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    Mohamed A got a reaction from Jeeps_Guns_Tanks in Aerospace Documents Collection Point   
    And the list goes on, US:
    Aparent AN/APG–68(V5) Operations Guide, Used on F-16C Aircraft   NAVEDTRA 14014A Ch. 9 Aircraft Ordnance   Weapons File 2003-2004   AIM-4F Falcon Characteristics Summary September 1963   AIM-4D Falcon Standard Missile Characteristics September 1963   APPROVED NAVY TRAINING SYSTEM PLAN FOR THE AIM-7M/P SPARROW MISSILE SYSTEM N88-NTSP-A-50-8008C/A   NAVY TRAINING SYSTEM PLAN FOR THE AIM-9M SIDEWINDER MISSILE SYSTEM(FOR MODELS THROUGH AIM-9M-10) N78-NTSP-A-50-8105C/A   NAVY TRAINING SYSTEM PLAN FOR THE AIM-9X SIDEWINDER MISSILE SYSTEM N88-NTSP-A-50-9601A/A   APPROVED NAVY TRAINING PLAN FOR THE AIM-9M SIDEWINDER MISSILE SYSTEM (FOR MODELS THROUGH AIM-9M-8) A-50-8105B/A   DRAFT NAVY TRAINING SYSTEM PLAN FOR THE AIM-54 PHOENIX MISSILE N88-NTSP-A-50-8007C/D   APPROVED NAVY TRAINING SYSTEM PLAN FOR THE AIM-120 ADVANCED MEDIUM RANGE AIR-TO-AIR MISSILE N88-NTSP-A-50-8111C/A   A-10/GAU-8 Low Angle Test Firings Versus Simulated Soviet Tank Company NPS-50-80-008   A4D-2 Standard Aircraft Characteristics   Naval Air Training And Operating Procedures Standardization Manual A-4A/B/C   F-16A-B MLU Pilot Guide Part 1   F-16A-B MLU Pilot Guide Part 2   Pilot Operational Procedures of F-16   USAF Test Pilot School F-4 Phantom II Guide   USAF T. O. 1F-4C-1-2 Flight Operating Difference Supplemental Data USAF Series F-4E Aircraft Thunderbird Configuration   NATOPS Flight Manual Navy Model RF-4B Aircraft NAVWEPS 01-235FDC-1   NATOPS Flight Manual Navy Model F-4J Aircraft NAVAIR 01-245FDD-1   NAVAIR 01-F14AAP-1B NATOPS POCKET CHECKLIST F-14B AIRCRAFT   NATOPS FLIGHT MANUAL NAVY MODEL F−14D AIRCRAFT   XB-35 Pilots Handbook   YB-49 Pilots Handbook   YRB-49A Pilots Handbook   YF-12 Utility Flight Manual   747-400 Flight Crew Operations Manual   Boeing 747-400 Operations Manual   Saab SK35C Draken Flight Manual SFI FPL SK35C 29 October 1994   YF-23A DECLASSIFIED UTILITY MANUAL   NATOPS FLIGHT MANUAL NAVY MODEL AV-8B/TAV-8B 161573 AND UP AIRCRAFT   Now, an important note: My interest in Aviation is not as high as my interest for Ground/Mechanized forces. Most of these manuals, books, etc were collected by my friend.            
  2. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to AutumnStorm in Fucking NERA everywhere   
    Long time lurker, just wanted to thank you guys for this thread. Working on a self-designed MBT, and this was probably the easiest-to-find source for 'composite' armor construction. I honestly thought for a time that these tanks were just covered in these thick sandwiches of ceramics and metal. >_>
    Thanks a ton for the reference material.
  3. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to Collimatrix in ATGMs and RPGs for infantry - a thread for rebels around the world to choose their ATGM supplier.   
    The soldier on the right of the picture is hand-feeding this poor orphan baby rocket launcher so it can grow up to be a big, strong RPG-29.
  4. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to LoooSeR in Ukrainian armor - Oplot-M, T-64M Bulat and other.   
    They don't want to start full-scale production of those. A lot of their projects don't involve changes in engines, autoloaders, gun mounts, or any other work that demands a lot of expansive R&D.
  5. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to LoooSeR in Syrian conflict.   
    Release the Captain Obvious! 
  6. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to Khand-e in Syrian conflict.   
    Considering it's you, I thought your suggesting would be closer to "Splitting multiple atoms over the Syrian state."
  7. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to Collimatrix in The Small Arms Thread, Part 8: 2018; ICSR to be replaced by US Army with interim 15mm Revolver Cannon.   
    Let's all take a trip back to the late 1970s and early 1980s.  This was the time of punk.  This was the time of despair.
    Punk was all about minimalism; strip everything down to a few chords, wear clothes you fished out of a garbage can or made yourself and infect yourself with parasitic worms so that when you vomited on some other asshole in a fight, they got parasitic worms too.  It wasn't pretty, but it was cheap and it worked.
    Punk was about to hit pistol design in a big way.  The aglockalypse was just around the corner.  The glock is the practical application of punk to the art of small arms design.  It's reminiscent of John Browning's early striker-fired design prototypes for the hi-power, only made out of plastic and missing half the parts.  Not pretty, but cheap and it sure does work.
    The world was very different in the punk era.  Remember that in the United States, violent crime increased dramatically in the late 1960s.  In the 1970s they were still figuring out what to do about that.  They hadn't had a few decades for the idea that gunfights were just something that might happen day to day to sink in, so the art of practical handgun usage was in a pretty sorry state.
    Or rather, practical handgun knowledge was in a hilariously bad state at the time.  I read through a police marksmanship manual from the late 1960s or early 1970s; it's like an infantry tactics manual written pre-WWI.  It's heartbreakingly naive because they hadn't seriously had to seriously think about the problem before then.  They had come from a more peaceful world, and were still getting their bearings in the grimdark of the 20th century.
    This police marksmanship manual still taught the FBI crouch.  The FBI crouch is a sort of distillation of the WWII-vintage Fairbairn-Sykes theory of gunfighting, which emphasized speed over accuracy.  The idea behind the FBI crouch is that you crouch down so that you're harder to hit, and you sort of get your dominant arm that's holding the weapon into a repeatable, ergonomically neutral alignment with the rest of your body so that you can aim with your entire body.  As you can see, this isn't a shooting stance that allows you to use the pistol's sights.  In some variants of the stance, you cross your left forearm over your torso so that incoming bullets have that much more flesh to go through before they start hitting your vital organs.
    Basically, it's the sort of theory of how to gunfighting that you might come up with in a society that, until recently, hasn't been doing a whole lot of gunfighting.
    Everything was in a more primitive state than it is now.  Nowadays you can go into a gunstore and have dozens of brands and styles of pistol ammunition to chose from; hollowpoints of all descriptions line the shelves, each promising to kill people more dead than the next one.  Oh, and you can buy full metal jacket if you need something cheap for practice.  Back then, full metal jacket was the fancy stuff; the most common ammo was cast lead.  Also, cops weren't totally sold on automatic pistols until about halfway through the '70s, they still mostly used revolvers.  Also, almost nobody owned a handgun.  It was considered weird.  Owning a rifle or a shotgun was perfectly normal; what else are you going to go hunting with?  Owning a handgun was weird because handguns are for shooting people, and why are you even thinking about shooting at people you weirdo?  The laws and court precedent for self-defense cases were a lot different then too.  Formerly peaceful society, still coming to grips with the grimdark.
    So, secret about Beretta; they basically want to make hunting shotguns and make up-scale hunting apparel.  They can't design automatic firearms actions to save their lives.  Whenever they have to make something automatic they rely on Germans to design the things for them.  The AR-70, for instance, was originally a joint design effort with SIG (SIG's evolved into the SIG-540/550 series).  The ARX-160 was designed by Ulrich Zedrosser, who, as you might surmise from his name is not Italian.  The Beretta 92 is the last in a line of Beretta pistols that started off basically as clones of the Walther P-38.
    You can imagine it; Beretta in the 1970s doesn't really know what makes an automatic pistol a superior combat piece, although they've been making clones of the Walther action long enough that they can make them work very well.  Cops don't know how to gunfight either; all they know is that these automatics seems a whole lot easier to shoot yourself with than revolvers, so they're going to need some sort of super-duper double safety device.  Some want double action with a decocker, some want a safety as well, someone want a combined safety decocker...
    So Beretta shrugs their shoulders and tries to please all these cop agencies.  Obviously, they're mainly going to be selling these things to cops and military and a very small number of weirdos.
    Meanwhile, Jeff Cooper, Jack Weaver and a small but growing number of practical pistol competition shooters are figuring out how to actually fight with a handgun.  Meanwhile, in Austria, long-standing armament maker Steyr is about to get a nasty surprise when the Austrian Army holds a competition for their next pistol.
  8. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to LoooSeR in Syrian conflict.   
    Head of Human rights watch. 
  9. Tank You
  10. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to Militarysta in Fucking NERA everywhere   
    Yes, I have a some "hard data" :-)
    Polish very very primitive NERA for BRDM-2 upgrade, it was study project:

    Offcial statment after tests:
    And second:
    NERA layout effectivnes for diffrent energetic material in "bulging plates":


    if You want I can post more resercht like this above.
    More or less - typicle SINGLE NERA layer vs typical (copper cone, RDX melt) SC warhed will give circa 22% penetration reduction.  In case other then rubber material - wy have circa 27% reduction for rather NxRA material then pure NERA. Not very impressive?
    Vell, in modern tank we have a lot NERA layers:


    (my model of known M1A1HA side armour...)
  11. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to LoooSeR in General news thread   
  12. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to LoooSeR in Syrian conflict.   
  13. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to xthetenth in I Learned Something Today   
    Odds are that one torpedo against an Iowa would have damaged her range and speed more than her chances of staying afloat. I'm not sure how well her shafts were protected, there's always the chance of a hit like PoW took, but other than that modern battleships usually did pretty well against contemporary torpedoes. US carriers that had a TDS (Jesus fucking christ, Wasp) usually did pretty well, I bet the UK ones would have done fine, since it seems the Japanese problems were poor ventilation and avgas storage that was pretty weak against shocks, and that's particular to their ships.
    As an example, the North Carolina ate a torp from the spread that killed Wasp just forward of the number 1 turret. That wasn't really back far enough to catch the TDS full on, but her list was righted quickly and she was able to maintain formation at 26 kn. On the other hand, the Kongo ate two torps from the Sealion, flooded two of her boiler rooms, and caused progressive flooding (going fast enough to keep the sub from a follow on shot caused wave action to hammer away at her now exposed insides) that eventually caused her to list and be obviously sinking when she exploded.
  14. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to xthetenth in I Learned Something Today   
    I learned that I have a recurrent corneal erosion. I also learned that a go-to treatment for it is a viable way to treat my eyes not actually being very good at focusing light (PRK), so that's nice.
    For those who don't know what recurrent corneal erosion is, it's when the cornea and epithelium don't stick together as well as they should so when your eyes get dry in the morning the epithelium might just decide it likes the eyelid more and suddenly all the nerves at that attachment suddenly get exposed. I've got a real good idea why you get pain pills when they open the eye up there for surgery.
  15. Tank You
  16. Tank You
  17. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to LoooSeR in Syrian conflict.   
  18. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to EnsignExpendable in Ukrainian armor - Oplot-M, T-64M Bulat and other.   
    Video cameras ordered for Azovets APC turn out to be regular webcams for doorbells. Since the Azovets has no optical observation devices and relies on video cameras, trials have ceased.
  19. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to Walter_Sobchak in StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)   
    Unfortunately there was some more to the interview that got lost.  Mostly pertaining to his other book on horses and the German Army.  My favorite comment he made was that he originally wanted to call the book something like "Stuck in the mud and knee deep in horse shit", but the publisher was not so keen on that idea.
  20. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to Walter_Sobchak in StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)   
    Tank and AFVNews.com: Germany’s Panzer Arm in WWII: An Interview with R. L. DiNardo
  21. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to Bronezhilet in BlackTailDefense Doesn't Know Shit About Tank Design   
    It seems we aren't the only ones taking a piss at BTD.

  22. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to LoooSeR in Jihad design bureau and their less mad opponents creations for killing each other.   
    Egyptian SPGs, they took Ural-4320 trucks, added armor and mounted Soviet M46-1M (or Chinese copy) on top.

    Lower picture shows same type of modified truck, but with different gun - a D-30 122 mm howitzer.

  23. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to LoooSeR in Syrian conflict.   
    Did you guys managed to miss a first combat use of Ka-52s? Look at posts about Palmyra operation, ~7-15 pages ago.
  24. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to LoooSeR in General cars and vehicles thread.   
    Well, looks like not very good idea...

  25. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to AdmiralTheisman in The "Today in Military History." Thread.   
    May 4th, 1799: The second Siege of Seringapatam, between the Kingdom of Mysore and the British East India Company and the Indian princely state of Hyderabad, ends with the successful British storming of the fortress-capitol, achieved after a siege of around a month. British guns had achieved in opening up a breach, helped by mines, in a weaker part of the defenses, which was ultimately stormed by British troops. The result of the battle was the death of the Mysorean leader, the Tipu Sultan, who de-facto led Mysore in place of the Wadiyar dynasty. Following the battle, along with re-adjusting Mysore's borders, the British would re-install the previous Wadiyar dynasty, establishing a princely state protectorate. The ultimate effect of the battle was the end of a significant faction opposed to British influence, helping to secure British control over the southern part of India.
     While the extent of Mysore's challenge to the British is debatable (some of the books and sources I have been recently reading bout them take a very pronounced pro-Mysore stance, and in my opinion omit information to attempt to improve their case - ie. over-stating progress in the Mysorean navy's construction schemes by stating only their very ambitious construction goals without stating the actual progress attained, or ignoring military defections), they seem to have generally, at least temporarily under Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan, have been a surprisingly competent and capable force. It is of course easy to recognize the advantage of modern weapons and to attempt to acquire them, something most states during the colonial age succeeded in, the Europeans always being eager to make a profit and to throw a wrench into the gears of their competitors. However, the Mysorean leadership during the period seems to have had a much better grasp than most of the need for supporting institutional infrastructure behind such military machinery; that in addition to having troops with European guns, one also needs effective officer leadership and operational experience, military training, a local industrial base capable of producing one's own weapons, and that infrastructure projects and economic reforms (standardization of weights and measures, promotion of financial systems) are vital for providing the economic base for these armies - and that your helpful foreign "advisors" should be in general taken with a grain of salt; used, but not enabled to make themselves indispensable. While some books may make excessive claims upon the Mysoreans, claiming them to have been of a similar nationalistic fire as the French, and of the same industry and vigor as the Americans, they do seem to have been substantially more effective than the rather mediocre efforts vis a vis the British of the rest of the Indian states during the era.
    Of course, in the case of Tipu Sultan, this is in many degrees overshadowed by religious policy; a debate exists between two sides, one of which claims him to be a stern but fair leader between the Hindus and Muslims of Mysore, while the opposing one claims widespread depredations and discriminations against the Hindu population, as well as large-scale outright massacres in conquered states. It is possible that the second one may bear significant influence from the British, who were always very eager to discredit their rivals (as with all colonizers, although the British are probably the best at propaganda from the lot; it was standard operating procedure to portray local leadership as despotic/immoral/tyrannical/backwards/mentally unsound when they were a nuisance (and to portray them as time-honored/progressive/customary/morally upright/in line with the natural order of things when they were in line properly), Belgian policy against kings in Rwanda forms a good example), but regardless I would have to claim my lack of significant reading upon religious policy from academic sources as to avoid making a firm judgement, although claims about some of the contents of his diary which talked of the conquest of the world by Islam put him in a bad light by modern, western eyes.
    Also reminds me that I should re-read the Sharpe's Tiger, my vague memories involve only escaping some tigers and killing Tipu Sultan. Good romp, sadly the collection I had (most of the series!) was returned to their original bookstore many years ago, although the books are also available online. Reading on a computer is sadly distracting though.

    Tipu's tiger, which also could emanate mock wails of the soldier and growls of the tiger. 
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