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  1. Is this the second reporter who got her info by sleeping with the leaker or the same one?
  2. So another case of their guy not saying what they want/need?
  3. Even our bears are snobs... It probably votes progressive too.
  4. Hey look, Trump doing normal stuff, while the democrats try and burn the nation down around him.
  5. Seems like a nothing burger, that will kill off the Biden Campaign. Of course the Democrats are using it as an excused to kinda start impeachment. Timmaaahh is pissed!
  6. Just like Trump said they would. But their lack of credibility with the general public is all Trumps fault.
  7. Hopefully we see some corrupt FBI and DOJ people get arrested soon.
  8. He's doing it wrong. Clearly never played with fire as a child. Just spray the Soy flag down with some WD-40, or any number of spray solvents and it will light right up! Back in the day, before they redesigned the can, WD-40 would blow up with a 20 foot across mushroom cloud, if you tossed it in a camp fire. Being within 50 yards of the fire was not a good idea.
  9. I thought the front antenna mount look M4A4 as well, but you really gota see it from the side. I wonder what gear it was in when it seemed to be bogging down a bit when it was turning?
  10. I think that beautiful Sherman started out life as an M4A4, look at the wheel spacing at .42.
  11. It surely better than Autozone, Napa, or O'Reilly's?
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