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  1. To be honest, I don't remember. I think the difference is very minor and mostly in interior. My friend says it's something after the SU-37 based on its camo, but I have no idea, sorry. (should be worth noting that no Russian service plane has a thrust vector iirc, so don't look for in service Flankers. Check out prototypes/demonstrators)
  2. Thrust Vectors Not sure what plane though.. SU-30M demonstrator? SU-37?
  3. Posted this in the T-50 thread, but here's it again. T-50 Control Surfaces.
  4. Found this Dropbox a long while back. Not sure if it applies, though. Not mine.
  6. Sorry, won't use NATO name again Here, glorious Krokodil:
  7. F-18 w/ Thrust vector experiment. Very cool camo too. NATO training in the 80s: Epic picture of Mi-24, Ukraine: Apache More Hind: Will post more Hind later.
  8. And the list goes on, US: Aparent AN/APG–68(V5) Operations Guide, Used on F-16C Aircraft NAVEDTRA 14014A Ch. 9 Aircraft Ordnance Weapons File 2003-2004 AIM-4F Falcon Characteristics Summary September 1963 AIM-4D Falcon Standard Missile Characteristics September 1963 APPROVED NAVY TRAINING SYSTEM PLAN FOR THE AIM-7M/P SPARROW MISSILE SYSTEM N88-NTSP-A-50-8008C/A NAVY TRAINING SYSTEM PLAN FOR THE AIM-9M SIDEWINDER MISSILE SYSTEM(FOR MODELS THROUGH AIM-9M-10) N78-NTSP-A-50-8105C/A NAVY TRAINING SYSTEM PLAN FOR THE AIM-9X SIDEWINDER MISSILE SYSTEM N88-NTSP-A-50-9601A/A APPROVED NAVY TRAINING PLAN FOR THE AIM-9M SIDEWINDER MISSILE SYSTEM (FOR MODELS THROUGH AIM-9M-8) A-50-8105B/A DRAFT NAVY TRAINING SYSTEM PLAN FOR THE AIM-54 PHOENIX MISSILE N88-NTSP-A-50-8007C/D APPROVED NAVY TRAINING SYSTEM PLAN FOR THE AIM-120 ADVANCED MEDIUM RANGE AIR-TO-AIR MISSILE N88-NTSP-A-50-8111C/A A-10/GAU-8 Low Angle Test Firings Versus Simulated Soviet Tank Company NPS-50-80-008 A4D-2 Standard Aircraft Characteristics Naval Air Training And Operating Procedures Standardization Manual A-4A/B/C F-16A-B MLU Pilot Guide Part 1 F-16A-B MLU Pilot Guide Part 2 Pilot Operational Procedures of F-16 USAF Test Pilot School F-4 Phantom II Guide USAF T. O. 1F-4C-1-2 Flight Operating Difference Supplemental Data USAF Series F-4E Aircraft Thunderbird Configuration NATOPS Flight Manual Navy Model RF-4B Aircraft NAVWEPS 01-235FDC-1 NATOPS Flight Manual Navy Model F-4J Aircraft NAVAIR 01-245FDD-1 NAVAIR 01-F14AAP-1B NATOPS POCKET CHECKLIST F-14B AIRCRAFT NATOPS FLIGHT MANUAL NAVY MODEL F−14D AIRCRAFT XB-35 Pilots Handbook YB-49 Pilots Handbook YRB-49A Pilots Handbook YF-12 Utility Flight Manual 747-400 Flight Crew Operations Manual Boeing 747-400 Operations Manual Saab SK35C Draken Flight Manual SFI FPL SK35C 29 October 1994 YF-23A DECLASSIFIED UTILITY MANUAL NATOPS FLIGHT MANUAL NAVY MODEL AV-8B/TAV-8B 161573 AND UP AIRCRAFT Now, an important note: My interest in Aviation is not as high as my interest for Ground/Mechanized forces. Most of these manuals, books, etc were collected by my friend.
  9. Well, bad for the Saudis. Though they and the UAE forces have shown incompetence at using fighting vehicles so far. I wonder how are the Leclercs doing. [if they're even being used] We'll see how it goes, though keep in mind only a few Middle East/African countries recovered from big movements like these. I don't think Yemen will be any different.
  10. If they can use it, it would help them a lot against the Saudis/UAE.
  11. Here's a bunch of stuff: Guide on using E-24 in MiG-23ML Part 1 Guide on using E-24 in MiG-23ML Part 2 Supposed digital transcription of Mi-24V(P) Pilots notes MiG-21Bis Performance Analysis Tumanskiy R-25-300 Luftwaffenmaterialkommando GAF T.O. 1F-MIG29-1 Flight Manual MiG-29 (English) SU-27SK Flight Manual Part 1 SU-27SK Flight Manual Part 2 ICAS2002 Congress - Generations of Su-27 Fighter - Mickhail A. Pogossyan, Mickhail P. Simonov, German I. Zagainov, Alexy Z. Tarasov - Sukhoi Aircraft Design Bureau, Russia Aviation Week September 24 1990- Su-27 British Pilot Report (1 of 2) Aviation Week September 24 1990- Su-27 British Pilot Report (2 of 2) Russian performance charts for many planes --- Vulcan B MK. 2 Aircrew Manual Hunter F.1 Pilots Notes Sea Hawk F.2, F.B.3&5 and F.G.A.4&6 Pilots Notes Sea Hornet F.20 Pilots Notes Venom FB.4 Pilots Notes --- Mirage 2000C Manual I'll do US stuff later.
  12. Yes, Houthis, title translation of the video is "The Saudi Apache rains gunfire and missiles on the Houthis" It's captured, right? At least that's what the text says. This is pretty bad..
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