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  1. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to Meplat in General AFV Thread   
    The M18 I dealt with was using surplus U.S. 76mm cases, an item of increasing scarcity, topped with modified 3" naval projectiles (the base diameter of the two is the same, but since the 3" operates at a much higher pressure, it has a thicker obturator ring. The process to convert involves turning down this brass ring to allow use in the 76mm.)
    What original fixed 76mm ammo there is in the U.S. is likely a collector's item, and not often fired because of it's scarcity.
    The propellant is surplus, and looks like small animal feed/alfalfa pellets. It's not easy to find on the net outside of dedicated collector's boards, but if you hit the larger shows where there is a NFA/cannon-cocker presence, you'll find more than a few folks selling the stuff in 35 gallon fiberboard drums (as well as projos and casings for a variety of arty, though rarely in volume, at least on display).
    Primers tend to be very hot battery cup type, (similar to what a shotgun uses) though this can vary by the person doing the loading/firing.  I've seen casings with and without primer tubes, there seems to be little hard concensus either way.  Most casings are modified to use an available primer.
    In the realm of turning projos, that's getting common with the 6 pounder/57mm guns. (image related)
    Ballistics can get close, and the ranges most are fired at, the  reticle scaling is not as critical. Excepting a couple shoots, the ranges may as well be point blank. 
    Even the exceptions, the ranges are not really enough for even a marginally warm reduced load in a 76 to drop enough to really matter.
    (There was no split reticle for the M18, BTW, just one set of scales. Most shooters are not using vintage optics anyhow. )
  2. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to ZloyKrolik in General AFV Thread   
    I was talking with my Thursday Night War Game buddies about the incident involving the M-18 owned by Steve Preston. Since I'm the resident tanker they were asking me about what I thought happened. During the discussion, we were talking about what kind of ammo they would have been using.
    That got me to wondering, what kind of ammo would they have been using?
    Surplus ammo? US? Foreign?
    Reloaded ammo? If so, what would the propellant be? Primer? Projectile?
    I figured it would be easy for a machine shop to fabricate a 76mm projectile, but what would you use for the rest? 
    That brought me to think about the balistics of such a round. Would you get close enough to a service round to be able to use the AP or HE reticle in the sight?
    BTW, hello.
  3. Tank You
  4. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to LoooSeR in Ukrainian Civil War Thread: All Quiet on the Sturgeon Front   
    Rebels tanks.



  5. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to LoooSeR in Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread   

  6. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to LoooSeR in Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread   
  7. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to LostCosmonaut in Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread   
    Skylab was pretty big inside.

  8. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to Toxn in The Saudi Arabia is a Backwards, Laughable Shithole Thread   
    Putin in the hours and get paid, son.
  9. Tank You
    Mohamed A got a reaction from LoooSeR in Fallout Thread   

    Feelin' Lucky? by Mohamed2281, on Flickr
    Red Bull Lensflare w/ edits by Mohamed2281, on Flickr
    Scout Sniper by Mohamed2281, on Flickr
    Let Go by Mohamed2281, on Flickr
  10. Tank You
    Mohamed A got a reaction from Sturgeon in Fallout Thread   
    I use FOMM for FNV. Though most of the installing I do is manual. I mostly use it for load order organization, etc. 
    It also works for FO3.
    For Skyrim, I use NMM since there's nothing else really. 
    I use an ENB for graphics along with tons of texture mods. I don't remember all of them, but the ones I remember are NMCs, Ojo Bueno and MGs Neat Clutter Pack, along with EVE and Millenia's WRP. 
    For gameplay, I don't remember. When my PC is fixed, I can give you my loadorder. (but that's a big when.)
    And goodnight, going to sleep now. Talk to you later. Have something I did for fun a few months ago:

    Also, that new Fallout 4 teaser is pretty meh. [the one with the guy blowing brains with a bat]
    But, gore from FO4 from that trailer:

  11. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to Sturgeon in Fallout Thread   
    No can do, chief.
    CDProjektRed should really pay me for how much I shill for them: Witcher 3 has totally ruined my chances of enjoying anything Bethesda's putting out. I wrinkled my nose at Skyrim before, but now that I've played Witcher 3 and have seen what a real RPG is like, I can't even deign to consider them in the same class.
    Oh sure, this sounds all high and mighty of me, but seriously, play Witcher 3. It's not perfect, and it's not the most amazing artistic experience in the world, but it's like if for some reason "car" manufacturers kept releasing horse carriages with revamped body styles every year and then all the sudden, BAM, somebody makes a Hyundai.
  12. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to Sturgeon in Fallout Thread   
    It seriously absofuckinglutely shocked me how Bethesda had the gall to release Skyrim when it was so obviously unfinished. It was basically just a devkit with a demo attached. There are whole unfinished segments of the game lying around in the code, to the degree that modders have actually taken to finishing Bethesda's fucking game for them.
    If you thought that gerrperrscherrs were the only fucking thing that could get me droning on and on for hours like Alex Jones about the New World Order, then you haven't fucking asked me what I think about Skyrim.
  13. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to Sturgeon in Fallout Thread   
    3 is irredeemable garbage. NV is playable. 1 & 2 are totally different games, and much better (though like many games of their generation, they suffer from severe clunk).
    4 has a really nice trailer (alien stretch-armstrong dog excluded). So did Skyrim, Oblivion, and Fallout 3. All were terrible wastes (pun!) of time. 4 will suck because Bethesda brings people into stores ike you wouldn't believe but can't actually make a good game to save their lives.
  14. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to LoooSeR in The Soviet Tank Thread: Transversely Mounted 1000hp Engines   
    Maybe he was looking at picture via smartphone with small screen? Only in GuLAG we will find our answers... :-D
  15. Tank You
    Mohamed A got a reaction from T___A in Fallout Thread   
    A thread about the Fallout series. Although it's in a sorry state now, I hope it somehow improves later. Fallout NV was a good step, but Fallout 4 doesn't look very promising.
    also, I'll post some of my images here.
    Fly.. Fly.. by Mohamed2281, on Flickr
    Bright Future by Mohamed2281, on Flickr
    ^ December 2013 pictures.
    Some 2014 things:

  16. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to Toxn in The Saudi Arabia is a Backwards, Laughable Shithole Thread   
    I dunno. If you look at the top 10, none of them besides the Saudis get the same kind of fawning treatment.
    My personal suspicion is that, just like the Brits, the American upper crust only develops a really personal affection for people who are spectacularly scum-tastic, but in a particular kind of way that speaks to them on some level. The brits, of course, gave their support pretty much entirely to people who were corrupt as fuck, had really sick sexual mores and loved horses. In pretty much that order.
    This leads to the depressing thought that the US leadership caste can only really admire people who are seriously into crony faux-capitalism, monarchy, suppressing workers and bizarre executions. From here I suspect that North Korea is being kept around principally as secret fap material.
  17. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to Toxn in Fallout Thread   
    Speaking of HERESY...
  18. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to Collimatrix in The Saudi Arabia is a Backwards, Laughable Shithole Thread   
    I think there's a pretty easy explanation for Saudi Arabian exceptionalism:

    It's easy to say "Saudi Arabia has a lot of oil," but not see just how much goddamn oil they have.
  19. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to Collimatrix in The Saudi Arabia is a Backwards, Laughable Shithole Thread   
    I want to make this absolutely clear; the only sane and humane course of action is to support the House of Saud against IS at this point.
    Saudi Arabia publicly executes something like a hundred people annually.  For the Islamic State a hundred beheadings is a slow weekday afternoon.
    Saudi Arabia intermittently persecutes and attempts to force conversions of the 15% or so of the population that is Shiite.  IS would just kill them all.
    The House of Saud presides over a justice system where men abusing their wives is ignored with a wink and a nod.  IS has loud, public rhetoric about how Yezidi women will be taken as sex slaves and passed around executed if they fail to please, and they announce this in an attempt to attract foreign fighters to their cause.
    See the pattern?  As wretched and awful as Saudi Arabia is, IS is very clearly worse.  Moreover, IS came to power because of a power vacuum in Iraq; a power vacuum that occurred because the US had taken it upon themselves to eliminate a government there that was without and doubt, completely wretched and awful.  Until the US gets better at forming replacement governments imperialism, knocking over bad governments is just going to cause them to be replaced by much worse, in the long run.
    So as bad as Saudi Arabia is, it's what the world is stuck with.  If the world gets lucky.
  20. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to LoooSeR in The Saudi Arabia is a Backwards, Laughable Shithole Thread   
    Saudi prince was catched with 2 tons of drugs, today in Lebanon.
  21. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to Collimatrix in The Saudi Arabia is a Backwards, Laughable Shithole Thread   
    It occurred to me, while reading LoooSeR's account of how a bunch of peasants are clobbering the expensive Saudi military, that perhaps it was time to take a good, hard look at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  What a vibrant and wonderful country!
    Saudi Arabia leads the world in incest:

    Saudi Clerics have novel theories of science.
    They have a diversified, modern economy, which is definitely not unstable:

    Including a booming agricultural sector!
    What a swell place, with enlightened views on women!
  22. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to Khand-e in StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)   
    Well for reference, if you ignore the effects of hyper sloping, the DGJ02, which he said can only pen 20mm at 1000m compared to the M903's 23mm at 1200m, he gleefully didn't point out that the Chinese tested that against a 60 degree plate for the initial test, so, the actual LOS thickness would be 40mm at 1000m, or, basically what WW2 era Tungsten API could do at only 100m
    He then tried to backpedal and claim he knew the effects of sloping all along because the link he got it from (that he posted much later) said it. despite the fact he listed unsloped numbers for M903, M2, and M8 betrays the fact he didn't. (That or he was being intentionally deceptive, but considering the massive list of idiotic things this guy has claimed or said, I don't think he's smart enough to do that.)
    Lastly, I love his comment that there's not much difference between "full caliber APCR" (as if that line makes any fucking sense in the first place, they're full on AP/API) and M903 APDS (the same round type that obsoleted APCR), let's take a look at core proportion sizes and compare!
    BS (Steel Cored and Tungsten)

    M903 SLAP and M962 SLAP-T



    God, the proportions and projectile/penetrator shape, they're goddamn splitting images of each other! am I looking into a mirror? did Colli spike my drink with DMT as part of my initiation? did I get hit with a stray lawnmower blade and suffer a severe concussion and trauma to the head? no wait, the last one can't be true, that might make me half as retarded as this guy.
  23. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to Khand-e in StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)   
    Also, since I assume that's you Ensign, yes, he tried to back pedal and claim he knew his original figures were against sloped armor all along despite never mentioning it until multiple people called him out on it, even in the case of the DGJ02 where he was either willfully retarded or obviously lying to ignore its against sloped armor, as opposed to .50 BMG SLAP's figure which isn't. and also the unsloped figures for regular .50 BMG M2 AP/M8 API.
    At this rate, he may become the forums next new trend.
  24. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to Toxn in StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)   
    I assume you got paid for the article?
    Because that would be the dictionary definition of making lemonade from lemons.
  25. Tank You
    Mohamed A reacted to Khand-e in StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)   
    Also, one last bit of icing on the cake in regards to this, I assure you he also doesn't realize 14.5x114mm outperforms .50 BMG so hard while even operating at a lower approved pressure (52,000 vs 55,000 psi, not a massive difference at that level by any means, but any margin is some margin.)
    Alex, can you assure I have diplomatic immunity please? seriously fuck this retard.
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