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  1. So this is a long shot but here goes I had a pdf from ARL or dtic or brl which had i believe a publishing date of between 2003 & 2008 which was at least 60 pages (but under 200 I'm fairly certain) which i appear to have lost and desperately need back. So, I'm going to give a description below of what it was about and then prostrate and put myself at the groups mercy in the hopes that someone will pity me and help me get another copy! So the document was a report on the designing building and testing of a master control interface for all of the accessories etc mounted to a rifle with an intelligent rail type setup. (Basically a fancy foregrip / high emd flight simulator joystick) I do not remember what they actually called it or etc, but I've taken to mentally referring to such hypothetical setups as an assault rifle HOTAS (IE it's basically the rifle equivalent of a fly by wire sidestick hands on throttle and stick setup) As repayment for any help anyone can give me getting this pdf back, and just plain to contribute to the site, I'll be posting in the next few days a summary / table of contents post and link to an open google docs repository of interesting pdfs that I'm currently populating organizing and writing the posts for which I'll be putting in each of the appropriate document dump topics. I've done my best not to include repeats, and each of my posts will be brief. basically they'll just contain the link, which folder to choose, and the table of contents list with a 1-2 sentence description of what each file contains. I'm also doing my best to make sure file name is just the letter prefixes for which organization's report it is and the report number so people don't download stuff they already have. If anyone knows of documents which cover similar or related subject matter (aka anything covering the aim-lock prototypes, the TRAP remote sniping rig, ANYTHING PCAP especially if it has dimensions etc, anything JHMCS related AR/VR/HUD stuff whether infantry vehicle crew or aviation related, earpro/augmented capabilities in audible infra and ultrasound, haptics/synthetic senses/exoskeleton/performance augmentation of any kind and the computing etc resources to make this all happen, and all things optics/optoelectronic/i2/"ir"/hyperspectral/mmwave/celldar related and man portable or weapon mounted I'm extremely interested in too.
  2. Aerospace and Ordnance discussion/news.

    who doesn't at least give the enforcer props for being both a sexy beast and a flying piece of American nostalgia hearkening back to simpler and better times... Or something like that It's not like Americans are the only people who do it, the early concept art etc that eventually evolved into the mi-24 gunship were basically just the il-2 in helicopter drag.
  3. I'm too busy having fun in the 7.62 rifle rfp comments section to even get excited about the sig slap fights... The current tard I'm sparring with started out white knighting for the m14/m1a until i thoroughly beat his skull against the pavement enough for him to realize he wasn't gonna win... Unfortunately for him he then decided that my first performance was a fluke and took to championing piston AR's instead... I'm now completely convinced that Achilles heel is a gravely misunderstood turn of phrase / concept amongst the people of the dumb....
  4. I looked about like the guy manning the pkm in the instant before my skid steer finished nosing forward and somersaulted into the quite deep open pit we had been excavating on that night the backlot of the tire recycling plant i was working at went up in flames... I remember hanging there staring straight down into that damn pit for what felt like eternity just waiting for the pain to start! LOL good times
  5. General news thread

    It sure was nice of those guys to make the trip all the way there just to show the VDV support! Let's give them a big round of.... Oh .... I see ... Nevermind on the applause they can't hear it where they are now!
  6. Archery Thread

    That guy is pretty amazing.... I'm not at all an archery person but that's still really really awesome in pretty much every way.
  7. It's ok... The boomer die offs will start really picking up in the next few years resulting in not only a shit ton of churn as collections disaggregate and spread to the 4 winds. What's even better, is those greedy asshole boomers completely fucked over their own kids and everyone else so hard economically that when they die their brokeass kids, now saddled with ma and pa boomers death debts etc and needing cash quick will result in a "Market correction" back to some resemblance of sanity as well as actually put historical guns in appreciative loving hands rather than some fat fuck shitbird basement boomer dragon horde.
  8. Seriously I'm all about making me some crazy inbred swamp people measure once clamp bare aluminum in my bench vise monstrosities here and there, but that's what jack squats flat spot is for god damnit! I hate it when people just go hey wtf why fucking not destroy a rare and beautiful historical firearm that sired a legendary line for no discernable reason since starting with someone's already fucked up lr308 magnum opus you got for $200 and a promise it would never come back through the shop's front door EVER AGAIN wouldn't be any fun!
  9. And thus the seed of an idea that would germinate into the ares / fight light / refunds are things honest businesses do silly arfcom group buy dickheads SCR was planted.... If there was any true semblance of the rule of law in this country or ATF stood for something besides always take their firearms, that asshole would have an asshole big enough to smuggle an entire snap on 3/4" drive socket set in both SAE & Metric simultaneously from all the seed bubba the 7 foot cellie planted deep nightly for his entire 15 year bid! ... And the fight lite guy's pretty bad too!
  10. LOL... I've apparently injured some behymens seriously with my comments about Glock today on TFB Poor Notruescotsman his behymen hurts... I was totally willing to leave my initial comment as a standalone comment figuring that even if people didn't like it they couldn't possibly be stupid enough to actually believe i was wrong... Boy was i surprised LOL No please do tell me why my statement/comparison is completely unreasonable and obviously completely outside reality as we know it... It's not like it's EXACTLY THE SAME SITUATION to such an asininely hilarious degree that it's almost disturbing or anything... Wait, yeah that's exactly what it is!
  11. Israeli AFVs

    I like everything about what they're doing here! Even the lack of Spike totally makes sense to me in a sort of "you eat elephants one bite at a time" way. What i mean by this is attempting to integrate spike on top of the APS all in the same relatively small volume and possibly power consumption limitations would have likely added 6-18 months and at least one or two extra zeros to development time and prices. Meanwhile, Moore's law might be rapidly reaching the wall in consumer stuff but properly hardened and certified military computing etc options still seem to have a bit more wiggle room before they hit their wall. What this means to me in this instance is that we're probably very likely to see something spike like show up at worst as a midlife upgrade. At which point, everything about the necessary electronics etc will be cheaper, more robust, and more capable for any given budget. Also, namer looks really F***ing MEAN with that turret, which is AWESOME!
  12. Every time i see anything about AFV drag races i have sparky flashbacks of his rants about the fastest AFV of all time being an m113!
  13. Strela's Car Spotting Thread

    It's a Russian 4x4 of some sort... I read about it on gizmag awhile ago. If i find the article again I'll link it here.
  14. Your Gun Porn Thread

    Tokarev dakka is primo dakka though... Sadly, i can't in good conscience recommend the czechnology flavored primo tok dakka anymore. Especially since i too have a colt hammerless shaped hole in my heart I've crudely patched over temporarily with m57's and tt33's