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  1. I didn't really believe the whole "Ukraine are neo nazis!!!" thing and dismissed it as propaganda, specially when there's stuff like this in Russia.
  2. That's just... why aren't they even arrested? I know the Ukrainian Army has Neo Nazis and Chechen fighters in it, but I thought that they would not be known/in few numbers..
  3. Some more: 767-300 Flight Crew Operations Manual For Norwind Airlines - Document Number D632T001-36NRW - Revision Number: 9- Revision Date: August 16, 2013 Polkarpov Po-2 technical manual TECHNICAL MANUAL, ENGINEERING HANDBOOK SERIES FOR AIRCRAFT REPAIR, GENERAL MANUAL FOR STRUCTURAL REPAIR T.O. NAVAIR 01-1A-1 - 1 APRIL 2015 NAVAIR 01-245DB-2-1.2 (6-1 to 6-49) part 1 NAVAIR 01-245DB-2-1.2 (6-50 to 6-86P) part 2 NAVAIR 01-245DB-2-1.2 (6-87 to 6-108) part 3 WW2/Korean War stuff is also allowed, right?
  4. Oh, OK. Thanks. Still though, my point was that training is the key in tank performance not the tank itself. (though there are some tanks which just can't do good right now even with exceptional crews. mainly very old ones.)
  5. There was a picture of a destroyed tank that looked a lot like a T-80 in Yemen. I'll try to find it again. I found it very strange because I didn't think UAE bought T-80s. For the BMP-3, there was also an incident when an ATGM crew managed to ambush a BMP-3.
  6. So uhh.. did the 2S35 do a show today? photo.rae2015.ru wasn't updated today.. I thought RAE 2015 is from 9 September to 12 September?
  7. UAE T-80s and BMP-3s also exploded nicely when used improperly.
  8. Yes. T-55 Enigma. Iraqi upgrade for T-55/T-55A. It has ceramic spaced armor (no idea if this is better than normal spaced armor). The idea might not seem impressive to you, but it's actually very good vs Iran because at the time the Enigma was made, Iran was doing nothing but spamming HEAT shells.
  9. Which subject? Chrysler XM1 being chosen? Or XK1 being based on GM XM1/Chrysler? If it's the former, I can give you one. But the latter.. no. K1 development is very hard to follow.. only Korean books talk about it sadly. Maybe a few French books too, but I don't know how to speak French.
  10. Kind of. The K1 takes inspiration from both the Chrysler XM1/M1 and the GM XM1.
  11. Hi. --- "Russian Falcons": (that fake canopy camo is 10/10)
  12. It's not a cupola per se, it's more of a steel block... Hatch? It blocks frontal visibility, but protects you from frontal small arms fire. T-72 is the same, but it has glass in the middle so you can see.
  13. Does this count? Iraq. M1A2 vs MiG-25. My friend (he's that guy with the camera) said that they were surprised to see it actually looking good after this. Obviously it was ruined, but it looked in OK condition for being run over by a 70 ton tank (I know the official weight of the M1A2 is much lower than that, but they carried more than average loadout there).
  14. They didn't need them. They were meant to be used as ambush/defense tanks. You are meant to know where the enemy was comming.. Most of the time anyway. German crews did like German cupolas, though (and tbh, their cupolas are much better than the T-34 "hatch". Should've used T-72 style hatch with glass in between. The early T-34 one protects you from fire, sure, but it also blocks visibility). If I am not wrong, it was Otto Carius who designed the Leopard 1's cupola. It's not a tank though.. At least by German classification. (though the StuG IV did replace Panzer IV losses funnily enough. along with the Jagdpanzer IV) I don't know much about the Kanonenjagdpanzer, but it seems to use StuG III Ausf. G style cupola? You sure...? IIRC they only had scherenfernrohr for the commander and a telescope sight for the gunner.
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