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    Department of the Army Technical Manual TM 9-7018: Medium Tank M4A3 Paperback - 1954, by John A. Ridgway M. B. (chief of staff); Klein (Author), Paperback: 810 pages Publisher: Department of the Army (reproduced by Portrayal Press) (1954) Language: English
    This should fill in some holes I have in my Sherman documentation.    
    After this, I need to get ahold of the TM for the M4 or M4A1, I do not have good manual pictures of the R975, I do have a bad copy of the overhaul manual, and am considering pasting in a real image the ones in the manual are so bad. 
    Maybe someday Google will run across good versions of those manuals and rescan them, the M36 and M4A4 TMs scanned  by google are fantastic. 
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