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  1. Standard export M1A2 without DU I think. (funnily enough Morocco is going to get a bunch of DU equipped Abrams soon)
  2. Hell, even Iran was planning to replace them with M-84s. Which are modified T-72M1s...
  3. But think of the Chieftain fanboys man! I still can't forget the AW thread about the Chieftain...
  4. Surprise T-64 comes and says hi Suddenly the AMX-30 is useless until 1982, when it finally got APFSDS. Though I highly doubt they'll add the T-64 in WT. At least for now.
  5. If I am not wrong, they already said Russian actions are counter productive. Which is bullshit, but this is America we're talking about.
  6. But the -85 has better penetration than the KT, yet much lighter, smaller and has better shells.
  7. The amount of Soviet/Russian haters on WT forums... pfft.
  8. Passed recoil tests without stabilization LOL 5 countries ordered it from KMW btw.
  9. Da, of course tovarish, they cannot use something so filthy as the T-64. They're of course using the world's best MBT ever, which has ERA that can defeat space laser deathrays; the T-64BM2!
  10. Well now, they claim that this IFV is the best thing ever and can survive every single ATGM in existence.
  11. This thread is just begging for this gif: --- There was a video about the Leclerc which made me turn off youtube comments because of how retarded it is. I'll try to re find it.
  12. As a T-80 fanboy, the cancellation of the Object 292 is a great disappointment. I wonder why they pulled it out now though... Then again, they also pulled out the MiG 1.44. Wait.. LP-83 on T-14?
  13. That Oshkosh thing... Why is everything modern so ugly? F-15/F-16 > F-22/35, F-14 > F-18, etc.
  14. Comparison with NATO tank pricing. Leopard 2A6M costs around 10 - 12 million USD. Leopard 2A7+ costs 38 million USD. (no official number given, but I got that number from the deal with Qatar)
  15. Interesting.. I guess there are also other classified cases like this? Also, a bit of a half off topic here but:
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