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  1. Israeli AFVs

    That sucker looks mean! Sort of that I may not be a tank but I'll still bash your face in vibe
  2. General AFV Thread

    Yeah it really is a shame because with as hard as he advocates for such systems and the visceral seething hatred he inspires in pretty much everyone, he could singlehandedly manage to turn people against any and all such concepts. That would be a god damn shame too because i agree with you on how awesome it would be to see such systems adopted since they'd be kinda more workable than the current approach IMO. It's aggravating and a bit distressing that "reformers" like him sprey and sparky have actually advocated for quite a few things that really are needed thrown in alongside their other and primarily mind meltingly stupid and insane inane bullshit, inadvertently and often irreversibly tainting the good ideas just as badly as the actual bad ideas in the process! Ideally and amongst actual professionals and thinking men this taint can be overcome quickly and with ease, but amongst the bureaucrat fobbit and pentagon pussy class such taints serve as the ideal and perfect justification for not doing the right thing! If only the "reformers" weren't so blind to the way they enable the worst excesses of their sworn enemies (the entrenched and all powerful gatekeeping bureaucrats) by tainting the good and necessary things they advocate for mostly as a sort of maskirovka to suck in the unwary and inspire in them a confidence and willingness to trust the reformer which he then uses to overcome your good judgement when the big bag of fucking crazy comes out!
  3. LOL I took one look at him before reading anything actually written in the comments and instantly thought to myself "holy shit LOL could it be more obvious that his wife FUCKS HIM every night not the other way around" It could not be more obvious if he was walking bow legged that he's the catcher not the pitcher in his relationship.
  4. C clamp grip the g3 just right and you can lose a thumb or something else equally terrible screamy and compound fracture based
  5. General cars and vehicles thread.

    Tires are exciting so i totally get it... I got my wife a set of "new" (95% tread left still even had knobbies around the edges) for $50 a 12 year old netbook and 2 hours of helping the shop owner because one of his guys didn't show up that day.... I even got to buy ammunition and gun stuff with the money i didn't spend on tires! Was totally worth it
  6. I Learned Something Today

    I was gonna go somewhere totally different with that.... Something something oral sex something lick a 9 volt battery something ..... Trails off... Huh turns out i just really like blowjobs... Nvm folks carry on
  7. General cars and vehicles thread.

    Screw them they're too fucking cheap to buy rubbers, too fucking stupid to stop any of the eleventy twelve places they'll give them to you free (you don't even have to pretend to be a gay teen prostitute at like 98% of them though it does always make the interaction more likely to turn hilarious by at least 43%), and they're too stupid to realize once you've been traveling homeless ppl in a camper shell you actually owe whoever you talk into taking it at least $250 for their taking it off your hands (tyvek suits and hanta virus boosters are expensive god damnit!)
  8. Hahaha hk's balls deep up in the bundestag which is crying softly and nursing it's black eye already... Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of bitches that Winston Churchill was right all along about how they need to be handled... For those unaware, Winston felt and i agree that every 50 years the US the commonwealth and the rest of western Europe need to just mercilessly destroy Germany ....Even if they appear to be behaving at the time we should just do it anyway as a Prophylactic measure because, let's face it people, even when they're being all holier more progressive than thou like now they're still assholes they just headquartered the EU somewhere else it's just lebensbraum with a thin veneer of thoroughly cowed EU officials who technically aren't Germans and sometimes.... They even rewrite the policies the Germans give them to ratify in their own words!.... Talk about mofuckin progress bitches
  9. Hey so i found a pic of what looks to be a new belt and mag fed Chinese LMG (I'm saying Chinese mostly because the mags look awfully 5.8 chinese super waffle patterny mostly, don't eviscerate me if I'm wrong plz!) https://i.imgur.com/01FBVRx.jpg
  10. That's because SOCOM has no idea 5.56 STURGEON SAYS FUCK YOUR COUCH exists... 62 grains of sweet sweet fuck your faggoty m14 and 762 hato
  11. So I'm too excited to wait for the imgur upload to finish fully on the Russ Robinson related archive I'm putting up for you guys. It's mostly the 2 fighting firearms articles and pics from SAR archives. I'll edit in the link Russ Robinson for SH https://imgur.com/gallery/m6Jso
  12. It's barrel doesn't move forward, you are correct... I'm kinda halfway sure i know where the patent fork is, but I'm rereading about 30 patents trying to really narrow it all down which is far from easy. The LWMMG comes from a series of at least 8 major main derivatives in a group of patents that all have impulse average averaged or averaging and short recoil gas operation and etc in the name in varying combinations... Then there's offshoots of the sugg system and two other systems by guys who's names are escaping me right now, one of which is basically the progenitor of the gd LWMMG and the others belong to 806 312 307 etc etc... Plus there's a bunch of ares origin stuff as well as externally powered and self powered armor machine gun competition retreads running around the periphery... (This includes the ARAS guns btw)
  13. If it's hybrid soft recoil it's likely based off a patent by a guy named sugg which is kinda a rehash of some stoner Robinson stuff i think maybe sorta tied to crg-26 and some later ares stuff... But that's kinda a guess there's at least 3 types and separate patent trails on very similar stuff that's really spotty, because a good chunk of all of it may still be classified. Or at least that's what it looks like because you see really early stuff in patent chains that are pretty plainly the early versions of more polished stuff we see later.