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  1. WoT v WT effort-thread

    I wonder if the Cheiftan got the ax, or if he is more of a free roaming employee now. leaving Cali as a business makes a lot of sense, in particular, if your customers are not tied to the office location.
  2. WoT v WT effort-thread

    Huh. They must think you're a WOT plant
  3. WoT v WT effort-thread

    At WOT or the haters page
  4. Hi, I'm MrCatKK and I cannot Post

    Blasphemer!@!! BURN HIM!
  5. WoT v WT effort-thread

    So far I like 1.77, I don't have any high-level tanks, so I can't comment on that part, but the new engine and effects are very nice. It also runs a bit better, and after a dust purge, my system is running better, so I went to full screen on the big moniter, and hooked one of the old ones, to use as a side display, so I can see all the system status windows and the War Thunder Auxiliary Map up and still have 3840X2160 goodness. Some of the new effects in 1.77 are very cool, and I now think WT has a firm edge in graphic beauty. We can see the water rings and improve rain. I have yet to find the "running water" feature, but it does fill holes and make rings from the rain . Here you can see the improved ruts, and how they filled with water. Airplane porn!
  6. Hi, I'm MrCatKK and I cannot Post

    Sure, I mean I didn't know you had any, and if you did, like any dude, would try and hide, it, but sure man, in a non gay way, I could, .... Ok, I can't talk about feelings anymore, I feel like a pansy.
  7. Hi, I'm MrCatKK and I cannot Post

    Your posts so far speak for themselves. You came, you whined, you accused others of being things, and generally acted like an upset child. On top of that, your skill at being snarky an insulting people is subpar. As far as I can tell, you came to this forum to cry over a fraud being exposed, because it ruined your chance to have a good Japanese tank in a shity game. If that's wrong your communication skills need work as well. So the facts I bring to this thread are, that you suck at making a point, at insulting people and fitting in. Improve yourself before attacking others, or prove the OP wrong, if you have a case, and gain a bit of respect(maybe).
  8. Hi, I'm MrCatKK and I cannot Post

    You can have your own dumb opinions, but not your own facts, and you cant make shit up. Clear enough?
  9. Hi, I'm MrCatKK and I cannot Post

    Coming to a forum l like this to whine about a game not being fair to japanese fanboys and supporting a lying scumbag is not a good move if you want to be taken seriously. No one here gives a fuck about your feelings if you're making shit up to make a game better for you and your scumbag weaboo friends.
  10. About Waffentrager’s “Type 5 gun tank” post

    We need a crushing victory icon, with some cool Mortal Combat spine and hearts being ripped out for this thread!
  11. Good, they have disgustingly good retirement benefits. FUck that hipster looking Hillary lawdork.
  12. Books About Tanks

    Man, That AMPS review of Djons book warms my heard.
  13. Books About Tanks

    Is there a Sherman in it? lol
  14. Books About Tanks

    Man, who was the target audiance for that book lol!
  15. There are rumors now, that he may be willing to rat out the others since they let him go down. I don't want to get my hopes up, but I didn't think they would actually can this dickhead either, so maybe it could take place.