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  1. Is that like the AK versus AR debate in the gun world?
  2. Does the sap have to get deep inside you to kill or can skin contact get you?
  3. Nice thing about tanks, is you don't need an airbrush, and the weathering can be used to hide brush strokes in the paint. My best tip for brush painting, get good brushes, not cheap hobby-store stuff, go to an art-store, buy good brushes an actual painter would use. Tanks are big, rusty, beat up hunks of steel, so they should look a little sloppy.
  4. Did you guys have a crazy toilet paper shortage too?
  5. Arson was a big thing on Navy ships in the 60s, as was criminal negligence, I wonder what this will turn out to be.
  6. While packing today, for tomorows move I came across a folder, and found a bunch of papers from when my Dad was in the Navy. It also had this photo from VF-121. 121 was the pacific fleet RAG, or the squadron that taught Phantom Pilots how to fly the fleet way, pilots would spend 3 to 6 months in the RAG before getting sent to a VF in a Carriers Air Wing. The Computer and Scanner are still hooked up so I scanned it. My dad is the on in glasses right below the left lower star point, in the second row from the front.
  7. Cool galleries. It always strikes me how much German stuff looks like garbage. Even stuff like the 262 looks barely above Madmax level craftsmanship.
  8. Pretty damning stuff. Even leftists should get why this shit was bad.
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