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  1. No love for He-280 ;-; (damn you Willy for fucking up the project)
  2. You see tovarish, they're Germans. From glorious Germany. They have to keep tradition of armor development! IS-3 vs Tiger II armor! See?
  3. The new BR shit makes me really consider saying fuck you to WT.
  4. Steel Beast values are also outdated.
  5. Need moar speed Yeah, we have people here from Libya, Syria, etc telling us that most of the terrorists are not actually of Libyan/Syrian/etc origin, and there are many foreigners. Kinda scary to be honest. Hired PMCs..? Meh.
  6. Need more Russian help. Good. It seems to be certainly better.
  7. I am a: - WT forum veteran - WoT forum veteran scout - AW forum veteran so yeah, I got all the diseases already.
  8. "March of the martyr brother with his rigged vehicle that weights 8 ton towards his goal to bomb the [..] in the blockade North East "Two Villages" city." ^ translation. The [..] is something I really can't translate.
  9. That explosion... BIG waste of a BMP.
  10. 100% not an Arab: http://i.imgur.com/5wCj9pL.jpg That AK is weird btw: http://i.imgur.com/Z11HIUd.jpg
  11. What's up with everyone calling everything "Tiger"? (Nimr means Tiger in English)
  12. The M1A2S did not have the bustle closed at that time.
  13. Standard export M1A2 without DU I think. (funnily enough Morocco is going to get a bunch of DU equipped Abrams soon)
  14. Hell, even Iran was planning to replace them with M-84s. Which are modified T-72M1s...
  15. But think of the Chieftain fanboys man! I still can't forget the AW thread about the Chieftain...
  16. Surprise T-64 comes and says hi Suddenly the AMX-30 is useless until 1982, when it finally got APFSDS. Though I highly doubt they'll add the T-64 in WT. At least for now.
  17. If I am not wrong, they already said Russian actions are counter productive. Which is bullshit, but this is America we're talking about.
  18. But the -85 has better penetration than the KT, yet much lighter, smaller and has better shells.
  19. The amount of Soviet/Russian haters on WT forums... pfft.
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