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  1. Lost with the deep thoughts. I like it. Blood for the Blood God.
  2. I was gonna say something because i heard this had turned into an entertaining dumpster fire, but the blood curdling hysterical histrionics and attempts to pin one's own darkest thoughts on others regardless of how many times they explain calmly you're full of shit isn't funny at all to me. P.s. walt, the REAL majority in this country are very sick of this bullshit, have stopped responding to polls or even expecting anyone to poll them because they hold the "wrong opinions", and are feeling extremely pissed off at people like you and the general utter disenfranchisement this entire pathetic fucking shit show has created.
  3. A fucking Muslim brotherhood agent masquerading as press to keep from getting his and his family their rightful dances with JDAM's
  4. The AN-94 of tank guns? It's a better idea than two actual main guns, which is likely not going to end well if the Russians already had issues with unwanted rotation mounting autocannons. At that point your best bet is likely supersizing the 76 & 90mm CT autocannons we already developed. I can't really speak to the quality of this suggestion, but it's a way to pound out two shots really fast.
  5. I made a comment the other day that i was looking forward to completely unmanned ammunition carriers for a similar reason. Specifically because i know that we will get at least one absolutely hilarious video of a rampaging ammunition carrier marauding through a village while panicked soldiers frantically try to put the beast down with Carl Gustavs. As you stated, this footage will be incredibly cool.
  6. If y'all were ACTUAL LIBERALS your statement would mean more than a fart in a tornado.
  7. And by pretty anticlimactic you mean corrupt motherfuckers in federal leo made god damn sure the servers etc made it to safe ports... Sure.
  8. Quoting this post for when your team flames the fuck out here shortly for having their own undeclared foreign agents scandal to the tune of BILLIONS not millions over DECADES instead of a few years.
  9. https://patents.google.com/patent/US7206257 Acoustic remote cavitation... Fuck sharks with lasers, i want this.
  10. That actually does look pretty damn commanding when you're talking about doing tank like things in a tank sized vehicle.
  11. Well ... It always feels good when I manage not to say something stupid. I saw front sight sticking out on the guy in the foreground and was pretty instantly curious. Thank you for the confirmation.
  12. So... Any particular reason they're carrying slung qbz-95's? Or could it be some odball qbz-96? (95=5.8 96=5.45 97=5.56? I'm using the hypothetical 96 here like we see with the AK 100 Series guns) Looser will promptly come back and tell me .... Ummm Because they're Chinese... But the frag armor looks a lot like rosvgardia pattern stuff he's posted elsewhere so I have to ask.
  13. Shooting left handed really sucks sometimes. That would be one of those times. Drum magazine all hangin retarded n shit, I'd just be fucked.
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