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  1. And how fast will the Reps turn on him and try and keep troops there like with Syria. The Ghost of McCain will inhabit Mitch and make him a bitch and turn Lindsey back to Warhawk Lindsey.
  2. Be sure and replace the pilot bushing while your in there. I always went with AC Delco or the Ford Brand rebuilds or new parts cause I had some many of the cheaper parts house rebuilds fail right out of the box. I was wondering about the wiring harness, they are not that many years apart, so I bet you don't have to cut much.
  3. Did it come with its computer, and will all your gauges and shit work? I see you got ACDelco parts, and cheaper stuff, smart.
  4. Nice! How many miles does it have on it? The new parts look so out of placed. Its funny to think that thing is pushing 20 years.
  5. Yep, how much of America has lost faith in the FBI and Justice system? I know I have. The shit the DOJ prosecutors have pulled is disgusting, the Weizmann guy withheld exculpatory evidence in multiple cases! They should be a capital offense. These people did something far worse than Watergate, but the Media and Democrats are actually trying to help cover it up, rather than address it, you know, like they should, like the republicans did when Nixon fucked up. Well this time it was a Democrat named Obama who was responsible, and they refuse to even acknowledge it was WRONG, let alone do anything to help clean the DOJ out of all the corrupt Obama appointees. To bad his corrupt Judges will be there until they retire.
  6. I was going to say, but was it on Magnum PI, but it was, as the bad guys chopper most of the time.
  7. They were just trying to solve black unemployment! The Democrats LOVE minority... Servants!
  8. There is an old book from Crysler put out on their factory called 'the tanks are coming'.
  9. I heard the OH-6 was much more popular with Scout crews in Vietnam, was this because, the Rangers were hard to maneuver?
  10. Spicy, but who would can't see the Democrats pulling this after what they did to Bret Kavanaugh.
  11. Luckily, they are just congressmen, not, Senators, who have much more power. They have immense power to out the Democrat party on their support of terror, and antisemitism.
  12. Is my phone messing up or was that a triple?(It was, I fixed)
  13. My point about gun laws exactly, Criminals give no fucks about laws, and those laws might get a law abiding citizen killed by giving him gimped guns, while the criminals can get anything. Pretty sure the one use of full auto weapons in a bank robbery in LA, the weapons were smuggled in from Mexico, those gun laws sure helped there.
  14. Yeah, I want voting rights and gun rights to be the same. They are both super important right, we don't want the wrong people voting, maybe no waiting periods after registering to vote. And don't even start with that racist bullshit about POC being to dumb or poor to get ID, that's so racists, a Democrat must have come up with it.
  15. Yeah, in Murica, we ave this thing called FREEDOM, I think eagles shit it or something, it comes out of things that go bang for sure. Like this thing that goes bang! The Sherman Tank in this video is in PRIVATE hands, and all the machine guns, and them main gun work. The guy who does this channel, owns machine guns, assault weapons, and lots of pointy things, and the guns haven't made him into a criminal yet.
  16. The idea you can control criminals, who ignore laws, with more laws, is amazingly dumb. All these laws that restrict non criminals in what they can own, do just that, restrict none criminals. Why? Because criminals ignore the law... Getting guns is already easy for Criminals, how about making it easier for people like me, or women, the old or crippled, who live in bad areas, to defend ourselves. Defending yourself is a right here.
  17. Oregon sure seems like it has gone to hell, even faster than Cali, at least in some ways.
  18. I always thought Patriot Prayer had a better rep overall too. Seems like a political prosecution by the Portland DA, and won't stand up.
  19. Isn't Joey Gibson, the totally non violent, non white guy from Patriot Prayer, not the Proud boys?
  20. I guess he hasn't heard about how lefties on college campuses are segregating again, this time of free choice lol.
  21. Hey @Priory_of_Sion why don't you man up and define your version of Racism.
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