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  1. roguetechie

    Documents Repository: Small Arms

    SADF R4 rifle workshop manual RK62 armorer manual Finnish language 1985 publishing date Hughes Guns Working Group Presentation 19 megabytes and 1 and something pages of awesome stuff including falling block CL gun 30mm gas op cannon that looks super familiar and other neatness Russell S. Robinson folder Edit 1 to add: RK62 armorer manual Check back once a month or so on the Robinson Folder, I have much more to add.
  2. roguetechie

    General AFV Thread

    My apologies ... It's been really hot here for a week and heat is very taxing on me which makes me grumpy. No excuses, just an explanation... Again I apologize.
  3. roguetechie

    General AFV Thread

    No, definitely not the wrong thread nor did I click reply to the wrong response. You acted as if the cute little 60mm HVMS thing was somehow in the same league as the Super 75 over the last few of your posts in this thread (it's not) while also making the snarky little comment in another thread that maybe the US "will save itself a few years" by just picking up iron vision for the Bradley thing... It's a trend with you to act like the Israeli whatever is at the very least just as good as ANYTHING ELSE of any kind in any class anyone posts ever! This is your SOP at the bare minimum. In this case you even went as far as to try to throw shade by using an argument from incredulity as your evidence of the outright inferiority of an American project that was being discussed which is just plain better in every way than the "home team solution" you tried to pretend had even some claim to qualitative equivalence etc! Maybe if you had referenced the Ottomatic version your utterly unfounded bias wouldn't have been so glaringly and jarringly obvious, but then again the Ottomatic isn't Izzy either therefore I'm sure It's completely inferior in your mind as well. Which is exactly how the whole iron vision thing ties in and why I brought it up here too even though THAT snarky xenocentric and unfounded bit of commentary exists in another thread. Once again we find you acting as if the product from your home nation is so far ahead in the road to serial production and advanced in function that the US ought to just not even bother with a domestic solution and buy Iron vision instead. The actual reality of the situation though pretty thoroughly fails to match up with your assertions/assessment yet again though if one stops arguing from incredulity in a way that basically comes down to just assuming that your "home team" stuff is unparalleled and revolutionary then reinforcing that by not bothering to actually look to see if it's even remotely close to true! And another tie in here is that ELKE / HSTVL / RDF LT / super 75 etc are in a lot of ways some of the first real even close to successful Western outings into territory that would justify and or even require stuff like an iron vision type system to make them workable.
  4. roguetechie

    General AFV Thread

    Wooooowwww..... I don't know that I can really say anything else here but just.... WOW And Iron vision is the first time ANYONE EVER thought to apply that tech to an AFV too right? Holy fucking shit... 3 shot burst in 3 WHOLE SECONDS *quakes in terror*
  5. roguetechie

    Name that AFV: The New Tank ID thread

    Yeah I have digital copies of the books because while I do ok, I definitely don't do well enough to afford dead tree versions of his books.
  6. roguetechie

    Name that AFV: The New Tank ID thread

    Thanks! That's a really neat picture of a really neat vehicle. I didn't have that one.
  7. roguetechie

    General Mechanised Equipment

    Ugh this just makes my heart hurt... God damnit. Edit: To be clear this is me being disgusted because they have literally done everything possible to set these poor fuckers up to fail in a particularly egregious and painful way. A way that all but guarantees that you're going to cripple and kill guys on the regular all because you refuse to do things even close to right, much less anything approaching effectively!
  8. What really gets me is how similar their production SR1 configuration really is to the Canis Design Group m4 to AK one piece conversion assembly through the stock interface, grip, and magwell right down to the rounded nub forward of the well. Edit: Yeah I know there's only so many possible and somewhat economical to manufacture ways to do such an assembly, but it's still pretty disturbingly close.
  9. Ewww 7.62x39 AND shelf mod... Really? Also, way to make the magwell as derpy as possible!!! I mean, I guess they could have went with the PWS long stroke piston and a bona fide m16a2 fcg for the 9 different trigger pulls all of which suck to truly cap off the derp but God damnit!!
  10. roguetechie

    The Aircraft Carrier Shitstorm Thread

    "oh so that's how they refill those things!"
  11. roguetechie

    Best SS reenactor

    When you email your best friend the link to a China times story about Nazi High Schoolers in Taiwan with the subject line of, 2006? Weren't you in Taipei teaching English around that time? And you get back the response, it really depends whose asking. Jesus Christ... The monkey mask incident with the younger ones was bad enough! I love my best friend, really he's a great guy other than that whole being way too charismatic and fucking demented for his own good thing. Did he actually have anything to do with this particular incident? Probably not... Hopefully not anyway.... Edit to add: No he's not a Nazi, just a highly irreverent asshole that likes talking people into dumb shit stepping back and watching nature take its course.
  12. Call me funny but I'm thinking it's based on it's little brother, this guy. http://patents.google.com/patent/US20100170385A1 I'm also really wondering if we'll see the Knight's rising chamber gun patent make an appearance as well... https://patents.google.com/patent/US20050262750A1/en This Knight's armament patent specifically.
  13. roguetechie

    Gun Science Library

    Meplat, the one Chinn was working on was blow forward. This one is a long recoil constant react/FOOB (firing out of battery) gun designed by Russell S. Robinson, it even lists him as the design engineer in this proposal. A whole bunch of Colt's proposals in this era came from them buying his company. (Robinson Improved Conventional Armaments / RICA) The SAR archives seem to have a pretty substantial chunk of them too including the CR-26 26mm gun/cannon, the lightning system, both his .50/.30 and 9x19 or .45 ACP SSB designs (but not his .30/.15 stuff), and I'm pretty sure that the GPAM had heavy involvement by Robinson and are all in the SAR archives. GPAM gun CR-26 feed system patent illustration CR-26 gun picture
  14. roguetechie

    The Suppressive Effect of Small Arms

    The key thing to keep in mind with Tony and small arms is that his only purpose in writing anything / posting data is to support his slow dumpy low drag gpc concept. He quote mines worse than a young earth creationist with absolutely no hesitation. As far as he's concerned the answer is his gpc and he will straight to your face tell you that only western militaries will ever issue body armor en masse, smart optics can make up for the ridiculously slow time of flight his solution imposes, smart optics will open up engagement ranges that will let a force armed with his gpc pick off the enemy at their leisure at greater than 800 meters regularly, and that full auto fire is all but dead for military individual weapon purposes. Why will he tell you these things? Simple, because if even a single one of those things winds up not being the case his GPC basically becomes completely untenable. And yes, he has said every one of those things to multiple people more than once over the course of multiple years. It's frustrating to watch to say the least, but I'm not writing this because he pisses me off. I'm writing it because it's important for people to know that they're getting pitched not just having a conversation.
  15. Reading the YouTube comments on BF5 Official reveal reaction videos would likely cause the heads of several members of this site to explode. Like the guy who identified the US GI star sporting and OD green kettenkrad as a Churchill class universal carrier... I get that the wolverine claw prosthetic traumatized some people, but damn! Also what was up with that LMG? It looked kinda like an mg45 with ppsh-43 brake and a pistol grip from a STEN mk ii as a foregrip. I liked it personally, but it sure was strange.