy fighters being a failure rule? It was a very successful fighter and well like by most users, 8th air force guys who couldn't figure out how to maintain it aside.
  11. The interesting ship photos/art thread.

    Is that the HMS "I don't get no respect"?
  12. The M4 Sherman Tank Epic Information Thread.. (work in progress)

    Yeah and the rear sight of the Garand looks weird.
  13. Celebrities that are now dead

    Wow, that actually makes me sad. I loved the Higgins character.
  14. Watching this to remember the LOLs we had on TS that night. IT. WAS.FUCKING.GLORIOUS!