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  1. General news thread

    And every once in awhile broken people come screaming unbroken and at least take down a few of their tormentors on the way out... This is good too
  2. As weird as it sounds that's the one thing I hope they're genuinely not stupid enough to do even though it would guarantee a runaway Republican victory for sure. It would also basically harden the battle lines to the point where the batshit nuts on both sides would start killing each other and the rest of us almost for sure. Now, I PRAY (PRETTY PLEASE BABY JESUS!) that they're dumb enough to run Michelle... Nothing would make me happier than watching her savaged rip to shreds and then ROFLstomped in the actual election! Couldn't happen to a nicer shitbag racist bitch
  3. Bash the F-35 thred.

    Seriously that much? I pretty much tuned out of the F35 thing a long time ago. (And the vast majority of everything else lately because I needed/need a break)
  4. The Best of Craigslist

    Does this guy have a PayPal or GoFundMe? I want to buy him a beer.
  5. LOL I'm just happy to be shooting again regularly, and feeling good enough to do so.
  6. Education and throwing away your life.

    You have to be pretty damn smart to really figure out how to take stupid to epic levels... Dumb people fizzle before entire ammunition ships explode and level a working seaport LOL Smart people drive the stupid all the way into the end zone
  7. Yeah... I get accused of being a bit dark and shit but damn dude.
  8. No fucking way did he just advocate for 7.62 NATO because a cray cray rich dude used it for a massacre.....
  9. https://uklandpower.com/2017/11/29/the-case-for-a-new-military-calibre/ See the comment from IAN at the bottom of the page... What happened to caseless? It sux balls 3000 meter 7.62 SLR. LAWL SA80 with UGL. sure embrace the suck Many more variants of which they're trained on all of... The mind boggles...
  10. It's like people completely forget that not everyone else is the same shape as them whenever concealed carry positions come up online... Just as an example, it's pretty safe to say that what works for Nathaniel will probably work pretty poorly for me. Why? Because he and I have just slightly different proportions and therefore there's different places a hunk of polymer and steel in a funky shape is going to mesh well with our uniquely individual funky human shapes... That said, I like my balls and etc they've served me pretty well over the years. So I tend not to carry like that, even though for me I'd just be much more likely to shatter my own thigh bone and bleed out disturbingly quickly from my femoral artery getting shredded than actually shooting myself in the junk on a failed draw or etc from appendix carry. LOL
  11. Saudi Arabia to begin operations in Yemen

    Wow, that was a pretty competent hit right there... Someone certainly cared enough to send the very best.
  12. Deceive the Credulous; Become Fabulously Wealthy

    No bitch cancer is your cells literally going drooling fucking rogue cannibal zombie and eating you from the fucking inside... That said I hope you get a really transformational fucking case of cancer
  13. Deceive the Credulous; Become Fabulously Wealthy

    Wait is 1982 really the cutoff date? If so... *Does the I'm not a Millenial happy Dan.... Oh wait! Hang on a second I gotta check something...* Nope, no fucks to give... Damn
  14. The Suppressive Effect of Small Arms

    And imagine that.... It's major Tom who made the chauchat crack... Color me surprised.