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  1. So is that like US twitter where just about every word is a lie and they will get away with it cause twitter loves leftists?
  2. Yeah, labeled a Nazi, by people acting like Nazis, who have never read a damn book about the Nazis. Antifa are litterally the Democrats Brownshirts!
  3. Yeah, they are trying to offer America a bucket of bullshit, and the left is lapping it up. The democrat presidential candidates are trying to sell socialism, when the country is doing pretty well, and is finally out of the Obama slump. They must have some very stupid political advisers right now.
  4. Yeah he even told them what he was doing and Nancy and the terror squad took it hookline and sinker. God what a time to be alive lol!
  5. Man, I can't figure out if thats supposed to be insulting or not, the tank choice is of course stupid, it should be gold plated T29s.
  6. It's really amazing, I've seen that shot in black and white all over, but never in color like that.
  7. The truth about their victims not being important to leftist thugs does not actually surprise me. The supposedly good people on the left not coming out against it, is also not surprising. The lefts strongly condemning their own thugs, rapists, misogamists, and racists would be a surprise though.
  8. Yeah, is anyone surprised that the left "tolerates" violent activists?
  9. I concur! I wish we had some more shots of those boxes, tanks, cool looking stuff, on the back of the tank though.
  10. Cool, but the, why not restore some of the common ones to working condition, they have an HVSS M4A1 76 tank and they have very little historic value...
  11. Yeah good points on the Brits using only M4s, and the grousers compartment, I didn't spot that. I bet it has far more to do with money, and money to operate them once restored than any actual fire hazard, but I suppose that could be a worry, since armored vehicle museums burn down so often...
  12. They have some nice looking Shermans. I wish they had the money to do more than static displays though.
  13. The turret marking seems like something the Brits would do, its an M4A3 105 tank or maybe an M4 105.
  14. Yeah, its the red line for so many gun owners out there is not even funny. Luckily Harris has no chance. She slept her way to the top of a corrupt system in California and has too many skeletons in her past to be really viable, plus her nasally whiney voice may in fact cause cancer.
  15. So do the Russians have some dank old warehouse, in the back corner of some old base that has Sherman tracks and suspensions, and motors just sitting in crates? Are they running the proper motors or have they found something more modern they can slap in?
  16. I really liked his books. I've purchased WoW and WaR three times, the actual books, the kindle version, and just recently on audible. Great books, and a pretty good history lesson too. I wonder what he thought of this crazy world before he went...
  17. This was pretty good. There was a very amusing wehraboo question about the first assault weapons, and how could the US Army deal with such superweapons right at the end. The person asking the question is super annoying.
  18. That's interesting, I wonder if the tank had an M2, then had an M3 put in and they just tossed the counterweight inside and shipped it to the USSR? The M3 in the parade is the same M3 that was recovered from the ocean?
  19. Wait, so, the Russians, Ukrainians, British, Australian, and now the Italian governments may have messed with our election, by working with our own intelligence agencies, to stop trump and or help Clinton?
  20. It's good, it's like an M18 with armor, so you don't have to worry about being machinegunned. It also goes very fast in reverse.
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