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  1. That's what I figured. I'll have the O/S tomorrow after work, or so the tracking number says. It's laundry night though, so, I may put it together Thursday. I'll be upgrading with water cooling and better fans and stuff once I start to OC. My wife may draw the line at 30$ case fans though... Thanks for the help.
  2. Well, I went with Win7 pro, since I don't want to the hassle of messing around with a new O/S on a system build. It will get here this week. The ASUS Maximus VII MB, ram, and proc all came today. I'll put together what I have Friday or Saturday if the O/S comes. There should be no problem getting it up and running on the on board video, then installing my 660 once windows is in? That way I can keep this computer up and running while I install the O/S on the new one. Waiting on the 980 will suck, but I suppose I should be happy with what I have so far. I'm looking forward to putting it all together, it's been about a decade since I built a PC, but not much has really changed. I’ll post pics of the build.
  3. I'm reading From Hot Air To Hellfire, the history of army attack aviation, by James Bradin.
  4. http://www.combinedfleet.com/baddest.htm This site is a true classic of the internet, with a lot of interesting info if you dig around. I see others claim that the site is wrong, and that the Yamato should score better. I don't buy this, but would love to see a breakdown on how the site is wrong.
  5. Cool stuff. My wife hates ants, they don't bother me at all, I've even eaten them to gross her out.
  6. This is everything I would need right? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16832416804
  7. I'm building a new system over the next few months. I've got a new case, PSU, DVR drive, and hard drive I just ordered the new motherboard, processor and ram. The next thing to order is the OS, and then I’ll use my current GTX 660 until my birthday on the first of the year when the wife is going to get me GTX 980. My question is, should I go with Windows 7 or 8. I’ve heard all the horror stories, and never bought into them in the past. Lots of dudes I respect say 8 is fine. The build so far. NZXT Phantom 410 series in gunmetal WD 1 TB 7200 64mb HD (I’ll add a SSD at some point.) EVGA SuperNOVA 750WS PSU I just ordered these parts. (My wife just let me, best wife evar!!) I7-4790k 4.0 LGA 1150 CPU ASUS Maximus VII Hero LGA 1150 Z97 MB 16 GB of G.Skill Trident X Series ddr3 2133 memory ASUS DVD Rom Drive It will be running a EVGA GTX 660 until I get the new video card. I’ll be adding whatever GTX 980 I can get a good deal on in January, and then things like cool neon fans, the SSD and a water cooling system. I plan to overclock it eventually. So what OS?
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